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Old 11-23-01, 10:29 AM  
Becky D
VF Supporter
Join Date: Nov 2001
Cool An Introduction--Join Me!!

This new forum and Joanna's "Round Up" thread have inspired me. That's right--I've finally decided to de-lurk and emerge from my self imposed cyber-closet! I know in the past we've had a few "get-to-know-each-other" threads; let's do it again!

Edited to remove personal information.

OK--to make this fitness related: My favorite videos are weights (cardio=blech!) and my favorite instructor is Cathe. I look to VF on a daily basis for inspiration and motivation to continue my fitness journey. You are a wonderful group of ladies (and gentlemen!) and I look forward to posting more often!!:rolleyes:
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Old 11-23-01, 11:21 AM  
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SharonNYC's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Good idea Becky. I'll play.

I've been visiting VF since summer of '96, but was a lurker for a long time. I've used recordings to exercise with since 1982 (started with vinyl Fonda).

I'll be 57 in February and live with husband and cat near Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY. I've recently been trying to make one of the most momentous decisions I've been faced with: retire from my curatorial job in photography and spend all my time in my studio (well, it's also my workout space you know) or stick with my curatorial job and get ulcers and various neurotic tics. Well, I'll retire in the next six months. Getting enormous amount of paint and canvas to celebrate (husband is giving me the canvas).

Currently pretty fixated on yoga, but I also like strength workouts. Cardio is my weak point, but I always intend to keep up.
(You can get to my sketchblog through my profile page.)
I'm what I am, and what I am,
Is back on Boogie Street.

Leonard Cohen/Sharon Robinson "Boogie Street" 10 New Songs.

(I have a professional/personal relationship with an instructor who produces video and book material relevant to this site.)
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Old 11-23-01, 11:38 AM  
Loretta S.
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Join Date: Nov 2001
I like your cow!

I've been visiting VF for about 2 years now. I've never been a lurker. It's not in my nature. When I have an opinion about something, I've just got to post. I'm 38 and my husband & I just celebrated our 10th anniversary. We live in Bellingham, WA with our four cats. I work as a comptuer technician for a company that builds commercial aircraft interiors.

My dad's family is originally from northern NM, near Las Vegas, NM. I do have some land there to which I someday would like to retire and raise alpacas. I knit and spin, mostly knit, and teach knitting classes.

For videos I like yoga (mostly Living Arts), strength (Cathe, Firm, Body Bar, a few others, I have a big variety). I've pretty much pared my cardio selection down to Christi Taylor, Kari Anderson, a few Cathe's & Charlene Prickett and one Andre (hmm..that doesn't sound very pared down, but for a vidiot it is). I also take Iyengar yoga clases which I enjoy immensely.
"The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing, would suffice to solve most of the world's problems."- Gandhi
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Old 11-23-01, 12:04 PM  
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AZY's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Raleigh, NC

I am much more of a lurker than poster as well - though I enjoy everyone's opinions and have resolved to try and do some reviews myself, since others so generously take time to do the same. They are so helpful!

I am a pediatrician who cares for children in intensive care and on the regular hospital ward - a nice mix, but the hours stink. I'm 41, live in Raleigh, NC with my husband of almost 2 years and two dogs. We were both happy singles up to 39, and then wham! Freedom gone forever, but to a new adventure!

I'm in a yoga fix right now as well - I had major knee surgery in January and still haven't regained full mobility or strength, but yoga seems to be helping the most, although Cathe's S and H comes in a close second. My high impact Cathe days are over, but I still love to do a step tape every once in a while for big fun - the CTX's are good for that. So my favorite stuff would be ashtanga yoga tapes, Cathe, used to do a lot of the older Firms, and some t-tapp - it' a whole different thing, like pilates.

After doing two almost daily yoga workouts, my body feels better than it has in a long time - interesting.

Thanks for the fun thread,

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Old 11-23-01, 12:18 PM  
VF Supporter
FitBoop's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2001
Smile Love these intro threads

I've been participating in this forum since I found it in December of 1999. Back then, I had posted in a thread and said that it would be a good idea for VFers to make their own video; Kristin A. posted a reply to me and said, "why don't you start a thread?" So, I did, and received all sorts of replies, and thought it was so cool to be able to "talk" to so many great people from all over; I was instantly addicted!
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Old 11-23-01, 01:12 PM  
VF Supporter
Kate**Roberts's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Utah
Introducing myself

I don't post often either, although I do check in nearly every week at the CCT check in. I always enjoy the GD threads. I come here one or two times a day This is my source of inspiration and motivation.

I am a young stay at home mother of 4. I have been married to my husband for 11 years. I love being home with my kids- I woudn't have it any other way.

