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Arrow Just The Workouts~~MAY, 2022~~*Everyone is Welcome!*~~

May, 2022

I am VERY loosely following Cathe's May Rotation possibly inserting other instructors and yoga. I’m trying to get used to including splits by the time Cathe’s new workouts come out. I am partial to total body workouts, but I’m giving it a try. Also still continuing with meditation/devotions every morning since 9/16/20.

1 - Rest day

2 - Cathe Intensity (Step Only Premix=36 min.); Mady's (15 min. Leg Stretch); Debbie Sieber's TBS (Knees); 2.5 hours total Mow Max/Yard Work @ my house and @ DS Beautiful day - so I took advantage! It's been since 2017 since I did Intensity!! I forgot how fun the step segment is... used my topper and did both high & low impact. My knee has been a little cranky the past few days (prob due to all the TM incline work lately), so I dusted off Debbie's PT workout. It's been feeling much better since I did this session, but now my heel is giving me grief from wearing my non-PF yard shoes all morning! Aye yi yi!
3 - Cathe's XT Bi's & Tri's; 100 Rep Bicep/Tricep Challenges (50 for each); extra UB stretches Early morning hair appt and didn't feel like working out at all today! But once I got going, it got better. I chose to add on the challenges but did only 50 reps for bi's & tri's. I did Caroline's lying triceps with 20# with my wrists to the ceiling for my 50 Rep those so much as it is so wrist-friendly for me. Glad I did her workouts just to discover this move!! Good workout after all. 269 cal burn
4 - Yvette Fit #147 (60 Min. Cardio, Shoulders, Legs Blast); Mady's (15 Min. Full Body Stretch) Not feeling Cathe's CLB, this was an excellent sub. It uses the stability ball for cardio and leg work and is super FUN! Since I'm working shoulders tomorrow, I just did the few shoulder/leg combos in the beginning keeping the weights lighter and shoulder/head high, then when she started to do direct shoulder work, I did weighted/unweighted leg exercises instead. I wore my 2# wrist weights and used 8's-20#. There's a FW segment and I used Cathe's blue fabric band above my knees...that was tough! My HR was up for most of the workout and was an awesome total body workout with focus on legs! 526 cal burn
5 - Cathe XT (Chest, Back & Shoulders; Finisher: 50 Reps of Pull-downs w/ Overhand/Underhand grip 56.5#); Yoga30For30 (Yin) Good workout today! This is probably my favorite weight workout of the set. I am reminded about the camera fixations and Cathe's incessant talking doing these workouts this week, though. I have to turn the volume way down...her voice is so different in the older workouts than her current ones. 382 cal burn ETA: While cleaning out some drawers, I found the booklet that came with my Weider machine…here all these years, I thought each weight plate was 10# and the small plate on top was 5#. Turns out the smaller plate is 6.5# and the other 6 plates are 12.5# each!! I’ve been lifting heavier than I thought with pull-downs, LOL! I changed the total poundage above. Love nice surprises like that!! (And…that I’m not as much of a weakling as I thought, haha!)
6 - Yvette Fit #30 (60 min Cardio, Kickbox, Hi/Low Core Circuits); Cathe P30 (Mobility -TS premix) Yvette's class was another GEM that I overlooked! It may have been a little easier but it still was sweaty, k/b fun with the stability ball used for LOTS of core love! She does include some KB & shoulder work, but I just changed them to core exercises.The k/b included great combos but not many kicks (I would've liked more), but overall, it was a perfect sub for Cardio Core Circuit and the intensity was what I was wanting at the end of my week. Favorited! 414 cal burn
7 - Cathe XT Legs (51 min.); Travis' Level Up 108 (Flexibility 62 min.) I had more time today and got a long workout in. It's been before '16 since I have done Legs in its' entirety!! I loved it (again!)..I've done excerpts here and there since then but not the whole thing. It has so much variety working the legs and each segment is over before you can complain! I'm glad Cathe put this one at the end of the week since it's an easier workout. But I did up it a bit to make it more challenging: I used heavier weights and included 2 10# weights while doing the sliders (not the Warrior, though). I also used her green fabric band above my knees for the FW band segment and most of the floor segment + the DB behind the knee leg lifts. I had to take breaks with those! (I used the stretchie band for the inner thigh work). There's hardly 5 min. of exercises using the chair (wonder why she even bothered with that one?), but now I can say I did the whole thing and was reminded of all the variety! ETA: I realized later that I did not include the Barre Bonus since it's a separate segment so actually didn't do the whole workout, LOL. Thought I needed a good leg stretch from all the leg focus this week, so Travis' class was perfect. Another dust bunny ('20), and it actually seemed easier today, although I can't complete BOP due to not being able to bind. I used a strap for the straight leg holds and mimic the balance work. I was able to come into full splits on each side even though I did have to come out of the pose before Travis was done yacking, LOL. Love Celibacy Pose (being a female, haha, & don't see that much in practices) into seated Cow Face Pose as well as the IT band stretch at the end. My #'s showed I was in the FB zone for 65 min. of my workout today! 492 cal burn
8 - Rest Day

