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Cookbook review: Will It Skillet? by Daniel Shumski


I found out about this author from an earlier book he wrote called "Will It Waffle" which was the result of his online blog about using your waffle iron to cook other things besides waffles - that one is a good book too - I'll review it at some point and post.

this book covers recipes that you cook in a cast-iron skillet that is completely iron, including the handle. a skillet with a wooden covering over the handle will not do.

I had assumed that the recipes implied that you could cook the recipe on the stove in a skillet. my assumption was somewhat correct. the recipe i wanted to try was the chocolate chip cookie recipe. many of the "baking" type recipes such as pies and desserts, have you using the skillet like a baking pan... in the oven. this was a surprise, but you can easily adapt the recipe with very little modifications.

I don't own a cast iron skillet, and I wanted to try the recipe. I followed the recipe and used a ceramic pie "pan" instead, and the result was awesome!!

I will be trying the bread pudding one next.

I borrowed the book from the library, by the way.

thumbs up so far!

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Old 05-13-24, 06:27 AM  
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Thanks for the review. I am going to try to get this through interlibrary loan. I have a several cast iron skillets, but the main draw for me is a book with multiple good recipes. I can't find a reliable source--a book or author or series. Mostly, I find one recipe in one book. Another site with a good recipe or two.

There was a show from Canada called a Stephen and Chris or something and they had a French speaking chef on who said chefs can really only produce one two books full of really solid, good recipes. If they are pumping out books all the time, watch out. I think that seems kind of true.

It took me years of hunting to find a decent brownie recipe, and I am still making adjustments!
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