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Old 09-13-21, 09:03 PM  
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Hello all,

Yesterday I did Kat's HiiT #2 for Chele FunSunday. I liked it, but it was definitely not HiiT. **sigh**I know, every instructor and his/her dog calls an interval or circuit workout "HiiT" nowadays, but it's frustrating if one is expecting the HiiT to actually be HiiT. It was different from what she has done before, and a nice variety of moves. I did use 10s rather than the 8s that Kat uses. I wouldn't go heavier since the moves are quick, but other fierce Watulans might do so. Today was gym day with DH. I used the "elliptibike" which I looked up and it is a recumbent elliptical. There's a 30 minute workout that alternates intervals using random moves (legs only, push arms, pull arms, reverse mode). It kept me interested enough and I could put extra intervals. I also tried the "regular" elliptical (not the machine I now call the H*lliptical) and had no issue completing 20 minutes until I got bored. Walked with DH on the cushy track for another 20 minutes. Good stuff!

horusosiris, thanks for the suggestions re the stair climber and rowing machine. I had my eye on the stair climber today but both were occupied until I was already well engaged in the elliptical. I need to practice on the rower since I know it requires some coordination to get the movement down properly, and it's been on my list to do along with swimming. We are very lucky to have these centers available for a very reasonable cost so even if our insurance didn't pay for the membership we would join anyway.

FN1, your hot springs adventure sounds so relaxing. And you know it's ok if you decided to go naked, no judgment here. I've never been, but there are several hot springs in the mountains west of us and up through West Virginia. It might be something DH and I need to check out. It would be particularly nice followed by or including Gorge on Flourless Chocolate Cake Max. And a belated Happy Birthday to you!

FOLV, echoing FN1's thanks for putting together the email list. I do wonder if the forum is on its last legs sometimes. I sure hope not, but at least we won't lose contact entirely if there's a lengthy outage. I'm also on Tapatalk, and although I don't go there all that often I would if something happened here. But, I'm holding out hope that the forum will continue until the last poster goes away.

BabyW, {{HUGS}} to you.

Waves to all!
How fierce will you be today? VFer KateTT

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Old 09-14-21, 12:30 PM  
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Hi you guys...finally back. Still working out every day except for last Wed when Justin had an appointment. Found out that the cancer has spread (found some cells in his stomach). So I guess surgery is not an option. Just chemo and eventually radiation. Trying not to think about it.

Labor Day I just did some Udaya Yoga. Annie Jai Hanuman
7th: Chisel Endurance + Cardio +Dirty 30. Just created my own mix.
Yoga Udaya Anna Addicted to Busy

8th nothing.

9th: New to me Jari Love Ripped & Jacked. Loved it! No Jari at all except for the warmup. Wonder why she decided not to lead this dvd? The guy (name?) was great. My kind of workout.
Yoga Gaia Cameron Deep Release Yin.

LMOD Body Combat 87. Brand new on demand. GREAT workout! And the scenery was amazing. New Zealand is a bucket list destination.
Yoga: YW365 Focused Warrior

This week:
Hammer Total Body + Max Hammer Strength + Abs, I went so heavy! Used only my 25s, 30s, 35 and 45 kbell. Wicked good expecially doing all 3 workouts.
Yoga: Gaia David Magone Stretch & Surrender

Today I did Peak 10 Fit Body Challenge Sweat & Burn mix. I did my own mix by going back and adding on some of the rounds. Really good cardio!

Trying to keep my head up. Had a LOVELY day on Saturday for my birthday spending most of the day with my kids and grandkids. The best medicine.
Stay well all!!
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Old 09-14-21, 02:44 PM  
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Happy birthday Kittybug and Kate! Kittybug Ė your birthday celebration sounded right up my alley. I would absolutely love the Hot Springs!

Kate- I just wanted to say Iím sending you so much love and keeping you in my prayers. What a difficult diagnosis. I canít even imagine the range of emotions. Do they think they can control the cancer with chemo and radiation? There are so many new treatments being developed in oncology. I know for our area, we have to travel to New York City or Philadelphia to get access to these amazing new options. Iím hoping your son has minimal side effects. Please remember we are here for you. ((Hugs))
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Old 09-14-21, 06:56 PM  
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Hi All! Hope everyone is doing well!

Cataddict I did do CL #361 last Thursday. My first thought was, "this would be great for a day when I don't have much time." Thankfully I didn't feel shorted, workout-wise, because I was short on time last Thursday. There was a HUGE wreck on the highway on my way home so it cut into my workout time. I would say this wasn't super intense. Nice for a shorter, just want to workout but not be killed, day. And I think Kit might be good for pilates and that kind of workout. Maybe just not cardio. And could have been the workout I chose.

Kittybug and KateTT happy belated birthdays! I'm glad ya'll were able to spend it with family, doing a bunch of "You" things!

KB your hot springs treatment sounds DIVINE! I would love to have my own private tub backing up to the forest! How relaxing! AHHH!! We're not far from Arkansas, so Hot Springs is a happening place. So pretty and relaxing. And regarding clothes or no clothes...SHH! We'll never tell!

