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Old 12-30-10, 08:42 AM  
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Originally Posted by oltlfan View Post
Wouldn't it be relatively easy and cheap for Leslie to redecorate the dark black bat cave that she does videos in now? I wonder if she knows a lot of people don't like it?
Yes, it would be easy and she does have the means to do so. I haven't bought anything with the "Bat Cave" deco. I don't really think she cares if we like it or not.
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Old 12-31-10, 02:08 PM  
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Originally Posted by Mopsy View Post
Which workouts use the bat cave?
Basically all of the workouts from the 2007 Walk Slim series on, with some exceptions, such as 3 Mile Weight Loss Walk, have been filmed in Leslie's studio. This includes all of the Walk Slims, 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk, 5 Day Fit Walk, The Big Burn, 5k with a Twist, 3 Mile Slim & Sleek, and the Target kits. I'm pretty sure the Bootcamp also were filmed in her studio. And I know I'm forgetting some: that woman releases workouts like there's no tomorrow.

I don't mind her "bat cave," but it takes A LOT for a set to be the straw that breaks the camel's back when it comes to not liking a workout. The workout itself and then the instructor will make it or break it for me long before that, usually. Actually, what bugs me is not the black curtain but the mirrors someone sets up which reflect back the bright lights used for filming (you get these moments in Punch Up Your Walk where the camera catches flashes of the reflections).
That said, I wouldn't mind seeing her spice things up inside her studio.

ETA: Count me in with the crew who'd love more variety in the music. And I don't even have that many Leslies!
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Old 12-31-10, 02:50 PM  
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Thanks Kath - I guess I don't have any Bat Cave workouts. I just did one of the ones with the pillars and diagonal lines. I actually kind of liked it. It reminds me of places I've traveled to. That's true with many sets, so maybe that's why I like all different kinds of sets.
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Old 12-31-10, 03:56 PM  
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I'm more bothered by the same music being used over and over than by her sets, actually.

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