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Old 12-21-17, 01:40 PM  
Join Date: Feb 2008
4DS - kickbox

I thought there was a more recent "favorite Cathe premixes" thread but I can't find it, so I'm reviving this old thread.

One of my favorite Cathe series is 4DS. The only thing I don't like about it is that Cathe doesn't have any moderate in time premix options. Usually I'm looking for 45-55 minute options if I do a premix and the ones listed don't fall into that range.

So today I was going to do the KB cardio and add on ICE core, but forgot that the KB w/o from 4DS has a 9 minute Ab section at the end before the stretch. That Ab section is one of my favorites of all Cathes core work and doing the cardio with abs and stretch clocked in at about 44 minutes. I made a note of it in my DVD case and will be doing this routine many times!! So happy that I found a gem in my collection that I didn't realize I had.
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Old 12-21-17, 02:08 PM  
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Upper Body Split on the CTX DVD is excellent - all the weights work from all the Cross Train Express workouts. It's long, close to an hour, but you hit every upper body muscle group HARD.

Pyramid Upper Body, up-only premix. I do it as a true heavy pyramid instead of an endurance workout. I rest between the medium-weight and heaviest-weight sets so I can lift super-heavy/to failure on the third set of each exercise.

Low Max step-only premix for a not-too-tough steady-state cardio workout, and the blast-only premix as a great leg add-on or short legs workout.

Low Impact Circuit, cardio-blast premix gives you an extra step section and no strength work.
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Old 12-21-17, 02:15 PM  
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Wow! You revived an 8-year old thread! I'm sure there have been several releases during that time with some great premixes, so it'll be interesting to see some of the new ones folks have been using. I know with Cathe's OnDemand, it's easy to make one's own premixes and share them.

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Old 12-21-17, 07:51 PM  
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ICE's Rock M Sock M's 5 Gone premix which is the main workout without the jumping jacks.
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Old 12-26-17, 09:22 PM  
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Popping in to say THANKS for reviving this thread! Thanks to Beth & Renee I dug out Step, Jump and Pump and 4DS and did the premixes mentioned as favorites. I loved them both! Challenging and FUN! I only recently got into premixes, and they were so many choices on the Step Blast/Step Jump and Pump DVD and I have never done any of them. It also brought back memories of when good recognizable music was affordable for instructors to use. I'm actually okay with the techno music you get now, but the covers of original songs were better IMHO. I'd much rather have techno that the fake lyrics to go with recognizable songs. But I digress.

I will have to look at my more recent DVDs to see which premixes I am using. It seems to me that there was more imagination in the premixes on the older DVDs---at least on the ones Cathe makes. I would like to get some more ideas from other people as well for new ones to try.
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Old 12-27-17, 06:49 AM  
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For cardio leg blast, I often do the cardio blast only premix. It moves quickly with little rest.

I love the premixes from ICE because you can do a cardio blast with one body part (muscle meltdown)
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Old 12-27-17, 09:57 AM  
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I like the Up premix on the Upper Body Pyramid.
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Old 12-27-17, 10:54 AM  
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My favorite Cathe premix is Ripped with Hiit Upper Body Circuit with the two RwH ab routines mixed in throughout. It clocks in at one hour and is the most core-intensive workout I own.

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cathe friedrich, premix

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