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Originally Posted by Daphne M View Post
Alison - Tell me more about your crush on the Premier League announcer. If your crush is based on voice alone, you crack me up. Aside from my Peloton/Hydrow crushes, I confess to a crush on a dude on TikTok who chops a lot of firewood for his followers. In my defense, he is very fit: D (*Is* that a defense?)
Daphne: Not voice aloneóIím not that far gone! Heís fun with the other announcers and fun on social media. Heís about my age and is a cutie. Heís the announcer in some Ted Lasso episodes if you watch that.

I did a run/walk Sunday (Lake Mercer), which was enjoyable. It was chilly out, which felt really good for a change. This is the last week of my pre-marathon training plan. I did every single workout on my plan, so Iím proud of that. The rest of this week on the plan is all hiking. I hope the leaves are still nice southwest of hereótheyíre pretty much past peak here.

Today at lunch I ran my 3-mile neighborhood route. I cut more than a minute off my pace from the last time I did this route, 2 weeks ago. I think I was really holding back that time, but it did fell good to improve. Also, I was distracted in my head from a question my boss asked in a meeting right before lunchówhenís the last time you told someone no, and how did you do it? And telling my kids no you canít do that or my husband no, I wonít watch that western donít count. I couldnít give an answer, so I thought about it the whole run. It was a great distraction from wanting to slow down. I still donít have an answer, but I also donít feel like Iím doing things outside work that I donít want to. The things at work are all part of my job, so I canít really say no. I sure donít want to write the annual report, but I canít say no to that and keep my job.

And now for the latest Bradley class update: I did the country ride from last weekend, which was fun. Iím not a fan of much new country, but I like 80s and 90s stuff, which he played. Denis is the master of 90s country playlists, but Bradley was good. I also did a Bradley low-impact Disney ride from this summer and a HIIT ride from last week. Both were excellent.
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