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Arrow Just The Workouts~~NOVEMBER 2021~~*Everyone is welcome!*

November, 2021

Same rotation format as October.

1 - Cathe Live #154 Metabolic Meltdown (to floor work=29 min.); Yoga30For30 (Stamina) I was not feeling the p/u's & sit ups craziness today, so I stopped and did Lauren's class. This one had more chats than I remembered, so my wrist is aching a bit, but I managed to stick it out and got a great core focus and balance challenge.
2 - Yvette Fit #145 50 Min. Low To Moderate Impact Cardio Boxing; Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches Yvette's class sailed by! So much fun with kickboxing cardio (+kicks!), weights, and a few core exercises to make this a great circuit!! This is my favorite type of workouts of hers. Although I changed it up from Yvette using light weights & working shoulders only, I used heavier weights and worked chest and back only to finish out yesterday's body parts that I didn't get to. Chest presses, flyes, pull-overs, one arm rows, rear delt flyes and pull-downs using 12's, 20, and 35# pull-down poundage and usually 16-20 reps for the durations, so it really added up! Also wore 2# wtd. wrist weights so my arms got really worked with all the upper body cardio too. Favorited! These shorter, moderate impact ones are the BEST to not feel wiped out either. 393 cal burn (it seemed my HR was up quite often throughout - probably more due to the heavier wts. Bonus!).
3 - Perfect 30 (Mobility) This is all I could fit in since I have workers here this week. Groceries/Parents' Dr. appts today. ETA: Unfortunately, my dad fell in the doctor parking lot at said Dr. appt and fractured his hip!! So we're dealing with all that now....sigh. He had surgery on the 4th and came out of that fine but will need to go to assisted living when he gets out of hospital. Any prayers/good vibes are greatly appreciated! <3
4 - Fit Tower Boot Camp; Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches I used my rebounder stability bar for the Fit Tower (@ lowest height), green/blue Boss bands, heavy red FW band and my pink loop above my knees and it all worked great! I had lots of fun today (felt good to do something to get my mind off things).
5 - Cathe Live #290 Total Body Fit; Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches I am going to copy/paste from a previous check-in since I need to get to the hospital. I LOVE the format of giant sets of these 3 Rounds: Legs, Shoulders, Bis; then another round of Legs, Tri's, some core exercises to give us a break from lifting, then another round of Legs, Chest & Back, but no cardio (just the cardio-effect). So, Legs get worked and HOW!!! This is a very thorough (pretty high rep-I don't think there were any under 10 reps, but mostly 12-16) total body workout and is a burner for every body part! She uses hand weights, barbell, and resistance tubing. I used 10's, 12's, 15's, 20, wrist weights, tubing, but no BB. It is one of her best Live total body workouts, IMO, when you have an hour to spend on every inch of your body!! It keeps my sanity to get in a workout. :0)
6 - Yoga 30For30 (Intention); 1.5 hours Mow Max/Yard Work
7 - Rest Day

8 - Yvette Fit #15 (60 Min. Boot Camp Cardio & Core); YT growingannanas (25 min. Stretch & Core Full Body Recovery - Mobility, Flexibility Workout @ Home - No Equipment) I've done this Yvette before - it's a fun circuit using the stability ball and light weights (I used 3's, 5's, & 8's; although she does use heavy for one arm rows, but I just did unweighted mobility back moves on the ball). A circuit of mostly kickboxing, high/low un/weighted cardio, and stability ball core exercises make this one fun. I enjoyed growingannana's stretch - nice to include bird dogs and psoas stretches again. Lots of core focus today!
9 - Cathe Live #322 Fantastic Elastic (46 min.); KCM Home Gym Intervals (Workout 1=30 min.); Olivia Lawson (Standing Abs); Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches Now that I've done Cathe's Live Boss Band workout, this one seemed really easy today. And to add to the dislike, Cathe is by herself. BUT I am still glad to have it in my collection for travel and when my hands/wrists are really achey and don't want to work with weights. I had extra w/o time today so thought I'd get my sweat on with Kelly's workout using the elliptical and doing Olivia's standing core exercises in place of the weights. Elliptical was nice used this way - easing back into it. (I think that originally had added to my heel pain over the months). Turned into a good workout day - just took me longer to get there!
10- Travis' Short & Sweet #1; Perfect 30 (Mobility-20 min. TS)
11- Yvette Fit #142 (30 Min. All Barbell & Dumbbell Workout - Upper Body/Lower Body); Get Fit @ 40+ (James Crossley - Full Body, minus w/u; Back Stretch) Yvette's w/o was favorited - an awesome total body weight workout - a little light on back work (for me, as I changed up the D/L's and did squats; next time I can do one arm rows). Shoulders are well worked (mostly indirectly with combination moves, so this is very much a shoulder fryer!). I just used weights and no BB. Loved it! James' workout has been sitting on my shelf for months...thought if it's a dud, I still got a great workout in! I was pleasantly surprised - it is a no-nonsense superset weight workout that his pace is slow enough to go heavier with the 10 reps; then either a cardio or core exercise follows. I did skip the last superset (D/L's and upright rows) and thought it was enough of a finisher added to Yvette's workout. I added on the Back stretch from his workout - it is a goodie AND he holds the stretches awhile. The background is all white which could be off-putting to some as well as a little on the boring side...but I'm used to Yvette and Cathe who make working out FUN! James is nice to look at, however, and has a great accent. :0) I am keeping the dvd when wanting some non-frill weight work that I can just veg out.
12- Yvette Fit #79 (35 Min. FUN Low Impact Cardio Kickboxing); LIS Turbo Barre (Lower Body Express - 45 min. of the 52 min. premix) This Yvette is just SO MUCH fun and I go back to it again and again! I make it all low impact (she has a few high impact drills) and wear my 2# weighted wrist weights. Turbo Barre hasn't seen the light of my dvd player in Y-E-A-R-S (way before 2016!). Skipped the last leg lift segment (had enough, LOL). Athletic type barre such as this with reps that don't go on & on & on is about all that I can withstand, haha. But I did forget what a fantastic lower body stretch this one has and need to do it more often. Major dust bunny bit the dust!!
13- YT 30 Minute Short & Sweet Yin Yoga with Travis (Flex. & Beyond); 1.5 hrs yard work This yin class is really nice with the shorter holds…and deer pose is included! DS helped me with the yard work, so it went quick (with my bad-@$$ blower too)!
14- Rest Day

