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Old 11-24-01, 02:06 AM  
VF Supporter
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Spanaway, WA
Another Delurker

Hi, my name is Carla and I'm a video addict. I'm not joking!!! The exchange is addictive for me anyway. I've been lurking and occasionally posting since early 2000. I am 25 and live south of Tacoma, Washington. I have been married for four years to Jay, and we have one son, Jaylen, born in 1999. I work at home transcribing insurance statements.

I was on the hunt to lose baby weight when I went to Kathy Smith's web site which led me to VF. At that time she was also on When I discovered the reviews I was in heaven. I check in nearly every day to read the forum/video exchange etc. My husband calls everybody here my "Video Friends." In a way you are even though I haven't met any of you.

My favorite instructors are Cathe and Mindy. I LOVE stepping, but I also like to walk/jog on my treadmill, kickbox and jump rope. I swim if I ever have time. I do yoga and I also love ball workouts. I strength train with Cathe (who else). I try just about everything because I believe that every form of exercise has it's place in a balanced fitness routine. Hi/lo is my least favorite, but it is a must for sore knee days.

Thank you everyone who has a part in making this website. When I was trying to lose weight I just knew there was a website somewhere that had reviews of all the videos. I was so happy when I found all of you. Thank you all so much. I don't participate very often, but I really appreciate all those who do.
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Old 11-24-01, 05:37 AM  
Felicia's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Southeastern, PA
Hi everyone. I found VF in October 1999 while looking to add a video or two to my humble collection of 10 videos (Fonda, Smith, Gilad). I never knew anyone made videos. Within a week of finding VF, I placed my first Cathe order. I lurked for a few weeks and was so afraid to post that I emailed WWWendy my first question. She was so nice that I started posting.

I work for a large corporation in the computer industry. I'm 43, married for 18 years with a 14 year old son. My husband and son (although to me they complain about the time I spend exercising) are actually quite proud of my fitness accomplishments and "brag" to their friends and co-workers. DH almost got me into an aerobics challenge with one of his co-workers.

I have a large video collection. I was too afraid to count them until I got a video cabinet that holds 240 videos (thanks PamelaP), and I couldn't fit them all. My favorites are Cathe, Mindy, Franny, and Christi. My favorite all-time tape is Max Intensity Cardio because it is the tape that made me love weight training.

I come to VF at least once a day for inspriation and motivation (and ideas to spend more of my fitness dollars). I've been a shop-aholic since I graduated from college, but VF has put me over the edge and for that I am grateful!

"If your DH isn't complaining, you don't have enough videos" - SteveW
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Old 11-24-01, 09:15 AM  
Sharon T
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Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Central New York
So great to "meet" the de-lurkers! While I have de-lurked in the past, I am an infrequent poster. I discovered VF about 3 years ago, but didn't make it past the reviews for a long time. I love this place because of the smart, funny, supportive folks who post here. My video collection has grown to about 100 with the help of recommendations and reviews here.

I'm 49, and due to a very recent career change, a librarian. I live in the beautiful finger lakes region of New York with my DH of 18 years. Proximity to the lake contributed to my new interest in kayaking - I started this fall. I also sail and bicycle, and I exercise so that I can continue hiking in the Adirondacks till I drop. I also knit, so "hello" to the yarn addicts out there.

My favorite videos are step, strength is a distant second, and stretching an almost nonexistant third. I glad there a such a number of diverse, talented, and creative people making videos these days to keep things interesting and motivating.

Sharon T.
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Old 11-24-01, 09:57 AM  
Bev K.
VF Supporter
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Tampa Bay area, FL
Hi everyone!

These are always fun threads! I found VF through the Cathe website back in either 1996 or 1997, right before the first Cathe trip. I used to post more frequently but for a while now I've just had enough time to read, not much posting.

I'm 42, married for 11 years and we have 2 girls, Alexa and Ashley ages 9 and 7. Since 1992 when Alexa was born I took early retirement from the bank I was with and I've been a SAHM ever since. I also manage our rental properties and do all the books for our business. AND, for the last year and a half my life has been consumed with our new house!!!!

This has probably been the worst year of my life as far as exercising goes. I've been so busy concentrating on the house stuff that I've let working out kind of slide. Oh, I do it every now and then but not anywhere near as much as I used to. HOWEVER, the good news is, we're done! Decorating is finished, had a huge housewarming party last weekend with about 70 people, food, music and too much fun. Now I'm getting back into a routine again and can finally use the exercise studio and equipment we put in! Yay!

My favorite instructor without a doubt is Cathe. I also like to walk/run on the treadmill, bike, rollerblade and love to kickbox!

Bev K.
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Old 11-24-01, 10:25 AM  
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SharonNYC's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Kay, your post struck a chord.

Originally posted by KayB
I enjoy reading these intro threads so much! I feel like I get to know everyone a little bit better every time.

I worked as an RN for 23 years & finally had the courage to decide I didn't want to do that anymore. Currently I'm a home maintenance person, gad-about & otherwise happy woman.

Along with Art I play volleyball, wallyball & enjoy playing board games. Recently we've become involved in geocaching which has led into hiking/cabin camping in the moutains. I enjoy sewing, quilting & needlework as well as reading.

My lifetime goal is to be able to do Rhythmic Step & Urban Training on my 100th birthday. You all are welcome to join me! I love weight training but I NEED cardio!
I'm leaving my job after 33 years in the same institution and 20 years in the same job. It's scary, but I just have to have my own life at long last. The job originally supported my art habit but has steadily gained ground as it has become more and more demanding.

I'm exhilerated about the prospect of spending full days in my studio. But after wanting to do just that for all these decades I sometimes get scared I won't measure up to my own critical judgement. I love to hear about people who have done what you did.

