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Has anyone tried the Dynamic Flow workouts? I got the email right away, the downloads were not in the email but you click the link and they are listed under your account. The 30 minute, 60 minute, upper, lower, abs, and there was also a bonus workout (that was a link in the email, not under your account) to another buti workout that is on their streaming. That was about an hour and looks pretty tough! YEAH bonus workout!

I tried Dynamic Flow (30 minute one) this weekend on a lower energy day, and besides being shorter I still found it to be fairly challenging - maybe a little slower moving than her Shakti Sweat workouts (which are the hardest of hers I have on DVD...I don't have her streaming) but seemed on par with her first DVD set. She did give good instructions. It was just her (no background exercisers) and like other Buti workouts you flow through a lot of standing moves, downward dog, plank, kneeling, and some sitting as well. I'll have to try it when I'm fresh on energy, and can't wait to try the longer ones! I don't do Buti nearly often enough, then wonder why I don't do it more often Too many awesome workouts, too little time I guess!
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