15- Yvette Fit #150 BOSU/Boxing with Bicep Bonus (56/66 min.); Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches; 15 min. blowing leaves in front yard I needed a good calorie blaster today from a not-so-great eating weekend. This one did comply! It is non-stop, all standing k/b exercises, along with BOSU exercises, but a few plank variations and a couple core draped over the BOSU. Finally a water break at 45 min.! For the plank exercises, I used my cushioned step for my wrist purposes (my BOSU isn't smooth like Y's). She adds some Biceps at the end but I skipped that since I will do strength tomorrow. A toughie but oh, so funnie!!! 420 cal burn And I JUST got all the leaves out to the street before the big truck came and sucked them up (until next time!).//Gonna get to see my daddy today, woo hoo! He is doing well - seems content and didn't ask once when he can go home. :0)
16- Cathe Perfect 30 (Mobility) This is all I could get myself to do after my early hair appt.
17- Cathe Live #351 Intense Upper Body (54 min.); Mady's Stretches For Neck, Shoulders, & Upper Back Pain Relief This is a GREAT, thorough Live workout working each UB muscle with 2 sets of the same exercise before moving on to the next muscle group. It didn't seem repetitive to me - I like to do at least 2 sets to thoroughly work each muscle and the pace is really good in this. Al is in 'da house - all nice and tanned, chained, and showing off those muscles! I used 5's-25# and mostly matched Cathe. A good one when wanting to spend an hour just on upper body....I'm glad I purchased....I like having this option in my library. I loved Mady's stretch---a good one for UB!//I knocked off one of my D/L choices I said I was going to 6 D/L's for $35 is a great deal!
18- Boss Loops: Glutes & Core; 30 min. Yard Work (blowing leaves) I used Cathe's green band for all was challenging! I think my pink band is getting stretched out..glad to have Cathe's as a back-up.
19- Yvette Fit #11 (70 Min All Out Kickboxing-37 min.); YT 30 Min. Yin Yoga "Courage" with Travis A newbie I haven't tried...but I was not feeling the 70 min. today and stopping at her water break was great since I needed some yoga today. I used my lighter gloves, as I am STILL sore from CL Intense Upper Body on Wednesday!!!! This one does have some higher impact but since I was cutting it short, I did most of it. Love how I can make Y's workouts work for me! Travis' Yin class was good...the best thing about it was cat-pulling-tail pose - love that! Another class filmed on his back porch...I keep waiting on Lauren to walk out with the baby....:0)
20- Cathe Live #369 Mobility/Yoga Fusion; 1 Hour Yard Work This is the Live I was looking forward to purchasing, but I was so disappointed with this mobility class! My bad, I obviously didn't preview the clip well enough!!! I wish I would've known that the exercises are EXACTLY the same as in her DVD, just in a different sequence. Com'on Cathe, you could've at least picked different mobility exercises!!! And those sun sals, ugh, so I ended up fast forwarding (I'm not a fan of her yoga) until the floor work. But that wasn't the most annoying feature of this workout! The volume of the music is SUPER loud and I could hardly hear Cathe's cues (even after she supposedly turns it down!). I will never do this one again, why should I, when I can do the whole routine in 30 or even 20 minutes from her DVD and I would end up FF’g thru half of it? A word to the wise: If you don't own her Perfect Flow DVD then this would be a good purchase, but if you already own the P30 Mobility DVD, no need to purchase this D/L! :/
21- Rest Day