9 - 4.10 mile walk outside; Mady's BPR Tabatacise was the plan today but just completing that one pretty recently, I opted for a walk in the beautiful weather. Also being out of commission and on the couch for most of the weekend with digestive issues (will spare you the details, LOL), the walk seemed more calm, haha. I did keep up a good pace; glancing at my HRM, my HR was mostly between 155-165 where I like to see it during walks. At one point it was 168, so I feel I did pretty good for my first time out during this mileage. Supposed to get hot this week so may not get out there often. DS mowed my lawn yesterday since I wasn't sure if I'd be up to it that's done but may try and plant some flowers this week. 593 cal burn
10- Cathe RwH LIHI Back, Biceps, & Shoulders (Premix 1 - Shoulders Last); Bonus Abs #1; Extra Stretching; 2 hours planting flowers I always select this premix since it allows me to be fresher for the bicep work. My hand is super achey today, but I made the best of it. Bicep curls with palm up was out of the question after a few sets, so I used my Boss Bands (blue/green doubled up like she uses in those workouts) and was great as long as I could turn my hand like I was doing hammer curls). I used them for some back work too. I wore my 2# wrist weights which helped in lifting a little lighter DB and I used my plate mates onto my 30#er which was good for pullovers. The bands saved it for me today! It makes me think I need to include more band workouts again until this flare-up improves (or if it ever will?). My w/o area looked like a cyclone had hit with every DB and a few bands laying out there except for my one lonely 30# DB still on my wt. rack, LOL! 426 cal burn
11- Cathe RwH LIHI Legs; extra stretch No doubt, this w/o is my favorite of the set. Probably b/c of the format. Love the finishers in these workouts, too. I used 10's-30 and wrist weights. 298 cal burn
12- Cathe RwH LIHI Chest, Shoulders & Triceps (Premix 1: Shoulders Last) I used 5's-25 and wrist weights. It was tough today holding the weights. For the laying overhead triceps, I held a 25# DB Caroline-style, thankful I didn't have to hold a barbell with my wonky wrist. Also very thankful I have little hands (Caroline must too!). I wasn't able to criss-cross my hands b/c of my wrist weights, but that's no big deal for me. [People have commented on the fact that I have small hands. And ears. And feet. Now why couldn't that be the case with certain other body parts besides hands, ears & feet??? LMAO]. For the tricep finisher, I did pull-downs with 60.5# (56.50+4# wrist weights that actually work more than the tri's but...anything to not have to do dips and during this exercise, my hand is compromised the very least!) Anyway, I had an appt I needed to get to so no add-ons today. 215 cal burn
13- 3.84 mile walk outside + Mow Max/Yard Work/Watering = 6.01 miles of steps total GPS mileage readout on this GORGEOUS day!!! My walk wasn't quite as productive as Monday's w/ my HR saying 163 was the highest reading, but I still felt really accomplished. Plus extra walking with the mowing so I feel I got a pretty good steady state workout sans Cardio Supersets (which incorporates lots of BW which I couldn't face today). 999 cal burn (2:22:54 hrs later)
14- Cathe Live #363 Boss Bands & Loops Metabolic (sans stretch); Cathe Live #220 LB/UB DB Challenge (LB only=30 min.); Caroline Girvan (10 Min. Ab Workout); Mady's BPR Well, I just got back from running around town in my little red Miata since it's sooo nice out!! It's out of storage and all gassed up, pumped up, washed, and ready to go! Now I'm sitting outside typing this and my laptop is getting hot in the sun, LOL, so this will be quick. Doing the band workout was great although it is NOT metabolic, IMHO, it suited my purpose to work the legs (and TB) in all different ways (except in a heavier weight way). I used her green long band and my pink loop around my knees for the floor work. So I added on the LB part of her DB Challenge which I knew I loved and matched Cathe in her weights which was easy since she doesn't do a whole lot of sets. This week I felt like I hardly worked my core, so I added on Caroline's ab w/o which was a good burn and when I didn't want to do a certain core exercise b/c of my lower back, I would hold boat pose for the duration. That's one thing about fitting in Yvette's workouts, I never have to worry about getting the core worked enough in a given week (even if doing just 1 Yvette a week!) She is the CORE QUEEN in my book. Hope to get back to her workouts soon!!

