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Old 09-30-21, 06:36 PM  
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Chemo #3 got pushed to next Wed because his blood tests were low. He had another Iron infusion/drip though so the day was not wasted. Then since I had time off and it was a beautiful day, we went for a short road trip to a nearby town to check out some shops. He's been feeling so good - hopeful!!

bee: I have been REALLY bad in my eating. Way too much bread, sugars, carbs. My stomach seems to think it likes it but my body doesn't. I know it's probably stress eating but I've put on 8 lbs. UGH! Hope your gluten issues get better too.
I like Perfect Pump. Well put together.

Kim: I have never watched ELR either.

Linda: Eight treatments to start, every other week except for this week getting bumped. Then whatever next steps are next.

Kitty and everyone else!!! Kindness abounds in this room. And good workouts too!

So no workout yesterday.

Today I did 21DFE Dirty 30 Ext and Power Strength Extreme. Meh on Dirty 30 X. Was not in the mood for compound exercises today. I did them half halfheartedly.
However, PSE was GOOD! Totally bodyweight only and some really good moves. Everything from bear crawls to one leg squats to a crazy core/flip move.
Nice yin-like practice on Power Yoga by Bryan for Yoga. Alas, I am so far behind on my teacher training. I think they will extend it but I just don't know if I'll get done. Oh well.
Trying not to think of the $$

Tomorrow I'll do the last 2, Pilates and ABC. Just not sure about moving on to something else or what. I like Autumn a LOT. Wish Beachbody would release 80 Day Obsession on DVD. LOVE that series but it's only on demand.

HUGS! I got a fever! I think I know what I need.
Do your BEST and Forget the Rrrrest! Tony Horton

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Old 09-30-21, 07:38 PM  
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Kate, it's no wonder there's been some stress eating in your world! I know what you mean about it not making you feel good but sometimes it's just impossible not to eat, right? Hang in there. You've got a tough road ahead so just try to remember to take care of yourself. Is Power Strength Extreme from 21DF? I don't remember one like that but that doesn't mean anything!

I will try to look for Everyone Loves Raymond. What is it with MILs and DILs? When I had boys my mom told me to be very nice to their girlfriends/wives. Her MIL was very sweet and kind to her and it made them spend a lot more time together! I didn't know that grandmother at all but it sounds like she was a lot nicer than my mom's own mother. To be fair, my maternal grandmother had an extremely tough life. It's no wonder she was a crabby old lady.

Oh, that smoky soup with gnocchi in it sounds great!! And, the Colorado green chili. I hope you do post that recipe.

I finally hit the bar today..... barre, that is. I knew I should go easy on my first go round (in a long time), so I did the first Barre 3 dvd -- total body lift or something like that. Only 40 minutes and really a breeze for someone who's used to barre. It was just about right for me today.

Yes, big hugs all around!!
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Old 10-01-21, 08:56 AM  
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Hi All! Quick check-in. Love reading everyone's posts.

Bee how's your knee? Isn't that so frustrating when something now hurts that used to not??? I'm finding that more and more. In fact, the other day I was thinking that there are not many days when I go without something hurting. Ugh...And yes, I do remember the flyer Cathe stuck in her Boss Bands and Loops. I think you would love Live!

ChelePA I hope you're able to attend the wedding and do what makes you comfortable, regardless of what others think. I know they would rather have you there than not. And yay for you for riding 15 minutes!! I know you think your progress is slow because you're living it every day, but you are doing great!

Kim and FOLVS I'm with Bee and KateTT - I've never watched ELR. Maybe I need to check it out. Now Frazier is a completely different story. I think I've watched the full series at least twice. And it's funny every.single.time....Right now we're watching Professor T and really like it.

Horusosiris my grand-nephew was named after #55. I made sure to look for him during the game against the Eagles. My Leighton is cuter.

KateTT happy to hear Justin has had some good days. What a sweet time enjoying the day together. Those moments are so precious when life is hard. Hang in there and take care of you. Caregiving is very hard. Big hugs to you!

Kittybug I'm taking a page from your book and adding a day of barre into my rotation. I'm hoping, like with you, it's going to help with any imbalances and strengthen those little muscles.

Hugs and waves to Cataddict, BabyW, and Nathalie I hope all is well.

Saturday - CL #64 Drill Max. I LOVED this workout!!! I think it is a new favorite! I used 2 risers and was surprised that Cathe just used 1. She used lighter weights for her too, so I don't know if she wasn't "feeling it" that day or if this was intentional. I used my normal range of weights, depending on the move and got a GREAT workout.

Monday - KCM Meltdown Combined Workouts Premix, which just does the workouts back to back instead of combining moves into 1 premix. That's not a bad a thing since most of her other workouts do combine/alternate moves from both workouts. It's good to have both. Workout 1 is strength - 3 rounds of same exercises. This workout would be good for pyramiding since it's repeating the same exercises, but it does move pretty fast, so I guess it's really more metabolic than strength. The 2nd workout is Tabata Boxing - not really tabata, but I don't have a heavy bag. I wore weighted gloves to help increase the intensity. This workout has a FUN cool down.

