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Old 11-27-21, 06:02 PM  
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Originally Posted by Catahoula Cate View Post
Thanks for the Thred Up info Eventmom I like the concept. I plan on giving it a try but won't expect much $ if any. Just a nice option to thrift.
Cate - let us know how it goes.

My DH's family left this am. We passed 5 books to them! One is an egoscue book that DH's niece needs, 4 judica books my SIL will give to the JCC where she volunteers! DH passed the pasta machine my SIL gave him to her daughter - YEAH as he was resisting getting rid of it because it was gift. Once I pulled that down I found a box of herbs/tea that had been hidden for at least 10 years. So that is all gone now. sigh.

So a good visit with family for thanksgiving and some bonus decluttering!
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Old 11-27-21, 08:14 PM  
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Good job on the cooperative de-cluttering! Thanks for explaining the Thred up process. I might try it but if I have to wait until spring to send it there, I think I would rather bring it to the consignment shop. The proceeds go to the local domestic violence shelter. I brought DDs prom dress, my long formal dress and a long velvet skirt there yesterday. You get 50% of the proceeds but I may just let them keep it. While I was there I purchased a scarf. Much less room than a poofy prom dress though!

DD is home for the weekend and went through "her" drawer in the sunroom table and got rid of 4 hats. I am going to sift through my basket out there now.
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Old 11-27-21, 08:34 PM  
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Leslie - I wish I still had a local consignment shop. Right now my thrift store options are goodwill and salvation army. In Taos we donate to a thrift store that benefits victims of domestic violence. But I don't always think to take things from OK to NM for that purpose.
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Old 12-04-21, 12:49 AM  
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Originally Posted by lreidgreen View Post
I swapped some of my clothes-the things in my dresser a few weeks ago. This was workout clothing and tops but did not get rid of much. I just swapped my shoes today and still need to go through the closet. This is the "project" I dread twice a year.
I put together a box of 8 DVDs to send to a VF member in need.

Jeanine, congrats on the new job!
Thank you!! I have to downsize my clothes, and all of your "swapping ideas" is giving me motivation. Your giving DVDs to those in need is also a very inspiring gesture. i have some in mind that i need to gift away as well.

Originally Posted by Vantreesta View Post
Congrats, Jeannine!
Thank you for the kind words!

Originally Posted by Vintage VFer View Post
I have super-low motivation for preparing for my future move. Maybe because the exact move date is still up in the air. I need to do much more.
I know what you mean. Although I knew when my last day was going to be, i put off clearing out the files in my computer. in the last 3 days, i purged so many files and emails! omg. i suck at self-motivating myself. i did some of the purging a few weeks ago, but i got more efficient at it near the end. i sorted the computer files by date, and looked at the more recently modified files - kept those - and then purged everything else!

Originally Posted by Izzy View Post
I also did my spring/summer to fall/winter swap out last weekend. I realized I have way more winter stuff than summer stuff or it's just bulkier.
I was born in Ohio and we did the seasonal clothing swaps back then. now that we've been in Hawaii forever, there's no trigger to swap out the clothes - there's that word "swap" again that i like - but i'll have to implement something similar.

Originally Posted by BunnyHop View Post
My downsizing efforts took a few steps backward yesterday.

I got a cat from the shelter without really making a plan, so I stopped off to get supplies on the way home.

One little cat, so much gear!! Guess I'd forgotten how much stuff accumulates.
congrats on your new kitty!!!! we're a cat family.

My older sister wants an easel that i got from a neighbor for my kids (who are in their 20s now). I cleaned it up, texted her the photos, and she was sold. She also wants a telescope that our older brother gave me years ago. so that's 2 items that took up space that are going to a new home.

A charity picked up a large lawn bag of assorted items (toys, 3-ring binders, clothing, office supplies, some table decor).

on my last day of my previous job, my boss had a virtual retirement gathering. the night before, a co-worker dropped by my house and gave me a nice lei to wear on my last day of "work," a box of shortbread cookies, and an Amazon gift card. on the morning of my last day, my next door neighbor gave me 2 leis to wear - one is worn on the crown of your head, the other was a traditional lei that goes around your neck. the virtual "send-off" was about an hour long - some speeches and lots of reminiscing about the good ole days. i dug out some old photos and people were laughing at some of them. my DH also got to attend the virtual meeting, and he really enjoyed it too.

i start my new job next week - it'll be less intense and in a totally different industry (skilled nursing management company) than where i used to work (a publicly traded company with lots of regulations).