RECOVERY WEEK - although it doesn't really seem like a recovery body is more sore than it ever is doing weights with all this yard work/functional fitness!!
15- Rest Day Cathe P30 (Mobility); Cleaning the house; Washing Windows At least DH helped me with the windows!
16- 3 Hours working in DS' yard; Five Parks Yoga (Short & Sweet Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class) Got a lot done at DS' and the weather was simply fantastic. Erin's class is a goodie.
17- 1.5 Hours working in DS' yard; YT Travis' 10 Min. Power Yoga "Cross Train"; 10 Min. Power Yoga "Detox"; Mady's BPR I didn't realize Travis has some new classes on YT from a new "Yoga Flow & Go" series! These are so good! Hits quite a lot in 10 min. and are perfect as add-ons or just by themselves for recovery. Got pretty much caught up now at DS' place....I have the scratched up arms to prove it from all the pruning of his rose bushes! Of course, I wear tank tops while out there instead of long sleeves. The weather was glorious!
18 - Yvette Fit #184 (75 min. Core Blast!); Travis' YT 10 Min. Yin Yoga "Yin" Oh, it felt SO good to get back to Yvette again!! (I didn't think I should wait any longer to get in some endurance cardio...and then it seemed like I hadn't done cardio for months!!) This one was a great FUN metabolic workout and favorited as my core really needed this! Practically every move worked the core...yes the Core Queen nailed it! Kickbox exercises mixed with 6# med ball, 5's-10's (I just used 5's + 2# wrist weights for all), stability ball (cardio), gliders, and 10# KB. I loved the KB exercises and how Y goes slow during the TGU's...I would imagine not everyone knows the correct form for those (I sure am rusty!) and going too fast might contribute to an injury. Not too much BW stuff for my wrist and I used my step for all there were. Burpees with core has really gotten stronger with those as I never used to be able to bring in both knees at once. Really felt good to SWEAT!! This Yin class was good for me - holds only lasted about 2 min., so a Yin I didn't get too antsy with! Love these used as add-ons for some real quick yoga! 488 cal burn
19- 2.09 mile walk; Mow Max/Yard Work 3 hours=5.21 miles of steps
20- YT 10 Min. Power Yoga "Cardio" w/ Travis; Full Power Yoga "Power Yoga Classic" (Travis - 49/62 min.) Just like I surmised, Travis' Cardio class is similar to his other cardio classes - tons of vinyasas to assure that cardio effect. I was sweating, even in the 11 min.! I've done his Classic class before - 20 min. of w/u's (I skipped about 13 min. of those) in a great flow then some mat stretches with spinal twists, thread-the-needle which felt so good since I missed my stretching yesterday. My wrists feel tired afterward - lots of DDogs in this. Allergies are kicking me to the curb this week, so my recovery week was well planned since my energy level is nil these days. It's all I can do to get the yard work done!
21- Yvette w/u; Michelle Briehler (30 Min. Standing Abs Cardio W/O/Low Impact/No Jumping/Toned Waist/No Repeat); Cathe P30 (Mobility) LOVED Michelle's workout!! I did need an add'l w/u, though after previewing hers. Fabulous! All standing, works core really well and I used my 2# wrist weights for all and my arms were nicely worked. Zero floor work (even the stretch is standing)...bookmarked on those days I don't want to take it to the mat.
22- Rest Day

23- 3.50 mile walk; Mady's (10 Min. Daily Stretch - Fix your Posture...) Fabulous weather!!!! Perfect temps for a walk and I was dressed perfectly...didn't have to tie a jacket around my waist etc. Mady's newest stretch was awesome! 452 cal burn

I'm trying to update again...I'm keeping my comments short. I wasn't able to get on the site at all yesterday. :/ So far, so good.

24- Yvette Fit #16 (60 min BOSU & Cardio Mash Up); Mady's BPR; Mow Max/Yard Work 1.75 hours Yet another gem I missed out on! Great use of the BOSU for lots of core work/BW with k/b, and mostly 5# shoulder weight work but I changed a lot up to work tri's & bi's too. It includes awesome balance challenges squatting on BOSU while holding weights out straight and kneeling on the BOSU holding the weights with feet off floor--never seen those before and LOVED THEM! 413 cal burn
25- Yvette (w/u); Cathe Perfect 30 Pump (Mish Mosh UB & LB Premix; UB/LB Bonuses=65 min.); Mady's BPR This dvd is just great - and this is my fav premix (Total Body) of this dvd. My HR is elevated and I don't even go that heavy. Can't beat that! The only things I dislike about this workout are the w/u & stretch...not enough for me. 492 cal burn
26- Rest Day
27- Grrrrrr on the 500 error!!!! Yvette Fit #93 (45 Min. No Equipment All Out Cardio); Two Birds Yoga (20 Min. Morning Vinyasa Yoga Flow) I've done Y's class before and it's good for a no equipment cardio workout--today I kept it more low impact. She does 10 burpees as finishers---I kept on going with 22 burpees as a finisher until she plopped down on the mat to stretch. Good one. Keeping this short! 406 cal burn
28- 4.02 mile walk outside; Mady's BPR; Cathe P30 (Mobility) Finally! A nice sunny day! I was out bright and early and wore my comfy shoes this time. Last walk, I wore shoes that were considered "walking" shoes and they were so heavy they really slowed me down. Today's speed was a lot faster. I shouldn’t be so concerned about my outfits matching ball cap to shoes and just wear my runners! What can I say? I have a fetish with cute w/o attire! I did get rid of a lot at my last garage sale, though! I have my girls that come every year looking for cute w/o clothes who are my size and I usually don’t disappoint them. Except when I didn’t have a sale last month. :0) 548 cal burn
29- Rest Day ^^^I had to post those last 6 sentences a sentence at a time so I wouldn’t get the 500 error. Ugh. Before that, I was booted out of the site again! I sure hope next month is better!!

30- Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all who serve/served!! I think of my dad today (God rest his soul) who was a veteran.
5.14 mile walk; Mady's (BPR); Mady's (10 Min Daily Stretch Routine/Fix your Posture...) Beautiful day and I walked in 3 different neighborhoods. My pace was good but I'm most happy/relieved that my foot is doing so well on these walks! 698 cal burn Today DH, DS & I are going to see my mom at the ALF...they don't usually get to go often like me, who visits 3x/week. She has some new pics to hang that DH needs to help with. BTW, her friends from her last neighborhood decided to move in to her ALF, so she's real excited about that!
31- Cathe Live #391 (PHA Supersets #3 - 41 min.); Mady's BPR This is very similar to her other PHA Supersets sailed by too (and no dread knowing it’s shorter after an early hair appt!) and has the 2 UB/2 LB format in a superset focus. I burned the most calories with this one even though it's a few minutes shorter. I think the combination of her moves w/ the pace contributed to that the most. I used 5-30#'s and 2# wrist weights for all, and it seemed easier to go heavier than Cathe on several exercises. I modified a few of the moves: did weighted bridge instead of D/L's, & did tricep pulses in Superman pose in place of tricep p/u's. (Ha, I am subbing that superman exercise in more often than I thought I would!), and pull-downs w/ 56.5# in place of the dips. I got one extra SET of standing tricep k/b's in at the end during Cathe's 'rest', a.k.a. 'talking' time. :0) Very enjoyable! 322 cal burn

Well, I made it half of the month with split workouts! Just not my preference. I subscribed to CL for June to save me some $$. Usually in the past, I just buy the D/L from the preview...this way I'm trying the whole w/o before buying. With the rising costs of everything under the sun, I need to be more diligent about my spending and then wait for a sale. :0) (Of course this also means I need to stay the heck away from TJ Maxx/Marshall's/Sam's, etc. so I won't be tempted with new w/o attire). :0)
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30. Yv2: SS + Si6: Slim & Limber

may 2022Ö

1. LEE HOLDEN: Qi Gong 30 Day Challenge - Day 1

Week 6
2. GS: Legs Timesaver #1 + LEE HOLDEN: Qi Gong 30 Day Challenge - Day 2
3. GS: Chest & Triceps Timesaver Premix + Yv2: WISI, 15mins + LH: QG30DC - Day 3
4. S90: Tabata Inferno + Yv2: WISI (2nd half, 14:30 mins) + LHQG30DC - Day 4
5. GS: Back, Shoulders & Biceps Timesaver + ZUMBA JTP: 20 Minute Express + LHQG30DC - Day 5. P.M. Yv2: SS
6. GAY GASPER (VHS): 2K01 Hi/Lo, 47mins + LITE: Cardio Party (minus w/u, 30 mins) + LHQG30DC: Day 6
7. POWER MUSIC: Sport 04 (virgin) + LHQG30DC: Day 7 + ZUMBA JTP: Cardio Party. Sport 04 - I did the full workout; felt worked and engaged. It didnít feel crazy hard while I was in the midst of the workout but when I was done, my first thought was, ďyou got your butt kicked a littleĒ. It is described as metabolic resistance training, and I agree. I liked the pace as well which was not frantic and allowed me to go lower, with better form. I even used a 8 inch step and that is something I donít do when doing cardio on the step but I felt the pace was perfect for the higher step. This has it all - agility, balance, sculpting, impact/intervals, core, box training. As far as the music, it didnít overpower the leads, perfectly balanced, kind of faded into the background as I was doing the workout, until I heard the Salt & Pepa song - Push It! Iím sure Iíll pay closer attention to the music after doing this a time or two. I liked the leads and the set.
8. POWER MUSIC: Transform 15 (virgin) + LHQG30DC - Day 8. Another winner. I think this is what Iíve been looking for - dynamic & flowy movements with good music that made me want to hang in and move. P.M. ZUMBA: Zumba Max
9. LHQG30DC: Day 9

10. RKS 1 + ZUMBA: Rush + LHQG30DC - Day 10
11. I kept delaying my workout start time and then realized that I donít want to do RKS right now. Actually, I donít want to do anything, Iím sure itís the heat working its juju on me. So decided to go with 1 body part per day, for now. We shall see how long this lasts. I probably should take a rest week but I donít know that I would restart after a rest week. ICE Muscle Meltdown: Back + ZUMBA JTP: 20 Minute Express + LHQG30DC: Day 11. Ok, not sure Iím going to stick with the 1 body part, wasnít feeling it but I think itís more the structure of this Muscle Meltdown. I need to find a new rotation. Lol. Iím really enjoying Lee Holden though! So thereís that!
12. ZUMBA JTP: Zumba Live + LHQG30DC - Day 12. Yesterday was 94 degrees with a feel like of 104. Ugh! Another hot day today.

Iím going to try this rotation for at least 6 weeks. Iíll stick with ME, PLB & PUB and substitute other workouts on the other days.