Tuesday - Caroline Girvan 5 Minute Warm-up + Dumbbell Lower Body Complex Workout Leg Day EPIC II - Day 22. And lemme tell ya - this was TOUGH! I'm STILL feeling my legs! I'm really loving Caroline's strength workouts and will probably use more of them on my UB and LB strength days. And of course, I can't use the same weights as Caroline. I used 15 lbs for this workout and it was plenty for me! Then I tried Juice & Toya 10 Minute Lower Body Stretch Routine (For Tight Hamstrings & Hip Flexors). I've never tried any of their workouts and thought this was a good active, mobility stretch.

Wednesday - Charlie Fellows 60 Minute Intermediate Vinyasa Yoga - needed this after Caroline's leg workout. Good workout and I would do it again. Then I did Tracey Mallett Total New Body. I like this workout because it is balanced between UB, LB, and core. Some barre workouts are heaving on one body part, but I think this workout has a good balance of all. Maybe some of my leg soreness is from this workout.

Thursday - I tried a Paul Katami's ASAP Hollywood Bootcamp 4x4. This is new to me from a generous VFer. I was expecting it to be easier than his 4x4 system workouts, it it wasn't! It was tough! And long - hour and 6 minutes of workout time + 5 minute stretch.

I think today will be step. Seem to remember seeing Kat posted a new one recently. Or I might do Cathe Live or dvd since I didn't do her Live workout yesterday since it was legs and I hit legs hard Tuesday and Wednesday.

Happy Friday all!
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Old 10-01-21, 11:45 AM  
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Manley I love your posts! Always so detailed and long. And I really enjoyed Frazier when it was on. I haven't seen it in re-runs or I would probably watch them. That was another good sitcom. Except for Young Sheldon there really aren't any current sitcoms that we like. I used to like the Goldbergs but I think it's getting past it's prime. It's not very fresh anymore.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.
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Old 10-01-21, 05:38 PM  
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Quick post. Not much time but I just did such a FUN workout and wanted to tell ya'll about it! I just finished
Aqua Jade 70's Disco Dance Fitness - Sweaty - 70's Music - Full Body Cardio & Conditioning + Michael Jackson Dance Workout - Cardio - Body Con - Beat It - Thriller - Smooth Criminal - Energy and they were both SO MUCH FUN!!! She is a BLAST! Think Christi Taylor fun! These routines reminded me of my high school drill team days. I remember doing routines to both Beat It & Thriller, and think did some of the same moves. Or just think 13 Going On 30. Anyway, gotta run but wanted to post just how FUN these workouts were!
P.S. Anyone else remember watching "The Jackson Five" TV show?
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Old 10-01-21, 07:28 PM  
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I'm back!

Hey all,

I'm back, still sad and adjusting to a very quiet house but managing it, as is DH and our remaining inside guy. We got Tank's ashes back today (which of course made me cry again) and they are now on the mantel with our other lost furry loved ones. Queen Watula is in the center, of course. Thanks to all for the hugs and sympathy.

I've been keeping up with my workouts for the most part. Some days I've been walking, sometimes with DH as we are finally getting some fall-ish weather. I've also joined DH at the gym several times primarily for cardio since I'm not really up for Meathead Corner as I call the weight area which can be dominated by the Hans and Franz type. I've used the stair climber, elliptical and bike. Here are the Cathe Lives I've also done: #67 Fit and Firm, #363 Boss Bands and Loops, #49 Boxing & Leg Blasts, #124 Vertical Loading, and #103 Cardio Circuit Mashup. Big paws up in particular for #363, #124, and #103. #363 was great since Cathe gave some instructions that she didn't do in the DVDs and I found them very helpful. For example, she explained where the band should be around the back for pushups and it REALLY made a difference. Maybe she said so in the DVD but I missed it, but I definitely got it in the Live! bee, it's definitely one I would purchase! I also liked Vertical Loading as I haven't done a "tip to toe" weight workout before and I enjoyed it. #103 moved quickly (but not too quick) and I liked the format.

I'm still catching up on posts---so much I want to comment about already but don't want to make this too Mobyish!

manley, that workout sounds like so much fun I think I will do it this weekend. Michael Jackson's music definitely keeps a great beat and of course I'm all about that for cardio.

Chele, you are officially now WWW in my book. Keep it up---you really are an inspiration. I hope you are able to enjoy the wedding without drama. I'm with manley, do what is comfortable for YOU since that's what should matter and too bad if someone doesn't respect what you decide is best for you. It can be tough and awkward if the push back is from family, so {{hugs}} to you. I'm sure your daughter will make the best of whatever school she chooses. There's a lot to be said for going to a small school and it really depends on personality as well. I was so excited to go away to school and not homesick at all and I was 500 miles away but my sister went to school in state and was close by and was happy there.

