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Old 06-17-15, 07:41 PM  
Join Date: Jun 2013
Location: Ontario, Canada
Thanks again for all the feedback I really appreciate the time everyone took to give their thoughts and opinions, both positive and negative. I'm looking forward to giving these a try soon!
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Old 06-17-15, 08:20 PM  
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Location: Massachusetts
I love the leg workouts in this set. I don't lift heavy for lower body, so I like the moderate weight here and the efficiency of these two routines. I love having a cardio leg routine! I also love the Hiit Circuit Upper Body! These three are worth the price of admission for me.

I like the two upper body routines when I actually do them. I'm not into split routines anymore, as my focus is on efficient workouts. I prefer the back one, but think the chest one is more challenging. I wish she offered some pull up exercises in the back one.

I like the two plyo workouts and like that they are short. I was meh and the low impact ones, but prefer the one that uses the weight.

I like both ab workouts, but #1 is my favorite as she does standing ab work.

This is a great set and like that Cathe is catering to my ADD workout personality!
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Old 01-07-16, 06:42 PM  
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*old thread alert*
I recently purchased RwH along with ICE to alternate with XTrain. I started with a week of ICE and now this week I'm doing RwH. My idea is just to sample them and then come up with some kind of system.

I really like RwH. The best part to me is the the HiiT Circuit Lower and HiiT It Lift It Legs are nice companion workouts. I'm not one to want a 'pure strength' workout. I want to tone and burn off some bodyfat.

RwH is a winner so far to me! I've done:
Low Impact HiiT
HiiT Lower Circuit
Chest, Shoulders & Triceps
tomorrow I'm doing Back, Biceps & Shoulders
and finish out with Plyo Saturday

Cathe did an excellent job on RwH.

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Old 01-08-16, 09:31 AM  
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Location: Albers, IL (Southern IL area)
Wow, you did resurrect an old thread. Not a bad idea though because one of the many rotations Cathe has in the ICE user guide is an ICE/RWH one. Maybe after you're done sampling you can look into that rotation. I've always loved RWH, don't do it often enough but it is one of my favorites too.

Rotations are an immunization against procrastination.
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cathe, cathe friedrich, ripped with hiit

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