22- Guess I was a little crabby on Saturday ^!! Yvette Fit #80 (60 Min. High/Low HiiT - 40 min.); Yoga30for30 (Twists); Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches I did this Yvette before and had a note that it's a goodie to stop at the 40 min. mark since for the last half, she brings out a yoga mat and does exercises around and over it and that it reminded me of Cathe's RwH Plyo Hiit 1 (which I don't like). :0) Well, good, cause I was ready to stop there anyway, LOL. It is a good one for higher impact followed by lower impact and no equipment - just gloves. I did use my step though, for the burpees. Twists is such a goodie and today I used my 2# wrist weights which really made a difference, not only when holding out my arms - but I used them around my knuckles which worked so well in DDog etc. for my wrist ailments! I could put my hands in fists and with the weight cushion, it alleviated most of my pain. These wrist weights were really a great purchase as I'm using them A LOT and glad I tried them today for yoga! And as usual, I added on spinal twists at the end (not sure why Travis doesn't since it is a Twists practice!). I also needed to add on Mady's stretch as my back was feeling a little kinky with all the twists. Great workout today - getting in my HiiT and yoga!
23- Cathe FlexTrain (no core); Cathe PHA3 (Extended Lying Stretch) I wore Cathe's green loop above my knees and my heavy FW band around my ankles for the FW segment - now that's a double bonus!!
24- YT Michele Briehler (SOUL Fusion/Piyo/Total Body Workout/Light Weights-49 min.); 1.5 hours Yard Work I don't know why I chose this workout - it popped up and thought it looked fun. I used my 2# wrist weights instead of 5's (which she uses for the weight segment) - I thought they would be too heavy the way she was slinging them around. There was cardio, weights, PiYo and core segments. I did like most of this workout - until the yoga part...It's typical PiYo style (being in DDog and not being able to see the screen). Michele does cue well but it was still hard to know what to do. I liked the cardio, weight, and core segments and thought the balance work was superb. It was good for something a little different today. I didn't want to work too hard - lots of yard work today got accomplished.
25- HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Yvette Fit #149 (70 min. Step Workout & Ankle Weight Bonus); Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches; Michelle's Yin Yoga This was a total calorie buster and I hung tough to the end! I used my 2# wrist weights & topper, (Y uses 1 riser), and got a great workout. Non-stop cardio using the step until the 45 min. mark. It was tough - I'm not used to her 70 min. workouts! Then the last half of the workout, she adds gliders, ankle weights and a KB for the core work. She does cardio with the ankle weights on, (which I was taught long ago not to do that for knee/back issues later on), so I did lying quad and inner thigh work for those 3 minutes. Not too many burpees in this but lots of arm raises and I had to remove my wrist weights for the last half! Only about a 2 min. stretch, so I added on lots more stretching, as my legs really needed it. 469 cal burn for that yummy turkey meal later. Hope everyone has a great day!!!
26- Yvette (w/u); YT (Vera LaRo 40 Min. Resistance Band UB workout At Home - 20 min.); Cathe Butts & Guts (Floor Work & Abs - 43 min.) This band workout popped up and thought I'd try was ok-pretty boring so I quit at the first half. I can't imagine doing this workout, though, without shoes or lifting gloves since she puts the band around feet and hands/wrists quite often. I used Cathe's long blue band, diff tension FW bands and my long stretchie, so figuring out which band to use was the biggest challenge of the workout! Added on a dust bunny in B&G - at least this those bonus glute squeezes on the ball! I already felt my inner thighs from Yvette's workout yesterday so not sure this was a good idea! Pondering an unweighted lower body segment amongst my dvd's and this was the lucky draw! Good fat burning workout today.
27- Yvette Fit #142 (30 Min. All Barbell & DB Workout UB/LB); Cathe's Mobility (20 min. Premix) Love this Yvette strength workout - similar to a PHA where she alternates UB then LB but some of the exercises are total body too. Switched up the D/L's to 1 arm rows or pull overs. It sails by and love how I can make it work for me. She hits it all in 30 min.! (She does a few core exercises at the end but I do more biceps since she goes light on them). Not feeling too beat up after doing Yvette 3 days this week + all the yard work...surprising!
28- Rest Day 30 Min. Yard Work

29- Yvette Fit #151 60 min. Cardio/Boot Camp/Strength Workout = 64 min.); Mady's BPR stretches Burpees right out of the gate is a surefire way to know this one will be a butt-kicker! And it was! Very fun circuit with Cardio, BW, & core exercises in first half and jump rope, k/b cardio, KB, weighted shoulders mostly and ankle weighted leg work in 2nd half. Loved the variety! Definitely needed an add'l stretch though. 501 calorie burn - woo hoo! Cool tidbit/Side note: I noticed doing Yvette's low squat holds seem a lot easier since I've been doing Cathe's Mobility workout regularly. In fact all the lower BW moves seem easier.
30- Yvette Fit (w/u); Barre 3 Flow With Katie (30 min.) At the last minute, I caved and subscribed to least for 3 months. This class was nice and the "flows" supposedly improve mobility, increase stability, address imbalances, helps with body alignment and are used for recovery. That would be superb if they did all those things for my wonky body issues!! ;0) Love that there's a music-off option for any audio imbalances, too.
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~~~ NOVEMBER ~~~

“There is music in the meadows, in the air — autumn is here; skies are gray, but hearts are mellow.”
William Stanley Braithwaite, “Lyric of Autumn”

1 - Ellen's 10 Minute WW Walk; YWK 10 Minute Morning Stretch; Kathy Smith Peel Off the Pounds Pilates (full DVD); 6,850 steps.

2 - YWK Morning Affirmations, otherwise nothing formal; 5,302 steps.

3 - YWK Morning Yoga Movement Day #3, Full Body Morning Yoga plus affirmations; LWR 1,000 Steps Walking Workout at Home; Shakti Warrior 7, See Your Dreams - Visualize to Realize; Unplugged 1904; 6,580 steps.

4 - YWK 20 Minute Morning Stretch - Full Body Flexibility plus morning affirmations; Tracey Mallett Fuse Dance Cardio Melt - Slender Body Burn; short stroll after work; my own stretch routine; 7,028 steps.

5 - LWS 14 Minute Low Impact Fat Burning Workout; YWK Live Vinyasa Slow Flow - New Moon Yoga; 5,870 steps.

6 - YWK 15 Minute Morning Yin Yoga Stretch; GYM for quick workout of chest press, leg press and seated row machines plus 15 minutes recumbent bike; 5,629 steps.

