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Old 10-09-21, 08:27 AM  
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Originally Posted by Mickey12 View Post
Yippee, the package arrived early!!! I'm glad that both you and your daughter enjoy the smidgens. That makes it more fun to send them to you!!! I figure it's easy for me to send them since I'm local to the store and there is actually a Gertrude Hawk store next to the grocery store where I go every week. ENJOY them!! I'm so happy I lifted your day a little.

Oh, and we're going on Saturday night to see the Halloween light show. Are you guys planning a trip this year? was an awesome surprise! GH is the best chocolate! Not sure if we will do the Light Show this year. I remember thinking it was nice last year but expensive for what you got. Let me know if they have added to it this year. I think I'm spoiled by the Christmas Light Show at Stone Hedge. Incredible! You need to go this year if you haven't seen it yet. Don't go on a weekend!!! Especially as it gets closer to Christmas. During the week and earlier in the month is best.
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Old 10-09-21, 03:51 PM  
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Originally Posted by manleym View Post
Agree with Kittybug! Kim, and all of you, are so thoughtful and kind! I love that about our group!

Hugs and waves all!

Hi All! I am excited to tell you about a half hour workout I did this morning. It's good for light days, though my legs were really feeling it after -- sort of in that jello-y way. I searched for "barre" on youtube and it's the first hit -- Pop Sugar no equipment. Here's the link:

It's done by the founder of Barre Belle, which I don't really know anything about but I'm tempted to try the free trial. This 30 minutes was a good mix of cardio, some strength, and balance work. It wasn't a fantastic workout, but good for a lower energy day. I think I'll be searching on the forum for Barre Belle.

My younger son is coming home for his "fall break" (a new concept for us!) tonight. He originally had a flight yesterday that got in around 5pm. I had that in my head and only just now realized he doesn't get in until 9pm. Ug! Oh well, I can't wait to see him. He'll be here a week. I just baked some gluten free blondies.

It is Fleet Week here, so tomorrow we're going out on the boat to see the Blue Angels. Should be fun.
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Old 10-09-21, 04:47 PM  
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manley you're right! This group is so wonderfully supportive!

Squishy Hugzzz all around!!
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Old 10-09-21, 09:59 PM  
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Hi all,

So time has gotten away from me again. It's just been a busy week. I've continued going to the gym with DH 3 times a week. I admit that I'm not a big fan of the cardio machines, so I've decided to alternate the machines on different days to add some interest to it. I really feel like my presence is helping him to be motivated to keep going so I'm making it work for me. On that note, I tried the rowing machine for the first time (thanks for the rec, horusosiris) and I was able to pick up the motion much easier than I thought I would. I'm happy to add it to my mix of cardio. On the other days I've done Cathe Lives #136 Upper Body Challenge, #185 Pumped Upper Body, #365 Total Body Barre, & #6 Total Body Weights. #6 was tough (and long). Many of the participants took breaks, something I don't recall seeing in the later lives. Of course the later ones are easier IMHO. Oh, and I did two AquaJade workouts----70s Disco Dance and the Michael Jackson one. I actually preferred the disco one. Funny but when that music first came out I was convinced it was evidence of the decline of civilization but now the songs make me smile. OTOH, a couple of the MJ songs (which I haven't listened to since the '80s) made me uncomfortable since now it's common knowledge that he was a very troubled soul. "Smooth Criminal" is just a terrible story cloaked in happy sounding music and a great beat, and "Thriller" makes me think about MJ fighting his own inner monsters and demons. Guess I'm just older and have a different perspective than I did then.

Chele, I'm so glad you went to the wedding and had a good time. And you are doing so well in your rehabilitation. to you! Oh, and you are very generous with your Cathe offers, but you know I have all of them. As an FYI, I had the stretch one in the shrink wrap for YEARS and then pulled it out during STS when I felt I needed an extra stretch.

bee, enjoy your time with your son! As far as Black Friday sales for Cathe Live, I think she offered deals on the downloads but I don't recall any additional discount on the Live subscriptions. It's 10% off for 6 months, which is what I've been doing. $51 for 6 months is a great value IMHO.

Kim, I echo what everyone else has said---you are so sweet to send Chele such a thoughtful (and tasty sounding ) gift. That Halloween light show you mentioned sounds like fun! We have several places that do Christmas lights, but no one does Halloween at least that I know about.

