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Old 06-29-19, 06:04 PM  
Join Date: Apr 2011
1. How do you found VF?
2. Fitness Background
3. Favorite instructor(s)
4. Let us know about your Summer workout plan.

Mostly lurker, sporadic poster....

1. I have no memory of how I found VF. However I found it- it started a 5 year obsession with collecting DVDs.

2. My fitness background is walking, walking, walking. Always have loved to walk. Been able to stay pretty fit that way. I've lived in areas where walking outside year round is available.

3. Favorite instructors- my favorite to exercise to was Ballet Beautiful. The classical music, repetitive movements and the constant counting made my mind peaceful. Sadly, I hurt myself with too much twisting. The next favorite was Raviana Kundalini Yoga- also did that for years. Combining that with the Tae Bo Live Basics along with walking outside or with Leslie Sansone made me really thin and fit. Liked Ellen, Classical Stretch, Pilates by Lisa...but the twisting kills my back.

4. Now I'm going old school- those moves tend to be less twisting. Right now I'm focusing on walking, Margaret Richards and Qigong. So far so good!
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Old 06-30-19, 11:22 AM  
Vintage VFer
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Fun thread, Sharaz!

Originally Posted by Garrie A. View Post
...*Yes, you read that right. I'm 23 and also a male VFer.
Hey, Garrie, you need to vote in the Age Poll. Your age group is woefully underrepresented!

1. How do you found VF?
2. Fitness Background
3. Favorite instructor(s)
4. Let us know about your Summer workout plan.

I found VF in 1998 while researching Tae Bo reviews. Since then, I have done nothing but cause trouble on VF. Not so much lately, because I'm tired.

I have been working out consistently, one way or another, since 1980. Jogging, Jazzercise, Nordic Track ski machine and then mostly videos. I was never a gym rat. I was never a Firmie.

I guess Leslie Sansone is my favorite instructor. I've done her workouts the most.

My summer plan is about the same as what I have been doing since I had a vertebral fracture last November. Careful strength work, cardio, balance and flexibility. I added interval workout into the mix a few months ago and have lost some weight and inches.
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Old 07-01-19, 08:09 AM  
summer breeze
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This is fun.

1. I don't remember how I found VF but it must have been around 2005 since that's my join date. I may have lurked awhile before that most likely.

2. I started jogging around 1980 and that started my fitness journey. I also started doing Charlene Prickett's It Figures show in the 1980s and that started my interest in weight training. I've been working out ever since, walking, weights, pilates, Callanetics for the most part. Other things here and there too.

3. I've enjoyed many instructors through the years but I guess my favorites would include Margaret Richard, Kelly Coffey Meyer and Debbie Siebers.

4. My summer plan is to try to stay consistent, mostly outdoor walking several times a week and some weights and pilates a few times a week.

Alta, I'm curious what interval workouts you've been doing that helped with weight and inch loss. I could use a little of that myself.
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Old 07-01-19, 12:04 PM  
Join Date: Sep 2009
Thanks for starting this thread! Love reading everyone's story.

I'm a long time lurker, sometimes poster. Let me say thanks to all that post regularly! I have learned so much and discovered great workouts because of everyone here. The past several years I look at video fitness on my kindle while in bed, and that doesn't work the best for posting. I always think I'll post the next day, then of course I forget

I found VF from Cathe's forum, probably in '98. I loved it, but was much more active on because I pretty much only did her workouts with a little running and The Firm thrown in.

I played sports in high school. I found Morning Stretch, Body Electric and the 20 Minute workout on tv in my early 20's. Then at about 30 I found Collage Video from and ad in Shape magazine. I started with Karen Voight and Kathy Smith, then found Cathe and there was no turning back. For the longest time I would not even consider a workout that was listed as intermediate even though I loved reading about every workout in the Collage catalog.

Obviously, my favorite instructor is Cathe, but I now do more Jessica Smith, KCM and Ellen than Cathe.

I don't have a workout plan other than I will workout everyday if possible. I just do what ever strikes my fancy each day.

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Old 07-01-19, 04:28 PM  
Join Date: Feb 2003
Location: MI
1. How do you found VF?
2. Fitness Background
3. Favorite instructor(s)
4. Let us know about your Summer workout plan.

I think I found VF maybe in 1998??? is that possible? that is when I first got dial up internet, I remember searching for fitness forums. I know it says I joined in 2003 but I went Dark for a while and didn't have internet for a while and couldn't remember my log in.

I was never in sports in high school but when I turned 19 I joined a gym and only did the aerobics. I was a member of a gym until I found workout videos...I am not sure who I found first but I did The Firm or Cher or Gin Miller LOL that was way too long ago. I stopped working out maybe 10 years ago, I let myself get way out of shape. I am trying harder to lose the weight that I let myself gain. And because of some great VFers I was able to get my hands on some Leslie workouts again.