Intensity Series Advanced Total Overall Body Blast Workout
Bootcamp (sub)
Off (steady state or kickbox)
Muscle Endurance
IMAX2 (sub)
Cardio & Weights (sub)
Pyramid Lower Body + first 5 intervals of 1/2 of Imax2 (sub)
Pyramid Upper Body
Yoga/stretch fusion or off
Rest day

Round 1
13. INTENSITY SERIES: Boot Camp + LHQG30DC - Day 13. I really enjoyed this, nice to revisit! I was going to take a rest day but then I woke up my usual time with lots of energy.
14. ICE: Rockím Sockím Scrambled Premix #1, 71mins + LHQG30DC - Day 14
15. INTENSITY SERIES: Muscle Endurance + LHQG30DC - Day 15. Another lovely, sweaty, revisit. Loved it!
16. Interval Max + LHQG30DC - Day 16. Nice revisit of IMAX, not as hard as it used to be but still sweaty. Too early for power scissors so I did something else. P.M. Yv2: SS
17. INTENSITY SERIES: Cardio & Weights + LHQG30DC - Day 17. I really dislike the Buttercup song but it didnít bother me today. Progress, I guess. I love the Elvis song though. This workout was also more challenging than I remembered. Nice little sweatfest before work.
18. rest dayÖ.
19. INTENSITY SERIES: Pyramid Lower Body - Up premix, standing only + IMAX2 1-5 Premix + LH3QG30DC - Day 18 & Day 19. I was sweating like a crazy woman. And my appetite has increased. Lol. Maybe things will simmer down after a week or so. I weigh myself daily so the increased appetite hasnít stalled my very slow weight loss.
20. INTENSITY SERIES: Pyramid Upper Body - Up Pyramid, 40 mins + ZUMBA: Zumba Max (songs 3 - 8, 26:30mins + LHQG30DC - Day 20. I had forgotten how fast Cathe moves in PUB. Thereís no rest between exercises. I started with heavier weights but I had to lower my weights. Loved revisiting! I had Jessicaís new set in my Amazon cart, turned my head to respond to a work email and the set disappeared from my cart. Could be a good thing, not sure I would do the workouts anyway. FOMO for sure. P.M. Yv2: WISI, 15mins
21. Yv2: WISI, 13mins + ZUMBA FITNESS: Advanced, 37m + LHQG30DC - Day 21. I ran errands before my workout and itís challenging to start a workout later in the day, at least for me. ButÖ I did it! It was supposed to be yoga/fusion day but I wasnít in the mood for that. Lots of rain today.

Round 2
22. INTENSITY SERIES: Bootcamp - Everything but core Premix, 47mins + LHQG30DC - Day 22
23. BODY BLAST: Kick, Punch & Crunch (-abs) + LHQG30DC - Day 23
24. rest dayÖ
25. LHQG30DC - Day 24 & Day 25. I see a few easy days in my future.
26. INTENSITY SERIES: Muscle Endurance - Upper Body Split Premix (-abs), 35mins + LHQG30DC - Day 26
27. KATINA HUNTER: Interval Party + LHQG30DC - Day 27
28. RIPPED WITH HITT: Circuit Upper Body + LHQG30DC - Day 28
29. INTENSITY SERIES: Pyramid Lower Body - Down Premix, standing only + WOMENíS HEALTH: Power Sculpt Series: 20 Minute Metabolic Boost + LHQG30DC - Day 29. Womenís Health/Hearst Magazine sold/shared my email with a spammer. I immediately started getting so many spam emails after I placed my order a few weeks ago. They suck. I liked the workout though, it is one of the next fitness star routines and was good as an add on.
30. INTENSITY SERIES: Pyramid Upper Body - Down Premix + Sin6: Slim & Limber + LHQG30DC - Day 30!
31. LEE HOLDEN: Qi Gong Five Elements Energy Balance, 40 mins (virgin). Love!

joy, love
peace and patience
kindness with goodness
faithfulness & gentleness
- Motivational Sticker

Now: XTRAIN 90 Day Undulating/Peak Fit System 7/22/22 -
Peak Fit System: 6/3/22 - 7/21/22 *** STS/LIS 90 Day Undulating: 11/19/21 - 2/12/22 *** 6 Week Fusion XTRAIN: 5/17/21 - 6/27/21 *** Body Beast: 12/21/20 - 3/18/21 *** STS: 1/29/20 - 5/3/20 *** Fit Tower/LIS/ICE/ 90 Day: 10/29/19 - 1/19/20 *** XTRAIN 90 Day Undulating: 7/29/19 - 10/25/19
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Continuing with Cee's 40-4-40 program.

1. FitScope Beginner Rhythm Hiit 25 min ride; 40-4-40 day 11
2. Ride with Alina Hills and Sprints 30 min ride; 25 min t/m walk
3. 40-4-40 day 12; 25 min t/m walk
4. Cycling Sophie Rhythm Ride 60 min
5. 40-4-40 day 13; 15 min t/m walk
6. Joe Alvarado Fast and Strong 2 35 min ride; 25 min t/m walk
7. 40-4-40 day 14
8. SSoS Bad Mood Breaker 2 50 min ride
9. 40-4-40 day 15
10. Kaleigh Cohen Fitness Hardest Ride Yet 40 min ride; 25 min t/m walk
11. 40-4-40 day 16
12. Time to Train 45 min ride; 25 min t/m walk
13. 40-4-40 Day 17; 25 min t/m walk
14. SSoD Virtual Road Ride 60 min
15. 40-4-40 Day 18. This is the last w/o of the 40-4-40 program. I plan to start Caroline Girvan's Iron Program next.
16. Time 2 Train #5 45 min ride; 25 min t/m walk
17. Kaleigh Cohen Fitness Heavy Climb 30 min ride; 20 min t/m walk
18. Ride Element 50 min ride
19. Joe Alvarado Strength, Speed, Distance 35 min ride; 25 min t/m walk
20. nothing
21. Fit Scope Pop Princess ride 45 min
22. Spin with Lars #8 55 min ride

