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Old 03-29-13, 10:10 AM  
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I will be releasing my new functional workout soon.

It is called "Find the Folding Step Ladder." I can honestly say I do this workout three to four times a week. While there is some dread factor, I really have no choice but to perform it so it works for me!

There is only one piece of equipment involved: a folding step ladder that can be tucked into any out-of-the-way spot and instantly forgotten.

The workout includes stair climbing, which works your glutes and hamstrings; pushups, which works your pecs, triceps, delts, serratus anterior (wings) and coracobrachialis (I will let you Google that one); and plank work for core strength, abs and back muscles.

You will also exercise your four-letter word vocabulary, your patience, and your self-loathing for hiding it from yourself once again.

The good news is you plan the workout that will work best for you and your home. Have no closet space, slide it under a bed or couch if you want to work on your planks and pushups. If you have an attic AND a basement, change up where you put it just to add more stairs to your day. Always go to the one you think it is in first, that will ensure double the steps because you will be invariably wrong.

But the really fun part of this game is when you leave it right out in the open. That will be the LAST place you look and you will get double your steps, double your frustration, all for one low price.

Infomercials will be filmed just as soon as I can find the @@#$^& thing!
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Old 03-29-13, 10:15 AM  
Join Date: Jun 2012
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LOL! I always put ours back where it goes (between the clothes dryer and a wall) but for some reason didn't a few weeks ago. It took me over an hour to find it later, and it had been sitting right up against the kitchen wall for weeks! I can't wait to progress to new levels with your functional workout
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Old 03-29-13, 10:48 AM  
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Location: Pacific NW
Hi Renda!!!

Glad you found a workout that keeps you consistent....Hilarious as always! First laugh of the day.
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Old 03-29-13, 11:02 AM  
Linda KH
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Hmmm it sounds effective but really would be too dread-inducing for me.

I have a workout that's not quite as effective but does keep me consistent: it's called putting away my workout equipment after my kids have been playing with it. Lots of bending down and doing uneven farmer's walks.
Linda KH
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Old 03-29-13, 12:32 PM  
Join Date: Dec 2010
Location: Delaware, Ohio
Love it!
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Old 03-29-13, 01:45 PM  
Join Date: Jun 2003
Will this workout come with a step? Is it downloadable? Is it chaptered for upper and lower body? What kind of music are you using? When is the presale/presale price? Will Mary be carrying it? Will you post a preview? I won't buy unless I see previews and get feedback from other VFers. Please make sure to include an adequate warm-up/cool-down and mirror cuing. Thanks.
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Old 03-29-13, 01:48 PM  
Join Date: Oct 2004
I love when pre-sale announcements have actual details about what we can expect. Will there be modifications for those who don't have stairs? Now I'm torn between this and Alta's Poppin' Booty Twerk (?).
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Old 03-29-13, 01:51 PM  
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My modification, since I am often too lazy to go get the stepladder, is to instead substitute something handy but completely inadequate for the job. Teetering precariously off the floor while waving one's arms overhead trying to reach something or preform a task elevates the heart rate greatly, but only for a short time, so it qualifies as HIIT

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Old 03-29-13, 02:00 PM  
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LOL!!!!! I just don't need anymore new equipment. My DH is already marveling at all the stuff I have and don't use.

1 Corinthians 15:1-4
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Old 03-29-13, 02:22 PM  
Join Date: Jun 2003
Sherri, Renda is taking forever to respond to our inquiries but if the step is downloadable like a virtual step, your DH won't even know you have it and it will take up a lot less space. I doubt it will be as effective as the "real" step though. I hope she doen't get any ideas that she should do a Wii Virtual Step Ladder. Am I the only one who thinks the title of this workout was not very imaginative?

Renda's customer service really sux. I thought by now she would have answered by now. I posted my questions almost an hour ago. I really wanted to support one of our own but with such poor customer service, I don't know how I can "step up" to order from her. BTW, she didn't even post a link, did you guys notice that?!

ETA: I don't even know why I'm getting so worked up when I have a FL I could recycle. I hope Renda doesn't try force us to buy this "new" equipment with the workout. I'm not buying it when I could sub something else. Plus she shouldn't be posting here when she is a vendor. I didn't see a disclaimer in her signature. I can't buy from someone who's shilling their products on VF. I think it's unethical, don't you guys think so?
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frustration, functional workouts, i should just workout, vf humor

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