KateTT I'm so very sorry to hear about Justin. I know your heart is just breaking. Hugs and love being sent your way. And yes, spending time with loved ones is the best medicine. I'm glad you had that time with them.

FOLV third KB's and Cataddict's thanks for getting an email list together for us. It is nice to be able to communicate another way. Thanks for being our social director.


For ChelePA, Fun Friday, I did Kat Advanced Power Step Aerobics #2 (63 Min) Fun & Fast Mixed With Power Blasts. I used 2 risers and got a great workout. I was a sweaty mess and had fun! I kinda got tired of doing so many around-the-worlds but really liked the finished product. I would do this one again!

Saturday I did Caroline Girvan's EPIC 5 Minute Warm Up - Full Body + 1 Hour Full Body Workout at Home - Dumbbells, Bodyweight Complex Series - Day 4 and WOW! LOVED IT! At first I thought, "this is going to be a long workout" but once things started flowing it just flew. It was a great PHA style -alternating UB & LB. Caroline does 2 exercises per set/compound, with each being 3 minutes long. She does X number of reps of the 1st exercise, then X number of reps of the 2nd exercise, then back to the 1st, etc. It does show the number of reps to do for each exercise, so that's helpful. I did follow Caroline and noticed that she didn't always do the exact number of reps as what was on the screen. I'm not saying that was a bad thing because some of the exercises were hard! This is a good workout to use with heavy weights. I was definitely feeling my lower body afterwards!

Monday I did Cathe's Perfect HiiT High Impact + Extended Stretch. I had a staff meeting so I didn't get home until a bit later, so it was a great, quick cardio workout. I like this workout because it's doable without being killer hard. And there's not endless reps of anything. There are alot of burpees but they're sprinkled throughout the workout and it isn't the same burpee move every time.

Today I did Caroline Girvan's 5 Min Full Body Warm Up + 1 Hour Full Body Workout at Home No Repeat and Low Impact. Another winner! I loved the different moves in this workout. Caroline does 19 min LB, then 19 min UB; then 19 min core; ends with 3:30 planks. So parts of this workout could easily be used as an add-on. Caroline used a chair but I used my small step and varied the height depending on the exercise. I would do this again for a great bodyweight workout that will get your heartrate up.

Gotta run my friends! Hugs to all!
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Old 09-14-21, 08:29 PM  
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Hello Fierce Friends.....

I'm terribly behind, but want to wish a happy belated birthday to kittybug and Kate! Sounds like you both had the perfect celebrations.

Kate, I'm sorry you were given bad news about Justin. I echo others' good thoughts -- sending you hugs and positive thoughts.

I took a quick trip to Denver to see family -- as others who have done it recently, I'll say it does a world of good. I really needed that. Unfortunately somewhere in my socializing and traveling I did pick up a bug. I hope it's not *the* bug -- got tested today. It feels like a cold, but I guess that's what post-vaccine feels like, apparently. I just hope I didn't spread it.

Before I felt too bad I did Total Body Giant Sets. I really do like that workout. Today I had a Ted Lasso workout.

Did anyone else look at that thread about lower body strength and now have curiosity about that pilates chair?

Going to keep this short and just send out germ-free hugs to all.....
I am @summitbee on instagram.
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Old 09-15-21, 08:48 AM  
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Birthday bells for our birthday girls, Kate and kittybug!!

Many many hugs to you Kate. Not the news I hoped you would send. I have no words but just wanna echo everyone else's words especially highlight Manley's beautiful words:
KateTT I'm so very sorry to hear about Justin. I know your heart is just breaking. Hugs and love being sent your way. And yes, spending time with loved ones is the best medicine. I'm glad you had that time with them.
bee I hope your test comes back negative. It stinks that every time we have a cold feeling we're concerned it's the virus. Like flu wasn't enough

manley I'll add social director to my resume

kittybug I get carsick going up more often than going down too. Many times, I make my husband pull over so I can drive and then it's not an issue. I like to tell him it's because he's a bad driver (ok he's not but it can't be my fault )

So Sunday was another hike and it was wonderful..until we saw the rat snake. Obviously, we gave it lots of time to go on it's way because well, snakes have the right of way Monday was C.Sandry Flat Abs warmup plus 1-3 segments; Piyo full body blast. Yesterday was 21DF Cardio (blech) Today was CS 1223 stretch your spine.

GADANK to ChelePA, BabyW, lavna, Kim and horusosiris!

Dear Watulans!!

Circle up, clasp those hands, and whisper your love to each other!!
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Old 09-15-21, 07:38 PM  
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Hello all,

Kate, I'm so sorry to read the news about Justin. Sending {{hugs}} and thoughts and prayers your way.

bee, I'm glad you got to be with family for awhile. Also crossing my fingers that your test comes back negative and you just picked up a cold on your trip. I know I seem to get a cold every time we fly except for really short hops, so hopefully that's what it is.