Starting Caroline Girvan's Iron Series

23. Legs
24. Chest/Back/Shoulders; 25 min t/m walk
25. Glutes
26. Total Body; 25 min t/m walk
27. nothing
28. nothing
29. Arms and Abs; Quads
30. Shoulders and Tri's; Glutes
31. DB Cardio
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CLX grad 12/09
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3 - Gina Buber Power Walk Through The Decades: 90's
4 - Denise Austin Body Makeover Mix
5 - Linda Stejskal Barlates Body Weight Series: Lower + Jill Miller Yoga Tune Up QuickFix Rx: Upper Body Series - Hands, Wrists & Elbows
6 - Gina Buber Power Walk Through The Decades: 00's
7 - Scott Cole Millennium Stretch
9 - Michelle Dozois Your Body Breakthru: Your Best Body Circuit
10 - Neon Love Potion: The Bellydance Workout - The Practice Flow
11 - Linda Stejskal Barlates Slide & Burn Series: Intervals + Jill Miller Yoga Tune Up QuickFix Rx: Lower Body Series - Hips
12 - Kabbaluh Yoga: Ambitious Beginner
13 - Denise Austin Get Fit Fast - Level 3
16 - Tracey Mallett Fuse Dance Cardio Lean
17 - Linda Stejskal Barlates Slider Series: Slider Intervals + Mimi Solaire Back In Shape - Session 1
18 - Tracey Rich & Ganga White Total Yoga Flow Series: Fire
22 - Denise Austin Get Fit Fast - Levels 1&2
23 - Neon Luscious: The Belly Dance Workout for Beginners
24 - Linda Stejskal Barlates Fit in 5 Glide Series: Standing Lower + Mimi Solaire Back In Shape - Session 2
27 - Jessica Smith Total Body Strength Training - Total Body 31 Minutes + Jessica Smith Fusion Flow + Glow - Pilates Ball Core
28 - Jessica Smith Fusion Flow + Glow: Full Body Flow + Jessica Smith Stretch + Relax - Release
29 - Jessica Smith Total Body Circuit: Work It! - Session 2 + David-Dorian Ross AM T'AI CHI
30 - 4.5 Mile Ruck March + Scott Cole Millennium Stretch
31 - Jessica Smith Split Session Strength- Upper Body + Core
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May - Mayo - Mai - 五月

01- Rest/Recovery.
"There are seven days in the week and someday isn't one of them!"

LMP - Grad/Aug 13 * TheRack - Grad/Nov 13 * PowerFit H - Grad/Jan 14 * FIF: SB - Grad/ Feb 14 * Cage/Box/KB 6WR - Comp/Mar 14 * Ugi/Kb/Pilates 6WR - Comp/May 14 * ThunderBell - Comp/Sep 14 * Obsidian - Comp/Jan 15 * JNL - DO/Sept 15 * D2S - Grad/Feb 16 * KbKb/TBS - Grad/Jun 16 * FusionMixx - Com/Aug 16 * F8F - Grad/Oct 16

SonrŪe a la vida y ella te sonreŪra siempre!
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1. 60 min walk

2. 90 min walk; upper body

3. 90 min walk; lower body

4. 2 hr walk; Intermediate Flexibility & Balance | Penny | 5.3.22

5. 60 min walk; Yoga For Runners: 7 MIN POST-RUN | Yoga With Adriene

6. 60 min walk; Cool Down Stretch For Runners

7. 45 min walk; White Crane - Stretching and Balance Class

8. rest

9. 45 min walk; Lee - qigong for better balance

10. steps 17,379

11. ~ 2.25 mile run
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Join Date: May 2010