I love Cathe, Kari, and Christy. I like very complex choregraphy. I hate TIFTing. Just give me the moves fast and furious! I also want my video covers to be good looking. Nothing bugs me more then dorky covers! The highlight of my fitness year was going to the Kari roadtrip I really enjoy step, but I try to balance my week with step, hi-lo, and strength. I love to keep track of my workouts. Setting a goal for the 2001 workout challenge has been so wonderful. It really helps me get out of bed because I love to see my numbers increase.

I've been here for about 2 years and have loved everything about it!

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Old 11-23-01, 01:41 PM  
Rainy L.
VF Supporter
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Montana
Hi! I'm Rainy--that's how my family pronounces "Renee," so that's how I post. I am an educator in North Central Montana, and have a supportive DH, a wonderful son in university on the coast, and two wonderful teenage daughters.

I found VF two(?) years ago, and consider it my on-line home. What a great group of women! And when they say that they have no trouble spending other people's money, they are not lying!

I've been doing a Firm rotation for the past few months, and although I love them, I'm getting a little burnt. I think that I'll switch to a Cory/Kari (BikerBabe/BalletEarthMother ) rotation for a few weeks, and after Christmas (I'll be getting myself the new Tamilee "I want those" set to add to the new stretch videos I love), I'll do a Tamilee/treadmill rotation.

Wishing you a good weekend. I'm looking out the window at a VERY gray day--very unusual unless there's SNOW in the offing, and I think that there is, because the geese are hunkered down in the river, and all the deer have left the wheat field and are cozied up in the boonies.
Buff Muffin and Annika Wannabe

Do 5 good Kegels right now!
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Old 11-23-01, 02:16 PM  
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Minnesota
Smile Hi all

Wow, my first post on the new board. Hope it works. As for me, I've been on this board (and all its various incarnations) since 1995. I don't post as much as I used to, but I still love reading everyone's opinions. They are always so helpful in my fitness journey.

Hmm, let's see. I am a cardio junkie... I still feel like I need to drag myself to do strength training, but I love to do step, hi/lo, run, swim, etc. Favorite instructors - Christi and Franny for hi/lo and Cathe for step. Oh, and I just love Mindy for all-around cheering up. Guess that's about it.
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Old 11-23-01, 02:26 PM  
Donna Mc
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Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Eastlake, Ohio
Talking This is so Fun!

I discovered VF when I was still doing Richard Simmons videos and needed to expand my horizons. I was very heavy at the time and Richard Simmons got me off the couch and moving again. I decided I really loved working out at home and started looking to the internet for video reviews. That's when I discovered VF. First I only used the reviews then I discovered the forum and the exchange and my life has been changed forever!! You are a great bunch of gals (guys too) who have inspired and motivated me more than you'll ever know. You will find me mostly in the beginner checkin but I want to be more involved and this is a great way to start.

I live in a suburb of Cleveland with my husband, who is very supportive of my fitness journey, my seven year old daughter who thinks I'm weird to workout at all and our hamster, Samantha. Other than fitness, I collect penguins and old money and silver coins. I have quite an extensive collection since I was a bank teller for 10 years before becoming an Administrative Assistant.

That's about it, kind of boring but that's ok with me!
Donna Mc
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Old 11-23-01, 02:47 PM  
Jennifer R
VF Supporter
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Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Sonoma County, CA
Celebrating the new board!

I'm Jen R, 48 years old, and live on the Big Island of Hawaii. Have lived in Hawaii since 1995, before that in Northern California (Hi Donna!) and St. Croix--my husband of 21 years is an island boy and we can't be too far from the ocean--now we're just across the street! I'm an ICU/ER nurse at a small rural hospital here.

I've been with VF since 1996--thanks for the memory jog, WWWendy; and it is my on-line home too. I've been pretty much a life-long exerciser, but I avoid any sports or activities that involve speeding projectiles aimed at me. I love complex choreography a la Kari, Christy and Patrick G (ooh, I also have this long-lived fantasy of finding him stretched out on the beach one day . . .). TIFFT=yechh for me. For strength, I've discovered I have little patience with gym-style set/rep routines and do better with a FIRM-style video. I've had to give up lifting heavy this past year because of arthritis, but my joints are grateful; and I actually think I look a little better.

Other interests are scuba diving and snorkeling, kayaking, reading (voraciously), cooking--especially ethnic cuisines, hiking and TRAVEL! Just finished a wonderful trip to New Zealand in September.

Good to see so many people de-lurking!
Jennifer R
Dancin' in Paradise

"I used to be disgusted, now I try to be amused"--Elvis Costello
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how did you find vf, introductions

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