7 - YWK Yin Yoga & Affirmations for Healing; 5,082 steps.

8 - Beach walk; YWK Hormonal Balance Yin Yoga - Adrenal Fatigue & Thyroid Issues; 7,247 steps.

9 - 20 minute lunch walk; 15 minute neighborhood walk; Jane Fonda Firm & Burn - Latin; Ellen Barrett Pick Your Spot Pilates - thighs; 9,131 steps.

10 - YWK 15 Minute Morning Yin Yoga (with Luna) plus a.m. affirmations; Ellen Barrett Express Belly Blast, minus yoga and cooldown; 6,834 steps.

11 - 25 minute walk around neighborhood; YWK Yoga for Flexibility - Deep Stretch; 4,875 steps.

12 - Nothing formal - rainy day, caught up on napping, and did some power cleaning in the afternoon; 4,019 steps.

13 - More power cleaning; YogiBethC Beth's Letting Go of the Day; Yoga With Bird Restorative Yoga for Back Pain; 2,903 steps.

14 - LWR 10 minute Cardio - Full Body Workout; GYM for 45 minutes weight machines, full body workout; 7,454 steps

15 - YWK 15 Minute Morning Yin Yoga Stretch; 20 minute lunch walk; 7,951 steps.

16 - YWK Morning Yoga Movement #4, Neck & Shoulder Relief; Shakti Warrior Lesson 8 - Blossom Into You; 4,563 steps.

17 - Nothing formal; 4,393 steps.

18 - YWK Yin Yoga to Restore & Reboot; quick walk around parking lot at work; Shakti Warrior Lesson 8 - Blossom Into You; 7,521 steps.

19 - Lively Ladies 25 Minute Power Walk; Unplugged 1905; my own deep stretch routine; 7,409 steps.

20 - YWK 10 Minute Morning Yoga Stretch for Energy Boost plus affirmations; a very nice meditative beach walk; GYM for 20 minutes arc trainer and 10 treadmill; 8,124 steps.

21 - GYM for an hour long gym workout of recumbent bike, weight machines and dumbbells; 4,618 steps.

22 - Walked at the casino; 4,866 steps.

23 - Nothing formal; 4,310 steps.

24 - "Just" 7,266 steps bustling around.

25 - Happy Thanksgiving! nothing formal, enjoyed the day!

26 - Walk around the neighborhood with DS; 7,192 steps.

27 - Nothing formal; 3,402 steps.

28 - GYM for 20/15/10 of treadmill, recumbent and arc trainer; YWK Yin Yoga & Affirmations for Healing; 7,117 steps.

29 - LWR 7 Minute Back Workout; Unplugged 1906; my own yin stretches; 6,380 steps.

30 - YWK 20 Minute Morning Yin Yoga Stretch Full Body; Jane Fonda Walk Out, level 2; 7,106 steps.
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november 2021Ö

We have entered my prime workout season - fall/winter/spring. To take advantage of when I feel my best and get my best results, Iím moving on from LGI8, after I finish this week of circuits. Iím going to do Catheís STS/LIS Undulating Rotation again. I thought about doing XTrain again but Iíve done it so many times that it can wait a cycle. STS/LIS, then BEAST/CHISEL, then XTRAIN. Woo Hoo!

1. KATINA HUNTER: Interval Party(virgin). Wow, this one had the most generic music of Katinaís 3 workouts that Iíve tried. Surprising since this is the only all cardio workout. The only time the music wasnít forgettable was when she put all the lo/hi combs together at the end. Basic hi/lo and the hi part is not crazy impact. Very doable. Iím going to try it with my own music next time. 6243 steps so Iíll be using this workout a lot going forward.
2. ZUMBA: Ripped + Yv2: WISI, 12 mins
3. rest dayÖ
4. KATINA HUNTER: Interval Party. The music on this is ok, just not as great as Circuit Party & Pump Party. Great for getting your step count up. Combo 3/4 are grapevine city though. Lots of grapevine variations. Taking a few easy/rest days here and there before jumping into STS/LIS. I printed all the STS worksheets again. I was still using the worksheets printed in 2009 but now I no longer have room to jot down my weights. P.M. Yv2: SS
5. WW Ultimate Dance Party: Total Body Blast P.M.Yv2: RIO
6. CL: Metabolic Meltdown. I found a modification for crab kicks because they are still way too hard for me on a so so day. On a good day, I can probably do 6 before I start whimpering ie whining .. Anyway, I did them with my upper back propped low on a stability ball. Still able to push off to feel it in my triceps and I definitely feel it more in my core because Iím not using crazy momentum to try to keep up with Cathe. P.M. Rockiní Body: Shaun Tís Dance Party (virgin). I may never do this workout again. It was just ok, dark set and performing before a sitting audience doesnít inspire joy, in me.
7. Yv2: WISI + Cathe Live: Yoga & Mobility Fusion (virgin). Loved this Cathe Live. Very similar to P30 Flow timesaver of both workouts. The only difference as far as feel, for me, is that the transitions are smoother. The timesavers, although great, can feel kind of choppy sometimes. I canít believe I did the whole 47 minutes without feeling antsy. Love! I really should be doing more mobility workouts.
8. ZUMBA: Step by Step + Letís Dance


Woooooo! Time to get busy! STSí intro music always pumps me up. I feel like I can leap tall benches, or something! Love that intro. The DVD started before I could adjust the volume of my tv so I had to open the DVD tray and start over so I could hear the intro! Love!

