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Old 01-01-17, 07:17 PM  
Join Date: Mar 2013
Best -

1) ClassPass Membership: allowed me to try out over 6 local pilates and barre studios at ~$10/class

2) Local Xtend Barre Studio: fun, energetic barre class that incorporates cardio and doesn't rep you to death

3) Element - Beginner Level Yoga with Alanna Zabel: first yoga workout I finished and liked!

Worst -

Ellen Barrett 7-Day Workout Challenge: Ellen didn't bring her A-Game for her last workout on DVD. It's hard to enjoy a workout when the background exercisers don't look like they are enjoying it themselves.
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Old 01-01-17, 08:17 PM  
Sue B
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Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Maryland
My favorite new fitness-y thing this year was Pokemon Go. It made me do a ton of walking, often with my teenage daughter, and we saw lots of other young people out and about playing it.
Move your body often, sometimes hard. Every bit counts.

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Old 01-01-17, 08:36 PM  
Join Date: Dec 2015
Location: Wisconsin
Originally Posted by bubbles76 View Post
What do you not like about Adrenaline Rush? It's been on and off my wishlist for awhile.
I thought the cardio was really boring. I like her premix, it makes it more enjoyable. But doing the straight cardio is a major dread. The music is awesome though.
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Old 01-01-17, 11:04 PM  
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Originally Posted by bzar View Post
Yin Yoga was my cosmic awakening. it started with Ultimate Yogi, which i purchased serendipitously earlier this year, then learning that it contained a Yin Yoga workout. after trying and loving it, i sought more Yin Yoga workouts.

have done the following more times than i can count:
Mark Laham
Paul Grilley
Sarah Powers (Insight Yoga - the single DVD)

as far as bad.... will need to think about this.
Jeannine - I love Yin, too, and have collected some of the same workouts as you...FYI, in case you weren't aware, Travis has two more free Yins on YouTube.
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Old 01-01-17, 11:29 PM  
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: Ontario, Canada
My best is discovering Classical Stretch/ Essentrics this past year Love it!
I can't think of a Worst
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Old 01-02-17, 12:16 AM  
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Join Date: Dec 2016
Best- Discovering and doing daily Classical Stretch/Essentrics for a year with great results!!
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Old 01-02-17, 09:51 AM  
Join Date: Jun 2010
Location: NE Pennsylvania
I feel like this past year was a blur with new DVDs. I bought A LOT! I'm not even sure if I've done anything more than once.

I'm hard pressed to decide on a BEST purchase but I'm so glad I got Michelle Dozios' Peak Fit set.

I purchased a bunch of Denise Austin workouts that were on sale at Rite Aid. In my younger years I could never get past her sugar sweet personality, but I find it more tolerable now and some of her workouts are pretty solid.

Meh for me are some Jessica walking workouts - I bought a bunch and have found I have to be in the mood to do them. I so want to love her routines but I find myself watching the clock.

Duds for me are some Gaiam compilations of old Quick Fix and Method workouts and somewhat obscure single DVDs that I got at a flea market in the spring. I got most of them for a few dollars only, but after doing them I'm pretty sure I won't be doing them a second time.

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Old 01-02-17, 10:03 AM  
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Location: Colorado
Best for me this year were Fe Fit and Jessica Smith. (I'm not counting Yoga 30for30 because I've only done a few so far, but it looks like a winner!) I can't think of any worst.
- Laura

"Don't say 'I can't' ... say 'I presently suck at this thing.'" - Matt Meese, BYU Divine Comedy
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Old 01-02-17, 10:26 AM  
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Join Date: May 2002
Location: Connecticut

My best fitness undertaking in 2016 by far was getting a recommendation to a really great chiropractor. He got me over a crisis and then referred me to the best physical therapist at a M.O.G., or Medically Oriented Gym. My therapist is working my tail off with therapeutic Pilates and various restorative yoga poses. It has all been a blessing.

Also on the best list is the Bellyfit Embodied Goddess videos. What fun! And Mary had the original Bellyfit Elements set on DVD for such a great price during the Thanksgiving sale that I also got those.

Investing in Margaret Richard's Unplugged 1900 was also a 2016 best.

An enjoyable diversion for 2016 was Kundalini Lounge videos on Youtube, and completing the 40 day Weight Loss Challenge with friends here at VF. I even joined Kundalini Lounge for the streaming service, but cancelled. It's a wonderful website with beautiful practices and music, but most are too long for my time budget each day.


I'm with others who said "I wouldn't call it 'worst,'" but Barre3 didn't work out for me. Glad I tried it, but some of the workouts hurt my back and I began to dread tuning in.

I was also disappointed by Rodney Yee's "Flexibility Yoga for Beginners," again it was not really a "worst" but the first practice is too fast for me and hurt my neck. Ironically, it was designed for the neck!

The one that truly earns the Worst of 2016 label was a trial subscription with Pilates Anytime. It might be great for people who own reformers, towers, barrels, barres, rope walls, etc., but for a plain Jane Pilates enthusiast who only has a mat, magic circle, and 20 minutes to spend, it was an epic fail.
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Old 01-02-17, 10:34 AM  
Join Date: Oct 2013
Location: NJ
My two best purchases this year were Jessica Smith's 6 Week Total Transformation and the set of DVDs she put out over the summer that was a 'part 2' to the 6 Week system. I spent most of 2016 doing both.

I also enjoyed Rippedism, even though I wasn't able to finish because it was a little too heavy on certain moves that aggravate an old shoulder injury, but I thought it was a solid program for those that can handle it.

I guess I don't have a worst, but one that I was a little disappointed in was 22 Minute Hard Corps. It seemed too easy with not enough weight work.
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best of, group rx, power music, power music group rx, worst of

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