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Old 05-21-14, 05:54 AM  
Country Girl
Join Date: Aug 2009
Deepen Your Practice vs Online

I was all set to order Deepen Your Practice, but realized the price has jumped up a lot! With shipping, it will cost me $150 to order this. So now I'm wondering if the online would be a better deal. Anyone have thoughts about which is a better value or if there is a discount code available for Deepen Your Practice?
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Old 05-21-14, 07:38 AM  
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I have both UY and YW365, the 2 previous udaya dvd series.

I subscribed to udaya instead of ordering deepen your practise. I think I made the right decision. There is a wealth of content, including from Vytas, and more gets added each week on udaya online. This is great value for money.

However, I am glad I have UY and YW365. This situation is the best of both worlds.The udaya DVDs have movie quality production. The udaya online yoga is shot extremely well, but there is just that extra mile in the DVDs with fabulous sound track, attention to detail in clothing, impeccable editing. Between my existing DVDs and udaya online, I have more yoga choices than I can do justice to.

I think you should sign up for udaya online first. You can always cancel when deepen your practice goes on sale (it will be available during hefty discounted promo periods like UY and YW365 were), or even choose to have both if you grow to love udaya online.

Deepen your practice is positioned as featuring advanced postures. There are advanced options available on udaya online too, if that is why you want to get this DVD set.
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Old 05-21-14, 07:43 AM  
VF Supporter
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I returned DYP and subscribed to the online programs. It seems that you get so much more varieties.
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