9. STS M2 W2 D16 - Chest, Shoulders & Triceps + Yv2:RIO - it felt great to lift heavy and use my barbell. Now Iím interested in getting a bench with a barbell rack again. I didnít go as heavy as I could have because I wanted to ease into the first workout. I feel great, worked out but not wiped. Love! Today, I was at the county assessor office and I happened to glance at the security camera feed and caught an image of someone from a back view and thought Iíd like to look like that person at my fittest.. A few seconds later, I realized it was meeeeeee! Weeeee! P.M. Yv2: WISI
10. LIS: Lower Body Trisets + Yv2: SS. Took a trip to TJ Maxx early this morning and there were so many shoppers. Surprising because of the early hours and it being a weekday. P.M. Yv2: MYB
11. Veterans Day!! LIS: Cardio Supersets + KATINA HUNTER: Interval Party. P.M. Yv2: RIO
12. STS M2 W2 D18 - Back & Biceps + MISTI TRIPOLI Classic Grooves - Funky Disco Workout (virgin)
13. LIS: Low Impact Challenge + CIZE: Crazy 8ís. I had forgotten almost everything about LIC. Itís fun although Cathe cues as sheís doing the move sometimes. I like that there isnít a lot of breakdown of the moves. I was expecting an easy workout but had also forgotten about the blast segment. Looking forward to doing this again. Gulp, tomorrow is Afterburn, debating if I should do it as is or the Double Trouble premix.
14. LIS: Afterburn + P30 Flow: Mobility Basics Stretch Timesaver. I did Afterburn as is because I didnít want to do the 2nd set later. . Sucking air for sure. Also realized that the first and last intervals are my least favorite that causes a little dread (squat digs and line taps). It feels as though Cathe does squat digs for 100 reps. I always lose count. Cathe would not like me as a rep counter. Anyway who says I have to do what Cathe is doing? So next time Iím going to sub in one of my other favorite Cathe moves, like the Heisman Rock move in P30 HIH. I also played my own music and it was quite enjoyable after I was done with the 1st interval. P.M. KATHY SMITH: Latin Rhythm: Latin Basics, 20 mins + Yv2: WISI. Iíve been sore every day since I started this rotationÖ looking forward to tomorrow.
15. rest dayÖ

STS/LIS 14 Week Rotation - Week 2

16. STS M1 W2 D4 - Chest, Shoulders, Biceps. Love!
17. LIS: Turbo Barre - Lower Body Express Premix. Nice premix. Yv2: MYB done in 10 minute increments throughout the day!
18. LIS: Afterburn. Of course I had to count the squat digs (45 R1A, 56 R1B +- a rep or 2). I did my sub move and this made Afterburn not feel like a slog, quite enjoyable actually. I took many breaks to sip water and lower my heart rate. I even noticed the increase in cardio capacity from just doing this workout a few days ago. A great core burner. P.M. Yv2:WISI
19. Yv2: RIO, 15 mins + STS M1 W1 D2 - Back & Triceps. Loved Back & Triceps but it is a long workout for 2 body parts. I feel so zen just lifting weights on these cold mornings. P.M. ZUMBA: Letís Dance
20. LIS: Low Impact Challenge + ZUMBA: Rush
21. LIS: Athletic Training + Yv2: WISI. P.M. A. Bento CIA: Hi/Lo Cardio Knockout, 30mins (virgin). Amy is like Tigger! She has way too much energy!
22. rest dayÖ

STS/LIS Undulating Rotation Week 3 of 14
(S) = substitute

23. STS D25 M3 W1 - Chest & Back + Yv2: SS, 10 mins. So I skipped 4 sets of chest exercises and 2 sets of deadlifts. I needed to shorten the workout in order to leave for work and arrive on time. LOVE!!! I took the full rest periods. I love that this is just straight forward lifting at a controlled pace.
24. STS D26 M3 W1 - Plyo Legs + Yv2: SS, 17 minsLove. P.M. Yv2: RIO
25. LIS: Slide & Glide + KATINA HUNTER: Interval Party. I enjoyed the cardio portion of S&G, the toning/floor section - not so much. Not sure if Iíll do this workout next time it shows up on the schedule.
26. STS D27 M3 W1 - Shoulders, Biceps & Triceps Another long and great workout. My legs are sore in new places (quads) today, has to be from Slide & Glide. Also did Yv2: WISI in 7 minute increments throughout the day. P.M. Yv2: MYB
27. (S) CL: Love Me Some Kickboxing. Afternoon: 1 loop around lake - .75 miles
28 . LIS: Cardio Supersets + Step Premix + ZUMBA: 20 Minute Express Workout. I donít recall ever doing the Supersets Step premix before. Nice little extra burn. P.M. Yv2: RIO
29. rest dayÖ