FN1 and FOLV, interesting that you both get carsick on windy uphill roads. As one who grew up in the mountains, I'm glad I don't have that issue or I would have spent a lot of time feeling sick! However, I do get carsick if I ride in a car backwards, so sitting in the cars that have a rear facing back seat is a no go for me.

FOLV, I giggled at your comment that snakes always have the right of way. My DH absolutely hates snakes and the hike would be over if he saw one and he would be ready to leave the state. Now he saw a panther on a bike ride in Florida and that didn't bother him and it could have done him more harm than a rat snake. Funny that he is a snake hater as I have found them fascinating since childhood and always wanted to go to the reptile house first at the zoo. That said, no reptiles in the house as pets for us. Oh, and with all your efforts with our group your name needs to be MamaVol.

manley, those Caroline workouts sound good. I do like her so I'm glad to get some recommendations.

Kate, I kinda think that Jari doesn't really do a lot of heavy weight lifting or it could be that she is backing away from presenting and putting other instructors forward. I like that workout and need to pull it out again and the guy (I think we were calling him "Jack" since we can't remember his name ) does a good job.

BabyW, thinking about you and sending virtual hugs.

Yesterday I did CL #84 ICE Total Body Compound Weights. It was good, got better when I remembered that the ICE series is intermediate and went heavier with my weights. Today I did some walking and that's it. My body was saying it needed a rest.

Oh, I wanted to ask, is anyone considering the Cathe virtual roadtrip since it's no longer in person?

Waves and hugs to all.
How fierce will you be today? VFer KateTT

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Old 09-16-21, 11:14 AM  
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Hey All! Negative covid results so that makes me happy and not surprisingly somehow I don't feel sick anymore. Well honestly, my throat is still a bit sore but there's a lot more pep in my step!!

While I am attracted to the idea of the virtual road trip, I don't think I will partake. I have learned the hard way that I like to sign up for these kinds of things and then when they are happening I am busy with other things and it is just a waste for me. It does sound fun and tempting though!!

I also had to laugh at the snakes having right of way comment! Spot on.

manleym, I went back and read more thoroughly your Caroline workout comments -- they do sound good! I have made note and think I will try them. I was just setting up next year's calendar yesterday (academic calendar, sort of) and noticing that I started with some of the Caroline workouts as early as January last year. I was surprised at that -- would have guessed it was later in the year.

Love the MamaVol name!

This morning I did a workout from one of the three (yes, three!) barlates dvds I acquired during Mary's sale. Many of the workouts available on youtube but not all I wanted ease of playing. At any rate, today I did this one:

Triple Burn Weights, it was called. I liked it and definitely felt the exercises she picked, but..... for upper body she only explicitly worked biceps and shoulders, so that was a little odd. I haven't done enough of her stuff to know if she would round out the work if I did the right workouts in the same week or whatever.

Weather is cool here -- I know it won't last -- we will have indian summer still (hmm, I suppose that needs a new name these days) but I am enjoying it and it makes me want to bake everything and make soup, etc. I am a newish fan of the half baked harvest website for recipes and she has 40 (I think that's the number) favorite fall recipes and they all look so good! I do have pears and apples that need to be made into a crisp today, so think I'll do that later.

Thinking about all of you with extra challenges going on now and sending out love and hugs.
I am @summitbee on instagram.
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Old 09-16-21, 12:02 PM  
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Hello Watulans,

Bee I'm glad your test was negative. My husband recently had one too because he was feeling sort of achy with a sore throat. He has been vaccinated and his test was also negative. But it's so difficult to know because symptoms are very similar to a regular old cold.

Linda your posts continue to make me laugh and smile. Finding the rat snake on your hike does not sound fun at all. Last year while on the lawn tractor, I spied two rat snakes hanging out of a tree in our back yard. I told my husband about them and he didn't do any weed whacking in the back yard the entire rest of the summer! He hates snakes more than I do! Luckily, this year we haven't seen any in the yard, but we did see one crossing the road on its way to our neighbor's yard. (which is right next to our yard, ha)

Also want to thank Linda for the core awareness and recommendations you mentioned in the Fitchicks checkin. I know I need to make myself more aware of my movements and when I was in pain I was being very deliberate about my posture and how I moved. Now that my pain has basically subsided, I'm falling back into just doing things without thinking. Bad, bad, bad. I am expecting to be discharged today from therapy with a home exercise program.

Hey to ChelePA and Nathalie! Hope you're both mending on track.
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Old 09-16-21, 05:46 PM  
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Quick check in to say Bee I'm glad your test was negative! Yay! I was thinking the other day that 2-3 years ago we would have called these symptoms "just that time of year." My MIL has a sinus infection and her covid test results were negative, but as Kim said, symptoms can be very much like "that time of year" junk. Kim glad your hubby's results were negative.

I'm going to pass on Cathe's virtual RT.

Anyone (Cataddict or Horusosiris) did you do CL today? I liked it because I like using toys. It didn't seem as hard as some of her other bootcamp workouts, but it was still a good, solid workout. And it went quickly since there was a ton of different moves.

Hugs and waves all around!
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watulan check-in

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