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Old 05-03-21, 11:48 AM  
Join Date: Jan 2017
Cathe Update

Hi Everyone,

Cathe wanted us to take a couple of minutes to let you know that over the past weekend she encountered a medical emergency in one of her eyes. An urgent trip to Wills Eye in Philadelphia led to a diagnosis of a full retinal detachment in her right eye and she was taken in for emergency surgery. The surgeon placed a scleral buckle around the eye and injected a C3F8 gas bubble into the eye to position the retina back in place. She was very lucky to have taken action so quickly after experiencing bizarre floaters, flashes and dark spots randomly appearing in her right eye because she later learned that a detached retina could lead to blindness within days. All went very well with surgery and the doctors are confident that she should regain most (sheís hoping for all) of her sight back in that eye.
She asked the doctor how this happened and he said it was nothing that she did or even couldíve prevented. Sometimes things just happen. He did tell her that nearsighted people (which she is) are at a higher risk, but whatís important now is that the surgery was successful and she is home recovering ❤️

All this being said, we will have to take a short break from Cathe Live while Cathe recovers. We arenít sure how many weeks it will be until the doctor clears her for exercise, but right now she isnít even allowed to stand up for more than 10 minutes per hour for the next 5 days. (Just imagine keeping someone like Cathe completely still for that long!)

Just before all of this unfolded, Cathe had been planning to pre-record a few live episodes so that we could stream them for you while Cathe was up north later this month helping her mom through a hernia surgery. Cathe had only finished one of the three that she was planning and with this turn of events, she wonít be able to complete the other two at this time. She will, however, air that one pre-recoded episode this Thursday at 9:30am est.

We appreciate your understanding and Cathe will be back and better than ever just as soon as possible! Thanks, Everyone!
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Old 05-03-21, 11:51 AM  
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I just saw this! How scary! Hope she recovers fully and quickly.
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Old 05-03-21, 12:45 PM  
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Scary is right! Hope she takes as much time as she needs to get back on her feet.
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Old 05-03-21, 12:52 PM  
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Was just coming here to post this.
How scary but I'm glad they were able to do something.

And I can't imagine Cathe being still that long lol
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Old 05-03-21, 12:58 PM  
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Yikes, that's scary! We wish her all the best!
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Old 05-03-21, 01:01 PM  
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Praying for her to have a full recovery...and to be a good patient!
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Old 05-03-21, 01:02 PM  
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Scary indeed, healing vibes to Cathe!

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Old 05-03-21, 01:03 PM  
Jane P.
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I wish her the best as well. I'm sure they have excellent eye specialists in Philadelphia that can help her.
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Old 05-03-21, 04:36 PM  
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Oh my! That's scary and very lucky it was caught in time.

Originally Posted by ChelePA View Post
but right now she isnít even allowed to stand up for more than 10 minutes per hour for the next 5 days. (Just imagine keeping someone like Cathe completely still for that long!)
I understood that! It is really, really hard to be told to be still or not exercise for few days. I can't imagine the frustration she's feeling.
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Old 05-03-21, 04:52 PM  
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Thank you for posting here at VF! I'll be praying for Cathe and glad surgery was successful and it was caught in time!

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cathe, cathe injury, retina

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