STS/LIS Undulating Rotation - Week 4 of 14

30. LIS: Upper Body Trisets

joy, love
peace and patience
kindness with goodness
faithfulness & gentleness
- Motivational Sticker
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Tammie M
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1 - Tracey Mallett Booty Barre Plus Abs & Arms - Killer Arms, Challenging Core & Stretch
2 - Kelsie Daniels The Firm: TransFIRM Your Trouble Zones
3 - Linda Stejskal Barlates Clever Yoga Fusion: Yoga Strap Strengthen and Stretch + Classical Stretch Season 12: 1220
4 - Gin Miller Build Up Your Muscles - Tubing
5 - Jazzercise Live Latin + Emily Kligerman Yoga Therapy for Back Pain - 17 min Bulging Disc
6 - Gin Miller Build Up Your Muscles - Dumbbells
8 - Gin Miller Serious Strength - Parts 1&2 + Classical Stretch Season 12: 1227
9 - Christi Taylor Stepsational - Step #1
10 - Gin Miller Serious Strength - Parts 3&4 + Classical Stretch Season 12: 1206
11 - Christi Taylor Stepsational - Step #2 & Bonus Burn + Classical Stretch Season 12: 1214
12 - Tracey Mallett Booty Barre Beginners & Beyond
14 - Linda Stejskal Barlates Quiet Quarantine - Burn
16 - Gin Miller Build Up Your Muscles - Ankle/Wrist Weights
17 - Rainbeau Mars Pure Tranquility
18 - Gin Miller Build Up Your Muscles - Exercise Balls
19 - Christi Taylor Fit To Dance - Routines 1-7,13
20 - Linda Stejskal Barlates Quiet Quarantine - Mat
21 - Paul Grilley Yin Yoga - Hip Series
22 - James Crossley "Get Fit At 40+" - All except HIIT workout
23 - James Crossley "Get Fit At 40+" - HIIT workout + Shape Toning Workout: Bikini Body All Year-Round - Bonus Cardio + Classical Stretch Season 12: 1221
25 - Linda Stejskal Barlates Quiet Quarantine - Barre
26 - Paul Grilley Yin Yoga - Spine Series
27 - Gilad Cuts & Curves
28 - Christi Taylor Fit To Dance - Routines 1, 7-13 + Classical Stretch Season 12: 1228
29 - Linda Stejskal Barlates Quiet Quarantine - Cardio Sculpt + Classical Stretch Season 12: 1207
30 - Paul Grilley Yin Yoga - Infant Series
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01- Rest day. I needed a rest day after my active rest day I did a lot of cleaning, so it was quite active.
02- Jung Da Yeon's Momchang Fitness: Slow Fit. Great routine to work on flexibility, mobility and balance.
03- Jung Da Yeon's Figurerobics: Figuredumb + Mady Morrison: Full Body Stretch. I used to do this one with one pound, I upped to 2 pounds and it felt great.
04- Jung Da Yeon's Figurerobics: Figuredance. Jung again to the rescue! I have been lazy this week, but still managed to do Jung's workouts. FD is a total bodyweight workout.
05- Jung Da Yeon's Figurerobics: Figurerobi + Mady Morrison: Full Body Stretch.
06- Rest day.
07- Jung Da Yeon's Figurerobics: Figuremat + Quick Stretch. I think I never did FM before, I found it challenging, I liked it!
08- CSS10: 1022 Hip Pain Relief.
09- Rest day.
10- Quick Strength Workout. One set of everything with 15s, except LW I did two set.
11- Rest day. Lazy & Tired.
12- Jung Da Yeon's Bodyball: Slim. One of the best stability ball workout I have done, great total body workout.
13- Jung Da Yeon's Bodyball: Hip & Leg. Despite the tittle, no ball is used, it is a great LB workout, it starts standing and then down to the floor for floor-work.
14- Jung Da Yeon's Momchang Fitness: Slow Fit.
15- Jenny Ford's Hi Lo Cardio + Quick Stretch
16- Rest day.
17- Quick Strength Workout. Two sets of everything, first round was my warm up set, and then upped my weight for the second round, used 8s and 15s.
18- Zumba: 30 Minute Burn + Si6: Slim & Limber.
19- Rest day.
20- Zumba: Sculpt & Tone.
21- Pyramid Total Body Strength Training (My Own). I did 16 reps of everything with 8s, then 12 reps with 12s, and 8 reps with 15s. With warm up and stretch took me around 40 minutes.
22- Rest day.
23- Total Body Strength Training (My Own): Three sets of everything, eight reps each with 15s.
24- Rest day.
25- Katy Smith's Walk & Stretch: Walking Workout.
26- Rest day.
27- CSS10: 1013 Stomach Flattening Workout. I liked it, but it was mostly total body, than core focused.
28- CSS10: 1001 Waist Slenderizing + Si6: Slim & Limber. I really felt my waist working hard on this one, nice workout.
29- Rest day. Dental procedure. T2B, hi!
30- Nada. Busy day.
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Doesn't seem possible that it's November already!