1. Barre3 Anywhere, PBL Slimming Stretch
2. PBL Lean London Leg workout, Twist and Tone Oblique workout, 5 Min More Stretch
3. PBL Adore Your Core: Complete Core, No Frills Workout
4. PBL Fit And Focused Arm Workout, Hamstring Booster
5. PBL Complete Body Firming Workout, Toned in 10 Flexibility, 25 min walk
6. PBL Definition Booster, May Makeover Amazing Arms, Hike
7. PBL Lakeside Lower Body, 5 Min More Abs and Stretch
8. PBL Caribbean Heat Leg Workout, Spring Into Summer Stretch & Release, 25 min walk
9. PBL H.E.A.T. Magic Circle Lower Body Workout, SIS Posture Plus, Essentrics SIM Upper Body and Hamstring Stretch
10. PBL H.E.A.T. Ankle Weights Complete Body, Just Five Minutes More Stretch, 25 min walk
11. Essentrics Live with Gail (5/2), PBL H.E.A.T. Upper Body Band Workout, 25 min walk
12. PBL H.E.A.T. Abdominal Magic Circle Workout, Magic Circle Upper Body Workout, 25 min walk, BB Mat Stretch
13. PBL H.E.A.T. Ankle Weight Lower Body Workout, Ab Crunching Workout With Ankle Weights
14. PBL Alaskan Triple A Workout, H.E.A.T. Complete Body Stretch
15. PBL Fit And Focused Complete Body, Essentrics Leg Toning, Long And Limber
16. Karen Lord Morning Pilates and Side Lying Leg workout
17. Essentrics Legs/Butt/Thigh Thinner, Abs with Gail, PBL Adore Your Core: Circuit
18. Ballet Beautiful Postnatal Abs and Toning, Bridal Posture, 25 min walk
19. Ballet Beautiful 15 Min Abs, Bridal Arms, hour walk, BB Mat Stretch
20. PBL Live 45: Full Body Flow
21. PBL Leg Perfection Workout, Unwind and Let Go Yoga
22. Rest Day
23. Ballet Beautiful Total Body Workout, Mat Stretch
24. Ballet Beautiful Mat Blast, Essentrics Muscle Release, 25 min walk
25. Ballet Beautiful Total Body (no bridge), 25 min walk, PBL The Arm Sculptor, Toned in 10: Flexibility
26. PBL Complete Body Firming Workout, 25 min walk
27. Karen Lord Morning Pilates and her extra stretch, 20 min walk
28. PBL Trim it Down Leg workout, 5 Min More Abs, Weightless Arm workout
29. PBL Fast and Firm Butt Workout, Spring into Summer Stretch and Release, 30 min walk
30. PBL Spring Into Summer Core With More, Just Five Minutes More Leg Workout, Leslie Walk Slim - 2 Fast Miles
31. Leslie 5 Day Slim Down - Miles 1 and 5, PBL Spring Into Summer Legs With Band
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Location: South Jersey
May 2022!!