Favorite instructors used to be the firm, gin miller, tracey stahley, amy bento, cathe but now I am only able to do jessica smith and leslie because it too hard on my knees to jump around....

I never make a workout plan...i just do what seems doable, even when I was in shape that is how I was, I'd put in a dvd and if it didn't feel like it I would put in another until I found one that I wanted to do.

Workouts I hate: HIIT!!!! I hate Burpees, push-ups ( I have never been able to do one).
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Old 07-01-19, 04:34 PM  
Join Date: Apr 2004
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1. How do you find VF?
2. Fitness Background
3. Favorite instructor(s)
4. Let us know about your Summer workout plan.

1. I found VF way back in 1996, when my daughter was a year old. I have always loved fitness videos, and was searching for vhs recommendations. Lo and behold VF came up!

2. High advanced - medium intermediate exerciser.

3.I currently like Lauren Boggi and Cathe workouts. (I started using Cathe way back in 1996!) Additionally, I practice vinyasa yoga three to four times a weekly.

4. Cardio!!
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Old 07-01-19, 04:48 PM  
Erica H.
Join Date: Nov 2001
Originally Posted by Lyonmom View Post

I am having surgery next week and won't be able to exercise for 6 weeks and no full on exercise until 8 weeks. In between time - moderate walking only - nothing to break a sweat. I will have internal stitches so nothing to cause any problems. My plan is to get 3500-5000 steps per day until my 6 week date at which time I will incorporate yoga and light walking workouts i.e. Ellen's Grokker walking workouts, 1 mile Leslie's and Jessica Smith workouts.
Good luck with your surgery, Lyonmom. I just had major abdominal surgery 10 days ago and have similar restrictions. Counting down the days to when I can run again at 10 weeks post-op. I had the exact same surgery last year so it's especially hard having to lose my fitness all over again and start from scratch. Like you, I have to be super careful with the internal stitches and also to avoid a hernia. You'll be surprised with how quickly you get back to your fitness level, though, and going into surgery being fit makes a huge difference!

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Old 07-01-19, 05:12 PM  
Join Date: Apr 2011
Iím so glad that you started this! I haves lurked here for years and years, and have been lamenting the fact that it seems to be slowing down around here, but never bothered to post.

1. I donít remember. But I read almost everything you guys write, and login in every day, so I figure itís time I say ďhello.Ē
2. Iíve been working out, at home, consistently for about 10 years.
3. Favorite instructor: Cathe! I like some KCM, Chalene, and Jillian, but my heart (and muscles) belong to Cathe
4. My summer plan is a six days a week rotation of JNL Fusion (muted with subtitles on because she drives me nuts) followed by a Menís Health New Rules of Muscle workout that hits a corresponding body part. (Iím only twos days in, and yowza! The DOMS!)

Iím going to try to be more active. I look forward to interacting with you more!
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Old 07-01-19, 10:45 PM  
Join Date: Jun 2003
I'm a long time VF member but left for quite a while with a gym membership. I've decided to start working out at home again. My favorite instructor is Cathe and I have a Les Mills subscription. I love BodyCombat and BodyStep. I also have a Classical Stretch subscription. I mostly just check in on the general discussion forum to report my workout. I don't really have a plan but after stress eating, throwing macro's out the window, and Crossfit just not working for me anymore, I'm listening to my body. I'm down almost 10 pounds since I switched to home workouts. It's just what I need right now. That may change in a few months and it may not. But I'm happy to be back and I'm glad VF is still around! My favorite Cathe workouts right now are her PHA workouts and her Giant Sets workout (live and regular workouts). Edited to say th
Edited to say that I believe I found VF years ago when I was active on the Cathe forums. I also enjoy KB workouts and have purchased some of Lauren Brooks digital download workouts.
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Old 07-03-19, 08:16 AM  
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1. I found VF in 2006 when I was trying to rebuild my stamina after a year of surgeries and chemotherapy. At that time the only instructors I was familiar with were Denise Austin and Richard Simmons from tv. I got on the internet to look for info, stumbled across VF and was introduced to a whole new world!

2. My fitness background is I don't have one. I was a bookworm child and a klutz who never participated in organized sports. Oddly enough, I grew up and married a phys ed teacher who comes from a family of athletes. I guess opposites really do attract, lol!

3. I don't know that I have a favorite instructor. At one time it was Leslie Sansone, but I burned out on her videos a few years ago. Actually, I haven't used videos much since I got hooked on using my elliptical while I watch Netflix. I still lurk here and read about what everyone else is doing in case something new & exciting pops up.

4. I am currently in PT twice a week, so I guess my summer workout plan will primarily be doing prescribed exercises, which currently involves therabands and a foam roller. I'd also like to get back to outdoor walking at lunch time, which I haven't been able to do at all this year due to a lot stressful and exhausting changes at work.

One last thing about me - I think I'm a thread killer, so my apologies to the OP if you don't get any responses after this one
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