1 Trifecta Pilates - June Live Chair Workout - Beginner Level - 40 minutes
2 Silver & Fit - Advanced Strength with Adita 11/2/21 - 30 minutes; Trifecta Pilates - Level 1 - Abs & Legs - 10 minutes
3 Trifecta Pilates - Slow Flow Weights Workout - Level 1 - 25 minutes
4 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Cardio with Madeleine - 31 minutes; Trifecta Pilates - Core Workout - Beginner Level - 15 minutes
5 Dog Walk - 30 minutes; Trifecta Pilates - Abs & Back Workout - Beginner Level - 10 minutes
6 Trifecta Pilates - Gentle Foundational Flow - 30 minutes
7 GHUTV - Walk, Sweat & Sculpt - Lower Body - 30 minutes; Trifecta Pilates - Beginner Series - Lower Body - 10 minutes
8 Rest Day
9 Leslie Sansone - 2 Mile Beginner Walk with Bands - 30 minutes; Trifecta Pilates - Beginner Series - Upper Body - 10 minutes
10 No workout, just work
11 GHUTV - Chair Conditioning - 25 minutes; Trifecta Pilates - Total Body Workout #1 - 10 minutes
12 Silver & Fit - 11/11/21 Intermediate Strength with Penny - 30 minutes & 10/12/21 Intermediate Flexibility & Balance with Penny - 30 minutes
13 Walk - 30 minutes
14 Silver & Fit - 11/11/21 Intermediate Cardio with Adita - 30 minutes; Trifecta Pilates - Total Body Workout #2 - 10 minutes; Classical Stretch - Season 12, Episode 22 - 23 minutes
15 GHUTV - Indoor Interval Walking - 20 minutes; Trifecta Pilates - Beginner Series - Breathe and Stretch - 10 minutes
16 GHUTV - Walk, Sweat & Sculpt - Lower Body - 30 minutes; Classical Stretch - Season 12, Episode 28 - 23 minutes
17 Jenny Ford - Walk Across America: Connecticut - 30 minutes; Classical Stretch - Season 12, Episode 30 - 23 minutes
18 Unplanned Rest Day
19 Leslie Sansone - Walk 15 - Mile 2 - 14 minutes & Steel City Legs - 10 minutes; Classical Stretch - Connective Tissue Workout - 25 minutes
20 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Strength with Keli 11/16/21 - 30 minutes & Intermediate Mixed Format with Stacie Lei 9/1/21 - 30 minutes
21 Trifecta Pilates - Pilates Flow with Ease (Beginner Level) - 30 minutes & Mini Arm Workout - 10 minutes
22 Silver & Fit - International Cardio with Karen 8/12/21 - 30 minutes; Jessica Valant Pilates - 20 Minute Full Body Beginner Pilates Workout & 10 Minute Gentle Pilates Workout
23 Trifecta Pilates - Focused Pilates Class - Beginner Level - 45 minutes
24 Thanksgiving Trip
25 Thanksgiving Trip
26 Thanksgiving Trip
27 Trifecta Pilates - Pilates 101 - 25 minutes
28 Rest Day - leaf raking, Christmas decorating
29 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Cardio with Penny 11/26/21 - 30 minutes & Trifecta Pilates - Unwind Miniball Routine - 20 minutes
30 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Strength with Keli 11/30/21 - 30 minutes & Trifecta Pilates - Core Connection Workout - 15 minutes

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I'm wanting to add more spin w/o's this month. Other than that, I will go with the flow and not have a specific plan.

1. SSoD Girls Night Out 30 min ride
2. no w/o due to needing to be on a liquid diet
3. procedure
4. 4.6 mile hike
5. 2.36 mile walk; CDorner Fitness UB Superset
6. Ride with Alina End of Summer 60 min ride
7. FIT with Larie UB Superset Drop Set
8. Historic Workouts Start Me Up 30 min ride
9. nothing
10. CDorner Fitness Glutes with Mini Band
11. Fitness with PJ No More Bat Wings Chest and Tri's; Fitness with PJ Best Back and Bi's
12. Kaleigh Cohen Fitness 100K subscriber 100 min ride
13. road trip
14. SSoD All Out Ride 20 min ride; Cathe's Perfect Pump UB
15. 4.33 mile walk
16. CDorner Fitness UB
17. Burpee Girl Cardio Power (added weighted gloves to increase intensity)
18. Cycling Sophie Can you keep up? 60 min ride
19. nothing
20. Heather Robertson Shoulders/Bi's/Tri's
21. Kaleigh Cohen Fitness Cycle Hour 25 min ride; Heather Robertson Chest and Back
22. nothing
23. Joe Alvarado Strength and Distance #2 35 min ride
24. TreadChic Rolling Hills 35 min t/m walk
25. CDorner Fitness Push Pull
26. SSoD Energy Booster Cycle 60 min ride
27. Growingannanas UB
28. 2.89 mile walk
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November 2021

1. 3 mile walk
2. Nothing I got my Covid booster Sunday night after work. It left my arm pretty sore and Monday I was tired and felt like I had the chills a few times but I didn’t feel awful. This morning my arm was still sore and I end up running errands early and blowing off any workout.
3. Barlates Mat Workout functional training I slept 10 hours last night! I woke up later than I had planned so I just did this in my living room. It’s just under 50 minutes and it made me sweat from the beginning. It was challenging, especially since I’m not in Barlates shape right now but I just went at my pace and modified as needed. Great total body workout!
4. SanFran Fitness 35 min Excellent Rebounding & Weights and three 5 min Mini Moves: Waistline Toner, glute activation, and abdominal focus I held 2lb weights for the cardio and used 4lbs for the two short tricep sections. I liked the music in this, it was YouTube music but it was very pleasant. The mini moves are all 5 mins, with 4 exercises done for 1:15 each. I like these SanFran workouts but I don’t love them and I’m not sure why. I want to love them but they are just missing a little bit of a fun factor or something. I will try more because there’s quite a few of them and they’re not complicated.
5. Lilli Sabri Booty & Abs and Killer Booty Lift
6. Rest
7. Xtend Barre Lean and Chisled This is a nice fast paced barre workout.
8. Barlates Shape it Mostly Mat and 2 mile walk Mostly mat is mat and crouching exercises, Linda uses a long band for the glute bridge segment, I didn’t have one handy upstairs so I used a booty band. This workout was really a lower body burner!
9. 3 mile walk
10-11. Rest
12. Caroline Girvan 5 min w/I and Epic 3 Day 1 Dumbbell Leg workout Not 100% sure what motivated me to do this today. I was kind of eyeing day 2’s upper body workout and I decided to do this today and the upper body tomorrow. Can I commit to a whole program? Maybe but I’m not feeling Caroline’s HiiT workouts so I would have to modify somehow or substitute something else. I liked this workout! I mostly used half of Caroline’s weight, the exercises are done 40/20. I used a 45lb barbell for the squats in the beginning and for the regular deadlifts. It added up as the workout went on, especially since I haven’t been doing weighted workouts. I love the staple move of kneeling to squat with one dumbbell (I used a 10lb here) and the unweighted lunges with the front foot elevated on a yoga block we’re tough. The workout was definitely doable and Caroline doesn’t start the program out so hard that she scares anyone away. I liked the 45 min length too, she’s not rushing through anything but it wraps up under an hour.
13. Epic 3: 5 min W/U and Day 2 Push Pull Upper body This was the same format as day 1, 40/20 and a couplet of mostly opposing exercises done twice. Between each couplet is a push-up variation. The first half is back/chest, then shoulders, triceps and biceps. I used a wide variety of weights. By the time I got to shoulders I could feel the fatigue. This was a good workout in a 45 min time frame, the sequencing works the biceps and triceps before they are done directly. I might just keep working my way through these adding in some cardio days and subbing the crazy HiiT workouts.

