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Old 05-03-21, 03:17 PM  
Join Date: Sep 2004
Location: Québec City (Canada)
How scary!
I'm wishing her the best recovery!
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Old 05-03-21, 04:05 PM  
Kathy G
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Wow, wishing her a full and speedy recovery! It’s really scary!

My DH had a retina tear a couple of years ago and had to have the gas bubble and laser surgery. He had a hard time laying on his side for a few days! After a few more procedures (he had some odd things happen later that required another surgery or two) he’s fully recovered.

I agree, there is so much content on Cathe Live that we can wait for her to recover. Yikes, I just want her to get better!
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Old 05-03-21, 04:36 PM  
Join Date: May 2004
Oh my! That's scary and very lucky it was caught in time.

Originally Posted by ChelePA View Post
but right now she isn’t even allowed to stand up for more than 10 minutes per hour for the next 5 days. (Just imagine keeping someone like Cathe completely still for that long!)
I understood that! It is really, really hard to be told to be still or not exercise for few days. I can't imagine the frustration she's feeling.
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Old 05-03-21, 04:52 PM  
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Thank you for posting here at VF! I'll be praying for Cathe and glad surgery was successful and it was caught in time!

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Old 05-03-21, 05:29 PM  
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Thank you for letting us know! I use a lot of her already recorded live workouts. I hope she fully rests and recovers 100%.
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Old 05-03-21, 08:19 PM  
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This is so scary! Keeping her in my thoughts and prayers for a full and successful recovery!
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Old 05-03-21, 08:57 PM  
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Thank you for letting us know! ChelePA

How scary! I am so glad she acted quickly, and I wish her a full recovery, sending healing vibes her way.


Kathy G, glad your DH has fully recovered, wow, that must have been scary for you guys too.
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Old 05-03-21, 09:08 PM  
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Hoping Cathe is better soon and so glad she caught it early!
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Old 05-04-21, 04:33 AM  
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That is a super scary thing to have happen! Poor Cathe! Sending prayers for her. I know it is going to be hard for her to stay still!
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Old 05-04-21, 08:17 AM  
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GRATITUDE for posting here!!!
((Hugs)) to our 💙💙Cathe💙💙. Sounds like it would be alarming. Something very similar happened to my boss and it was (at least partly) due to a prolonged blood pressure spike from being in high temps/weather. Hoping for a full recovery!! Keep us updated when possible, ChelePA.
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cathe, cathe injury, retina

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