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Old 04-13-22, 01:32 PM  
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I just noticed her e-mail.



Where focus goes, energy flows..

The changing of seasons (both in our lives and in the calendar), is the perfect time for our newest upcoming program, "The Strong + Centered Series." For this particular plan, I wanted to create a rotation that really focused on balanced energy, not just within your training schedule, but within the workouts themselves, so that you always end your exercise session with plenty of energy to fuel and inspire a complete and fulfilling life.

The only thing constant in life is change, so making ourselves as strong, resilient, focused, capable, peaceful and even grateful as possible can help us better handle the challenge that change can often bring. Where our focus goes, our energy flows!

This series includes a mix of fusion-style barefoot routines, focused, full body strength work, plenty of steps in the sunshine, plus relaxing stretch sessions to help release body and mind to create abundant energy, strength and a calm center.

INTENSITY: Moderate (higher intensity can be created by using heavier weight when appropriate, using more advanced options, intervals, etc)

FLOOR WORK: Yes (However, our "Walk A 5K (The Fun Way!)" program does not include any floor work)

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Varies by workout (dumbbells, mat, resistance band and a sturdy chair are recommended, as well as the optional use of gliding tools, step with risers and a small ball or pillow)

LEVEL: All (modifications and options to simplify or advance are provided throughout the routines when appropriate)

WORKOUT LENGTHS: Sessions range from 13-48 Minutes in length, please see calendar for more info.
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Old 04-13-22, 01:51 PM  
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Looks great - so excited for this. I love the bright set and outdoor scenes!
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Old 04-13-22, 02:20 PM  
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Wow, these look even better than I expected! I love both the indoor and outdoor settings. And the slower pace with the weight work. So so excited to get these!
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Old 04-13-22, 05:49 PM  
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Originally Posted by red1013 View Post
So no Debbie, just Jessica?
Originally Posted by sherry7899 View Post
I was wondering the same. I love Debbie"s modifications.
I also love Debbie's modifications (and occasional comments!), but I'm sure that Jessica will model options for less and more intensity as she does in her solo videos.

The sets look fantastic! I am so eager to purchase and start on this new set!
“Anyday we can get up and move is a Great Day!” Jessica Smith
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Old 04-13-22, 07:11 PM  
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I’m definitely getting these too. I much more enjoy workouts with background exercisers but the seriously great scenery will make up for that.
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Old 04-13-22, 07:57 PM  
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Location: Arkansas
I had decided not to get this set, then I saw the clips......
In a world where you can be anything, be kind.
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Old 04-13-22, 08:38 PM  
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That clip has a big "Wow" factor from me! Just the bright set and happy vibe looks so great! It's been a long while since we've had new material from Jessica, so I'm excited for these!

June iFIT Road Trip:USA Challenge

8 Walking and 8 Hiking treadmill workouts!

Outdoor Hikes Tues/Thurs

Jessica Strong + Centered Rotation
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Old 04-14-22, 05:35 AM  
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Yes, it will be hard to resist these when they are released! I will miss Debbie's modifications though.

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Old 04-14-22, 07:15 AM  
Joni O
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I had decided to wait on these and the only link I found was the one to the rotation calendar. I did some digging after reading posts about the set and finally found the preview clip. Hmm. I think I might take the plunge.
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Old 04-14-22, 08:05 AM  
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These are a for sure buy for me! I am needing some new, no-dread, happy workouts. These look like they will be just that! I just started the Walk On master rotation to use until these come out and I'm really enjoying Jessica and her happy vibe.
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fusion, jessica smith, seinfeld, stretch, strong + centered, strong+centered series, sunny workouts

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