Kate, tough times. Sending you {{HUGS}}

BabyW, good to see you post. Sometimes it's hard.

FN1, I hope you get to a better mental place soon. {{HUGS}}

manley, what workouts are you doing? I think that I will call my next rotation the ManleyPlan since I end up doing all the ones you recommend and so far you are batting 1000 so Thank You!! Did you do the latest Cathe Live that used the barre (or in my case, the tower)? Thoughts? It was relatively easy IMHO, but a nice change and I needed something a bit less strenuous for a break.

FOLV, loved your hiking story! Fun that you get to meet people on your adventures.

Nathalie and horusosiris, hope all is well. Busy times!

Waves to all!
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Old 10-10-21, 01:28 PM  
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Hey Watulans! The week got away from me again...still struggling but a tad better. But hey, the good news is Zipper the baby squirrel is now thriving and supposedly making up for lost time with food according to the wildlife rescue, so he's gonna be great, yay!!

The workouts this past week:
Sun: Cathe Great Glutes Extreme
Mon: Cathe Ramped Up Upper Body (ouch!)
Tues: Cathe RWH Plyo HIIT 1 plus Plyo HIIT 2 (yikes!)
Weds: Travis Live Flexibility
Thurs: Cathe PHA 3 plus ab stacker abs and extended stretch. Watulans, this is my favorite PHA and I never gave the ab stackers a good shot after doing them one time when I first got this DVD because I nearly dropped a step riser on my head. Well, this time went GREAT and I found it fun and very, very effective! She's so creative here.
Fri: Physique 57 Thigh and Seat Booster plus Arms and Abs Booster combined for an hour-long non-freaking-stop killer barre workout. It'd been ages since I'd done these and whoa!! Now I remember why!

This week I'm going to revisit all of Fit Split and will add in some new-to-me barre workouts I just got from some very generous VFers.

BabyW, I agree on brainless workouts fitting the bill. Hope you're hanging in there!

ChelePA, I didn't know what a peanut butter smidgen was so I looked it up and YUMMMM!!!! I'm so happy they brightened your day.

FOLV, I love your HUGZZZ!!! You are rockin' the hikes! And fall with the leaves is my favorite time of year.

Kim, love that your husband teases you about the older men!! My husband teases me about something kinda sorta similar (long story) and I'm glad he doesn't do the jealous thing! Glad you're feeling stronger!

Bee, report back if you do Suzanne's streaming. Oh, and that barre workout on YouTube is led by Marnie Alton who was the instructor on the Bar Method Dancer's Body DVD. I thought Barre Belle sounded familiar and that's why..I had looked her up after getting that DVD and found she owned that studio.

FN2, was that the most recent Cathe Live barre one you did? I wanted to know how that was. And I too have mixed feelings now hearing MJ, isn't that sad? I remember having his albums when I was a kid. Ahh, albums, y'all, remember those, like, vinyl?

My husband just snagged an incredible deal on a turntable and all the accessories so we'll start collecting vinyl again, yay!!

Manleym, yeah, what other YouTube gems have you found?

KateTT, Horusosiris, Nathalie, how are you all doing? Big HUGZZZ to you! Hope I didn't miss anyone. Stay fierce, Watulans!
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Old 10-10-21, 03:03 PM  
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Hi everyone,

Quick check-in. Time goes so fast these days!

I've been walking in the house without the boot for 2 weeks. Yay! It feels good to be walking almost normally! Going down the stairs is still hard as the ankle has to flex so much and it irritates the ligaments. I have started PT. She gave me a rehab program for both ankles. It made me realize that I have to go slowly as it doesn't take much for inflammation to start again.

Chele, it's good to hear about your progress. Glad you enjoyed the wedding. Sending healing thoughts your way.

Kate: I loved your expression about your stomach liking bread and carbs but your body not so much! Sending hugs your way.

Special hugs to cataddict, VVfer and anyone who needs them these days.

Waves to all! Stay fierce!
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Old 10-10-21, 03:35 PM  
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Just had this LONG post, and LOST it! WAAHHH!

Thankfully I copied part of it (thanks for the tip, KateTT!) so I won't have to start completely over, but don't have time right now to finish. My fault, not the forum.

