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Old 09-18-21, 09:41 PM  
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Originally Posted by Sollamyn View Post
I did an intermediate cardio workout with Madeleine today and it was perfect for my current fitness level. I was challenged, but not overwhelmed. I was able to keep going for the 30-minute workout without stopping.

I am going to try more workouts from this channel. They seem really right for me at this point since I am still having ankle issues. Balance is also something I am struggling with, so I need to be working on that as well.

So glad you enjoyed Madeleine's workout! I am doing mostly the Intermediate workouts of all varieties except for the Dance workouts (although I have a few of those added to my playlist to try out) and the Tai Chi workouts. I've done a few of the Advanced Level workouts as well.

I love the "international" workouts too. Nothing like working out virtually in Mexico or Costa Rica, with the ocean and palm trees in the background.

I really can't believe more people are using their workouts. I think the "Silver&Fit" name is a bit off-putting. It was for me.

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Old 09-19-21, 12:34 PM  
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I find martial arts workouts really work balance. They don't have to be high intensity or fast paced. Ilaria's Bodystrikes are great for this!
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Old 09-19-21, 04:21 PM  
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Originally Posted by Vantreesta View Post
I usually balance to put on socks and shoes .... I never sit to put on pants, always stand.
i do this! shoes, socks, shorts, underwear ()
Originally Posted by txhsmom View Post
Silver&Fit on YouTube posts several new flexibility and balance workouts each week.
thanks for this - i bookmarked it. they've got a good selection of 30-min workouts.

i was reading Cool Yoga Tricks, which i keep handy as a reference. i was surprised about what Miriam suggested about doing a simple forward fold. she said look at yourself next to a mirror - your butt should not be sticking out, and your weight needs to be centered with respect to your feet. she said rock slightly back and forth (in forward fold) to "feel" where you should be centered.

Eye sight - make sure you focus for awareness of your spatial occupancy to aid your body in its alignment. in an article i read somewhere, seniors fall because their eyesight might be unattuned.

someone mentioned balancing with eyes closed - this is good training when you're spending time working on balance, but everyday activities need to make sure your eye awareness (when eyes are opened) is in sync with your sense of gravity.

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disclosure: in the years 2002-2004 i had a professional relationship with a distributor of fitness videos; see profile.
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Old 09-19-21, 04:45 PM  
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I did Beth/Toaster’s yoga workout called Embrace the Awkward. It had some great balance moves, some that were new to me. I recommend it for anyone interested in yoga and balance improvement.
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Old 09-20-21, 07:49 PM  
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Thumbs up

Originally Posted by Leonana View Post
I did Beth/Toaster’s yoga workout called Embrace the Awkward. It had some great balance moves, some that were new to me. I recommend it for anyone interested in yoga and balance improvement.
Thanks for the rec, Leonana. I'm going to try this!

Someone who thinks logically provides a nice contrast to the real world. *unknown*
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Old 09-21-21, 10:16 AM  
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I work on balance every day. I have videos for that and also just random balance work.

I'm the nut in the grocery line doing one-legged calf raises.
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balance, balance work, silver and fit

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