Miyagi: Wax on, right hand. Wax off, left hand. Wax on, wax off. Breathe in through nose, out the mouth. Wax on, wax off. Don't forget to breathe, very important.
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disclosure: in the years 2002-2004 i had a professional relationship with a distributor of fitness videos; see profile.
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Old 12-04-21, 10:12 AM  
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I hope all is well and we all experience a stress free healthy holiday season. I did my Christmas decorations on Thanksgiving day as I was by myself and took the opportunity. I donated my Christmas tree to the part time library I work at in a small town and then we/the library donated it to the local Historical Society. I have little trees around my place and putting up a regular tree is just too cluttered. I do miss putting out my ornaments that I have collected for many many years but I am good with the mini trees I have. I donated 3 boxes of decorations to Goodwill and then 2 boxes to the library. I had a little donations remorse as the library could have used the stuffed animals for the children's area and I gave those to Goodwill. Last night I went through the last bin and will make one more trip. I hope when all done I will have 3 empty bins. I feel good that I passed onto others some things that they will appreciate.

Stay well.
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Old 12-04-21, 10:42 AM  
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I was in AZ for almost three weeks with my dad and other family. Got home last night. Very long drive to do alone in two days! Well, Cyric was with me but no help driving or keeping away the sleepies!

Jeannine, your retirement party sounds very nice.

I have plans to clean house then decorate, and the rest of the month I want to work on decluttering and organizing. We went through my mom's clothes, and last time we were at my father-in-law's I got some of my mother-in-law's clothes, plus my cousin gave me three bags of clothes she no longer wants so I have a lot to put away and make room for!
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Old 12-04-21, 10:54 AM  
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I am still going through my husband's things. After checking with my son who said "he does not mind if I do what I want" with my husband's collection of fanzines/music magazines (I've read them already and don't need to keep them) I found someone to take the huge stack of Beatles related ones. A friend of ours works in a record store and said there is a young man with autism who is obsessed with the Beatles and he asked if I would consider giving them to him. I think my husband would love that idea, and I love it also. They would be read repeatedly and appreciated. I have to arrange for my friend to pick them up, which he said he would gladly do.

I had my son contact the owner of another record store to see if they would like to buy the other fanzines and magazines. I know I could list them on ebay, but I just don't want the hassle. He has fanzines and magazines back to the late 1970s, so there is a lot to deal with.
"Say you are tired and you will be. Believe you are strong and you are." (Sean O'Malley)

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Old 12-10-21, 03:12 PM  
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Sherry - I can't imagine how hard that must be. Big (((HUGS))) to you.
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Old 12-11-21, 01:55 AM  
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Sherry, You are being so thoughtful in the way you are finding new homes for your husband's cherished items. I am sure Frank would appreciate that they are going to someone who really loves the Beatles.

Last Saturday I went through the paints and stains in our basement with DH because the local Haz Waste Collection day is this weekend. This is the last time they will be accepting latex paint so I really wanted to get it done. We consolidated the latex paint into 6 gallons (limit is 5 but hopefully they will take the extra or we may have to go in 2 cars)
We boxed up 10-11 cans of spray paint, 11 cans of stain and now have 12 quart and 5 gallon cans of mostly empty paint drying out in the garage to be tossed in regular trash. It felt great to get it done but the workshop still needs alot of tossing and tidying. I am hoping we can tackle it together between Christmas and New Years.
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Old 12-11-21, 09:48 AM  
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sherry7899 your thoughtfulness in sharing his collection is wonderful.

lreidgreen are you in the process of downsizing and moving ...or just a general shift in lifestyle?

I went through closet storage where Christmas was stored and reduced and purged. I hadn't planned on working on it but I was why not, lol.

Happy big ways or small all counts!!
Don't just work hard, work smart....Pat Head Summitt

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career advice, declutter, decluttering, downsizing, sentimental clutter

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