Back later my friends.
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Old 10-10-21, 07:48 PM  
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ChelePA, we did the Halloween light show last night. They advertised that they added to it since last year but I didnít recognize anything that stood out as being new. They may have added more smaller images or more trees covered with lights as it hard to remember if those things are the same but the larger images were the same. This year they had a radio channel playing Halloween songs that you could tune to. I donít remember that feature from last year but it might have been. We enjoyed it again this year and itís something that my 91 year old stepmom can enjoy. Itís hard to find things to take her to. We went to dinner with my step sister and her husband and stepmom and then went to the light show.

CataddictI also donít care for the cardio machines at the gym. Itís nice that you go to the gym to help motivate your husband though and kudos for finding a way to make them work for you.

Kittybug I recently got rid of all my vinyl albums when we cleaned out the cellar. I gave them to a used record store rather than just throwing them out. Hopefully someone found some they like. It must be fun to collect and reacquire them.

The comments about Michael Jacksonís songs made me remember when I was about 7 years old I used to dance around the living room singing to Jackson 5 songs while staring at Michaelís picture on the album cover. I thought he was so cute! Those albums were with the ones I donated to the record store. They were my sisterís records originally and I sort of inherited them from her.

So happy to hear that Zipper is thriving. He was such a cute little bugger.

Oh, and I made that smoky vegetable soup again today. Very yummy.

Nathalie itís good to hear you are progressing. Keep up the good work.

Tonight I did a workout recently acquired at the thrift store. Elle Glam Fitness, toning. It was pretty easy but not necessarily for me. I did some of the reps at a slower pace but I was proud of completing it nevertheless. It was 45 minutes of light weight, high rep, compound moves. I liked the music and the instructor was encouraging and cued well. I do know who she was though.

Have a great week everyone.
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Old 10-11-21, 07:20 AM  
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Just wanted to pop in to say Happy Thanksgiving, Nathalie! I hope you have an enjoyable day.
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Old 10-11-21, 08:44 AM  
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Happy Monday all!

Kim, I agree with Bee about those dancey workouts. Just wiggle your booty and do the "white girl" dance (HA Bee!) whatever that looks like for you. And I loved the Jackson 5 too. Their music was just so fun. And still is! My heartthrob as a kid was Andy Gibb. I had one of those velvet posters of him in my room.

Bee I'm glad your knee is just "whispering" and not screaming. Just enough to let you know it's there. I've noticed that too - things hurting in new and different places. Have you decided on CL yet? Cataddict is correct about the price and it being worth $51 for 6 months. I waited last year hoping Cathe would offer a Black Friday Deal on Live. She didn't. It's 10% off all year, but is TOTALLY worth it! I think you would like it. Thanks for the barre workout link. I've never heard of Barre Belle either. Let us know what you find out. I'm going to save that for a Wednesday when I don't have much time to workout but want to do something. Wednesday has been my barre/fusion day. Yay on your son coming home! I know you are just thrilled having him home and enjoying every minute of it!

ChelePA you are doing great on your rehab! I can't even begin to imagine how hard it is, but we are all just so inspired by you! I'm so glad you're nieces wedding went well. I know you were glad to be with family, and they were glad to see you.

KateTT How did your dr appt go? Did you like the new dr?

FOLVS squishy hugs back at ya! Love hearing your fun hiking stories! I wish we had more than one day of fall. I always love seeing pictures of the leaves changing. So beautiful!

Cataddict I also liked the disco dance workout better. And you're right about MJ's life - just so tragic and sad. Good for you for going to the gym with your hubby to keep him motivated. Doing one cardio machine the entire time is such a drag, so great idea to mix it up. Thanks for the CL reviews. I've added them to my list, so back at ya with the B]Cataddict Commendations[/B]. ManleyPlan - LOL! Glad you've liked the workouts! I didn't do the CL Barre last Thursday because I had done barre the day before. I hear ya about the older CL's being harder than the newer ones, or at least some of them. I did an older CL last week and thought it was harder than her newer ones.

Kittybug great news on Zipper! I'm so glad he will survive! Yay! Please keep us posted on the barre workouts you do (I'm seeing some FOMO in my future) since I think several of us are adding it into our weekly workouts. I'll need advice on "must-haves" since I've recently added barre to my weekly workouts.

Nathalie so great hearing your progress! Even though it's slow, you're coming along great! Happy Thanksgiving!

Hugs and waves to BabyW and Horusosiris!
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watulan check-in

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