And another thing: I too want to be able to heft cast iron and pretzle myself to inner calm when I'm decades more advanced.
(You can get to my sketchblog through my profile page.)
I'm what I am, and what I am,
Is back on Boogie Street.

Leonard Cohen/Sharon Robinson "Boogie Street" 10 New Songs.

(I have a professional/personal relationship with an instructor who produces video and book material relevant to this site.)
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Old 11-24-01, 11:06 AM  
VF Supporter
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Pa.
Hi everyone,
I've been lurking for about a year.This would probably be my 4th post ever.I love coming here,and especially enjoy reading about the VF trips and making of videos and infomercials.
I have also gotten so much inspiration and information from everyone here and spent a lot of money on new discoveries! I've also made some great exchanges and would like to take this opportunity to thank you all.
I'm from PA.I'm in my 40's and married for 25 years.My DH and I recently renewed our vows,it was lovely.We live with 3 wonderful cats.I am a pastry chef and even though I do have to taste and sample the baked goods occasionally,I'm really not tempted all that much.I'm always around the stuff and just want to produce the product.My DH works for the environment.
I have about 200 videos.My favorites are Cathe,Karen Voight,Tracy Long ,the Ali McGraw yoga tape and spinning tapes.I still remember my first Collage catalog(wish I kept it).I would sit and read and reread it.Dog ear pages and circle the videos I wanted.Then when I was really sure,I'd place my order.I got a lot of stinkers in those days before VF!I still get the same thrill when a new catalog comes out or I read on VF about a new video release.
As I said before I love coming here and look forward to reading everyone's future posts!VF is a great place to be.
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Old 11-24-01, 11:53 AM  
Caroline Kim
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Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: SF Bay Area

Hi everyone!

I'm Caroline and I've been a VF junkie since about this time last year. I began exercising regularly in late 97. I like step, hi-lo and kickboxing (I prefer complex choreo but on some days simple athletic moves really hit the spot) and in the last year I have come to love strength training as well. Thanks to VF I also started incorporating yoga into my weekly rotations. This year I started logging my workouts for the first time and am on track (I think) for completing 300 days...Most importantly, I have learned to love exercise not just for the fat burning benefits but for the way it makes me feel (strong, healthy and capable).

I am 28 and have been married for almost three years to a man from Peru whom I met salsa dancing in Kobe, Japan :rolleyes:. I was born in Central Illinois and currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I will be moving shortly to Irvine, CA. I had a great time meeting VFers on the Kari trip this year and through various Bay Area activities (Cardio Classic, Mindy trip, SF get-together, SELF workout in the park). I got to meet Sharon Muha when she was visiting San Francisco and walk across the Golden Gate Bridge together. I also had the pleasure of meeting Christi Taylor and taking one of her regular classes and now I also go to a gym where Jay Blahnik teaches!

I will miss the Northern Cal VFers a lot! However, it's a short plane ride away I look forward to get-togethers in Southern Cal (thanks Lisa)! And the beauty of a virtual community like VF is it doesn't matter where you live!
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Old 11-24-01, 12:25 PM  
Barb L
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Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Kansas City, MO
Frequent Poster

I'm here often, so I will spare you the long introduction. Great to see all you de-lurkers. VF truly is the only place online I feel comfortable, and I'm extremely impressed with the diversity in all respects (not to mention the educational level) of this forum.

Thanks, Wendy, for the new software. I came in about the time of the last changeover--or the changeover before that? There are lots of new buttons to push, and I'll enjoy exploring.
Jumpin' for Joy
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Old 11-24-01, 12:54 PM  
VF Supporter
ronnee's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2001
Howdy all!

Hi all. I found VF in December 1998 and it helped me get back into a much better routine after having a kid (daughter) in 1997. I'm not a frequent poster, but do add my 2 cents occasionally and read this forum daily (ok, several times daily).

I am a professor of political science in San Diego, but on leave for the year in Princeton with DH who is also a Prof (he's a sociologist). I focus on women and politics and am currently writing a book that I hope to finish within the year. The academic gig is great; being a nerd has its rewards

As for exercising -- I love step, some hi/lo (Christi, the CIA sisters) if it's not too high impact, FIRM, yoga, Pilates, etc. Really I am a video slut with over 100 in my collection. I'm currently doing a PS rotation and loving it, despite my penchant for total body workouts. Cathe is just awesome. I curse her more than anybody.

Have a great day!

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Old 11-24-01, 01:11 PM  
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Join Date: Oct 2001
Location: Northern Virginia
Love reading everyone's stories

I'm 38 years old, married for 15 years and have always been athletic. I also obedience train my own 2 black labs and they are certified therapy dogs and visit the patients at the hosptial in which I work as a medical technologists(labratory). I'm also an aerobics instructor for the hospitla's fitness center, teaching kickboxing(Power Strike format) and Pilates/yoga. Until recently, I also taught step.

I've been around VF since spring of 1996 and used to post more often, but I'm involved in so much that unfortunately I post much less then I used to. My favorite instructors are Cathe, Kari, Jay Blahnik, Franny, Andre, Keli...OK, I think there's more instructors I like than don't like .

I also started running again due to my DH's inconsistency to exercise my dogs. I think I'm starting to enjoy it again. I also recently got a kickboxing bag and thoroughly enjoy beating it up! I will never say again that I don't/won't like any activity because I have surprised myself a number of times. I use to vow that I could never do yoga because it was too slow and boring, now I teach an intro class. Same goes for kickboxing(although I'm only fond of Power Strike)I've found that keeping an open mind is the best thing that I could do.
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how did you find vf, introductions

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