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1 - Outdoor walk - approx 40 min; Yoga With Kassandra - Yoga Warm Up

2 - Lively Ladies - Happy Healthy Walk/Jog; YWK - Yoga for Beginners; Jessica Valent - Post
Partum Pilates Routine (not post partum, but a good one!), Jessica Valent Hip Pain Routine

3. - CS 1216 (?) - Jessica Valent - Non-Impact HIIT # 1, Jessica Valent - Sciatica Routine; short dog walk

4 - Leslie - 20 Min Brisk walk (You Tube), Jessica Valent - Stretching for Tight Hips, Susan Koenig - Somatics - SI Joint practice; Short dog walk, YWK - Evening Yoga Movement - Day # 1

5 - PowerFit Harmony - Move It; Jessica Valent - Workout for Stronger Glutes

6 - Outdoor Walk, Callanetics Rehab - Revive

7 - Ellen - Fat Burning Fusion 2; Callanetics Rehab - Daily Stretch; short dog walk, YWK - Evening Yoga Movement - Day # 2

8- Lively Ladies - Walk for Every Day Fitness; YWK - Post Workout Yoga w/ Kittens

9 - Walk At Home -Steel City Series 2 Miles w/ Celine, LWR - 7 Min Lower Body Workout, Jessica Valent - Side Lying Leg challenge and Sciatica workout

10 -CS 1217 - Hip and Psoas, Jessica Valent - Herniated Disc Routine; short dog walk

11 - Ellen - Lengthen, Strengthen and Breathe (10 Day Kick Start Day 1); short walk w/ DD

12 - Ellen - Power & Balance (10 Day Kick Start Day 2)

13- Ellen - Cardio Core (10 Day Kick Start Day 3), some SI Joint PT, outdoor walk (40 min)

14 - Nothing Formal - Home office decluttering project

15 - Ellen - Fat Burning Fusion 2 (10 Day Kick Start Day 4)

16 - Ellen - Abs & Arms (10 Day Kick Start Day 5)

17 - Ellen - Barre Conditioning (10 Day Kick Start Day 6); 1 Mile w/ Rocky from Walk At Home (You Tube)

18 - Body Groove - Classic Groove Swing; Ellen - Mindful Meditation (10 Day Kick Start Day 7); dog walk

19 - Cindy Crawford - New Dimension - Workout C, Caroline Sandry - 30 Days to Flat Abs Pilates, Level 1 Pilates, Allaire Back Fitness - Episode 1

20 - Ellen - Grace and Gusto (10 Day Kick Start Day 8)

21 - Ellen - Serene Strength (10 Day Kick Start Day 9), Ellen - Sleek Side Body; Ellen - Affirmative Flow (10 Day Kick Start Day 10).

22 - Ellen -7 Day Series Day # 1 Feel Good Fusion; Annie Pilates Physical Therapy - Piriformis Syndrome Exercises w/ Elastic Band (did this one twice - once in the morning, once in the evening)

23 Ellen - 7 Day Series Day # 2 - Power 15; Ellen - Inner and Outer Thigh Workout, Short dog walk, Annie Pilates Physical Therapy - Piriformis Syndrome Exercises w/ Elastic Band

24 - Reps to the Rhythm - ABBA walk, Gina B/Up to the Beat Fitness - ABBA walk; Ellen - 7 Day Series Day # 3 - Core Yoga; dog walk, Jessica Valent -Hip Pain Routine

25 - Grow With Jo Total Beginner walk (20 min), Ellen - 7 Day Series Day # 4 - Quick Cardio; Jessica Valent - Gentle Full Body Pilates - Gratitude Focus

26 - Reps to the Rhythm - Combat Cardio (30 min); Jessica Valent - A little bit of everything

27 - Ellen - 7 Day Series -Day # 6 - Fusion Bootcamp, Annie Pilates Physical Therapy - Back Pain w/ Tight Iliopsoas Stretching and Strengthening

28 - Ellen - 7 Day Series Day # 5 - Yogini Sculpt, Annie Pilates Physical Therapy - Piriformis workout w/ Band

29 - Ellen - Power and Balance, Jessica Valent - Stronger Glutes on the Mat

30 - AngieFitness TV - Holiday Power Walk, Annie Pilates Physical Therapy - Piriformis Syndrome - Mobility practice
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just the workouts

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