Kate, I can't imagine how stressful it's been for you. I recall reading that our bodies crave carbs/sugar when we are under stress--maybe for the "quick energy" they provide? Anyway please don't beat yourself up for less-than-pristine eating when you have so much going on. {{hugs}}

bee, I was lucky with my MIL but my grandmothers were another story. One was widowed at 23 and left with 5 children (she married at 15 ) so she definitely had it tough. The youngest stayed with her and the other four (including my mom) went to live with two different aunts for awhile until Grandma could get a job and get re-settled. The other grandmother was the daughter of a minister, and for those of you who are familiar with minister's kids, you probably get the picture of what a spoiled kid who grows into a spoiled adult looks like! I envy DH who had a close relationship with his paternal grandparents in his childhood.

FN1, I haven't forgotten about sending you the moo shu recipe. I'll get it to you soon.

Guys, I also have never seen ELR. There are so many shows over the years that I've missed and it's hard to catch everything.

Waves and hugs to BabyW, Kim, FOLV, Nathalie, and horusosiris.
How fierce will you be today? VFer KateTT

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Old 10-01-21, 09:51 PM  
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Just wanted to let you ladies know that I really appreciate the scooter support. And mask advice. I actually practiced using the walker and I was able to make it to where the wedding will take place. It’s quite a jaunt. We just need to be really careful at night. Bringing a flashlight to guide the walk back to the car. My nephews volunteered to carry me. Ha ha. Not happening. Slowly but surely is the name of the game for tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be perfect.

ELR is a favorite of mine. I’m actually watching it right now so your posts made me smile. Modern Family is another winner!

Hoping to catch up more on Sunday. Have a great weekend ladies!
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Old 10-03-21, 11:21 AM  
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This week got away from me posting wise, I apologize! I was just struggling a bit emotionally and it's not that I didn't want to post, I just didn't have the bandwidth.

So the workouts, I kept with my loose rotation and after leg day on Sunday, Monday I did Cathe's Pyramid Pump Upper plus core from LITE. I really LOVE her pyramid workouts and wish she'd do more! Tuesday was Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Boost Metabolism, Wednesday was Travis Eliot Purify, Thursday was Cathe Fit Split Low Impact Cardio plus Metabolic plus abs, and Friday was Bar Method Accelerated Workout. Yesterday was Squirrel Max and Chore Max.

Haven't figured this week out yet but I will.

FN2, I'm so sorry about the quiet house syndrome. That always stood out to me so much after a loss, the quiet. How such small creatures have such a large presence is just...well, you know. Huge hugs.

Wonder Watulan, hope today is going or did go well for you.

Manleym, those workouts look SHOUT FROM THE ROOFTOP fun!!! Thank you for sharing them!

KateTT, hmph, with all you have going on, do NOT sweat the eating or the weight! Please be kind to yourself.

Bee, I have so many Barre3 DVDs still in shrink wrap that I need to try on my barre days. And I promise to get that Colorado green chili recipe written down. It disappeared from our house pretty darn fast!

Kim, I laughed at your MIL dynamics, sigh. I could say more about my own dysfunctional issues but I won't.

Hugs and waves to FOLV, Nathalie, Horusosiris, and BabyW!!!
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Old 10-03-21, 11:53 AM  
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Originally Posted by kittybug View Post
... This week got away from me posting wise, I apologize! I was just struggling a bit emotionally and it's not that I didn't want to post, I just didn't have the bandwidth.
I'm having trouble posting as well.

I did an oldie yesterday and really liked it. Tony Horton's
Power 90: Sculpt Circuit 3-4 (2000). It is a solid, no-brainer weight workout. (I'm all about anything "no-brainer" anymore!) Apparently, I liked it way back in 2004 when I first did it:

Hugs to all!
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Old 10-03-21, 02:20 PM  
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Originally Posted by Vintage VFer View Post
I'm having trouble posting as well.

I did an oldie yesterday and really liked it. Tony Horton's
Power 90: Sculpt Circuit 3-4 (2000). It is a solid, no-brainer weight workout. (I'm all about anything "no-brainer" anymore!) Apparently, I liked it way back in 2004 when I first did it:

Hugs to all!
VVfer…I also liked no brainers occasionally. Sometimes more fun and gets you moving.

Kate…I’ve also put on a few pounds due to stress, not moving, etc. My stomach couldn’t handle what I normally eat for months so I’ve been eating way too many carbs. Something I rarely did in the past. We both need to be gentle on ourselves I need to remind myself of this.

Kittybug….not sure what’s going on but hugs. Same to you Cataddict.

Kim… are you enjoying this weather? The last few days have been perfect fall weather.

My niece really lucked out weatherwise. Absolutely beautiful wedding in the countryside. My brother has a pond with a waterfall — you couldn’t ask for a better setting. And they decorated the tents and tables like a professional. I told them maybe they should consider a second profession. Ha ha. I did well overall. Glad I was able to make it to the ceremony. It was difficult having to sit for the whole reception. I’m usually on the floor dancing with my family. So I was definitely having my ups and downs throughout the day. At least I didn’t have to be carried. Always have to look on the bright side. Ha ha.

Hi to the rest of the gang. Hope you’re all having a great weekend!
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watulan check-in

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