1. Tonique Get Dirty I am definitely not in Tonique shape, but I got through the 45 minutes. I did pick this Tonique because Sylwia switches sides frequently in this one and it is not killer. The first 12 minutes are all squats and squat kick variations and then she goes to the mat for about 15 minutes. When she gets back up Sylwia does a curtsy lunge thruster combination with crossed legs. I did 15 or so and then I just squatted in the middle. I did the push-ups and all the kicks but not at Sylwia’s pace. Not gonna lie, I wanted to quit at the 40 minute mark but I kept going until the freestyle dance that I’ll never do
2. Cdorner Intermediate Step #194 (25 minutes) + Iron Day 20 Superset Arms Abs and Core Day 20 starts out with triceps, goes to core and last up is biceps. I did use my 15s for the bicep holds but definitely dropped down to 12s for the curls. Even they felt hard since they followed the holds with no rest. Lots of plank exercises in the core work so my upper body was working the whole time.
3. Iron Day 21 Legs + Tonique Mat side lying (17 mins) Caroline’s leg days have tough, lots of lunges and I really don’t look forward to them but I didn’t mind this one. Most of the workout was a 60 sec weighted lunge followed by a 60 sec slow unweighted step up. I used the Fanny lifter. I liked how it challenged my core doing the slow and abs lowers, different from the usual step ups. Finished up with the side lying section of the old original Tonique Mat. No ankle weights in this workout and it’s still really tough. I just went as long as I could and if I needed a break I just rested for 2 reps and got back to it.
4. Cdorner Fast Basic Step #202 (30 min) + Iron Day 22 Chest and Back Christine’s workout was about 45 minutes but there was a very convenient break at 30 min so it worked perfectly. I took out the Bosu for push-ups today, just in case I couldn’t do them on my toes. I was going to do the second set with the Bosu upside down but I did them all in my toes, both sets, even at the end of the workout. I’m really happy about that, not being able to do push-ups kind of bothered me.
5. Iron Day 23 Glutes and Hamstrings + 2 mile walk Usually I like the glute days, but this workout felt really repetitive. It’s a superset workout, two 45 sec exercises followed by 30 sec rest. Each couplet is done 3 times. The first superset is a Romanian deadlift and a Sumo deadlift. After that it’s all hip thrusts and bridges. Felt like it was never going to end. When Caroline gets to the one legged bridges I thought I’ll just do one round and skip to the finisher, I had enough, but there was only one round. I could really feel my glutes but the end of the workout and I really thought I’d be sore today but my butt wasn’t! Funny thing is that every workout but this one left me sore this week and I am still feeling my shoulders and I didn’t even work them directly this week.
6. Rest
7. Iron Day 24 Full Body Circuits + Barlates Target 15 Mat Today’s Iron felt very metabolic. It was five different 60 sec exercises followed by a 30 sec similar exercise with 30 sec of rest between each. Caroline runs through this 3 times 1/3/5 were more lower body focused and 2/4 had more upper body. I used 25s for the first exercise and 15s for the second 30 seconds. Caroline used one set of 22# throughout but did suggest using 2 different sets. I could just go a lot heavier with the first ones. The finisher was a quick 3 minute ab circuit. Target 15 mat was a lot tougher than it used to be, especially the core work.
8. Barlates Endurance 90 Total Body + PBL Resistance Plus Ab workout and HEAT Complete Body Stretch I don’t think I’ve done any of these Barlates Endurance workouts since lockdown, but it went better than I thought it would. I kept up fine with the standing exercises and that up and down ready-set-go move. My handstand hops were pretty sad, some were mini hops but I did try to focus on doing 8 good ones in a row, even if they were slower. The push-ups to side lunge was fine but I really did the break dance move slow, but I didn’t have to take a break so that’s something. Added on some Pilates by Lisa core and stretch. That’s my next area of focus- core. I just feel so much stronger when my core is strong.
9. PBL Band Burner workout and Amazing arms shoulder sculpt I totally blew off today’s Iron workout which should have been another Shoulder only workout. I’m just not feeling a whole workout of shoulders when I feel like Caroline is hitting them in almost every workout. Plus, I’m feeling mine from the handstand work from yesterday. If I hadn’t agonized so long and considered not even working out I probably would have done some cardio but I ended up not going to the basement at all. I’m happy I did something and I’m really enjoying Lisa!
10. Iron Day 26 Legs- Circuits and Step Ups + PBL Strong and Defined Core This might have been my favorite Leg workout of Iron. It has a nice variety of exercises, the lunges were tough but it wasn’t a whole workout filled with them. The circuit with the step up following the static lunges really got in there good! I’ve really enjoyed Iron but I’m also ready for something different. I was thinking of doing 1-2 total body weight workouts, some Tonique (at my pace) and Barlates on the other days and some PBL. If it ever gets warm here I’d love to do some walking or maybe even some running depending on my foot.
11. Iron Day 27 Upper Body 2 different supersets of back and chest each repeated 3 times which is almost 1/2 the workout. The first was renegade rows/push-ups with a hold at the bottom and the second was pull overs/diamond chest press. I did the push-ups without feeling I was going to die which is really progress this month. The second half is shoulders which made me really glad I didn’t do the dedicated shoulder workout the other day. I also had a really early hair appointment but I got up and did this (in my pjs) for the win! PM: PBL Strong and Sexy workout and New You Stretch with the band
12. Iron Day 28 Glutes A little bit of variety in this one. It starts with activation work using a booty band, clams and leg lifts, mores into a bunch of hip thrusts and then some Bulgarian lunges. My hamstrings are more sore from this one than last week’s glute workout. 2 more Iron workouts to go!
13. PBL Abs of Steel workout and Spring into Summer Stretch and Release Rest day, just did some core and stretch after work.
14. Iron Day 29 Final Full Body + walk 2 miles This was just 6 exercises w/o the finisher. It paired an upper body with a lower body exercise and it had shorter intervals so I went heavier today. Shoulder press with lunges, Chest press with goblet squats, and pullovers with deadlifts. Each couplet is repeated 3 times. Simple but it does hit all the major muscles and it got pretty sweaty as the workout progressed. I really enjoyed this!
15. Walk 3 miles + PBL Spring into Summer Side Slimmer, Upper Body Posture & Strength and Adore your Core Stretch I’m feeling my rear delts all day from Lisa’s posture workout, it uses the band and I only have a heavy one upstairs. Too lazy to get a stretchy band!
16. Iron day 30 Arms Abs and Core + 2 mile walk Final Iron! I can’t believe I actually did a rotation but sometimes even I need that structure. The shorter workouts really made it doable, I could fit over stuff in so I didn’t feel so constricted. I enjoyed this workout: two sets 3 triceps exercises, core work, then two sets of 3 bicep exercises followed by a short tri/bi finisher. I was able to use 15s for the first 1 1/2 bicep exercises too. I’m really happy with my strength gains from this program. I think I’m going to take a couple of weeks to do 3 full body workouts alternating with outdoor walks since it’s finally getting nice out here.
17. Walk 3 miles + PBL HEAT Magic Circle lower Body and 5 more minutes Magic Circle Abs
18. Walk 2 miles + McLane Fitness Functional Core KBs & Single DB Pyramids + PBL Spring into Summer soothing stretch Today’s workout was one of those more complicated workouts, I think about them like white board workouts. This one had decreasing sets and it was tough as it went along. The last section was really hard. I lightened up on the weights some sets and I had to modify the last section a little too. I’m not great at snatching to begin with, let alone as I got tired. I really enjoyed this workout and felt great after, lots of core work without doing a crunch.
19. 4 mile walk +PBL New You Complete body with weights
20. Rest
21. McLane Fitness Bootcamp 3/5/22 (50 min) + Mady M 15 min Full body stretch I left off the last section of Jen’s bootcamp, I was getting tired and it was getting late. I’m sure that I took an extra 5 minutes of extra rest during the workout. I just modify when I have to and of course go lighter than Jen goes, she’s really strong! I didn’t really have to modify this one too much, there was a one hand thruster where she’s has one hand on the KB handle when she thrusts back, I used two hands and put one on the bell, but not the handle. I felt really good after this workout today and it’s nice thinking tomorrow will be an easier day.
22. 4 mile walk + PBL New You Strong And Supple Leg Workout I get out early to walk so it’s usually with a jacket at least to start. It was 80 degrees when I finished at 7:30am. It’s like we just skipped over the 60s in the mornings
23. McLane Fitness Giant Pyramid Strength & KB Flows I really enjoyed the structure of this workout, the first half was 5 strength exercises done in decreasing sets from 10 to 2: Barbell clean, Kang Squats, skull crushers with elevated bridge, static curtsy lunges, and a pullover to a roll up and press. Between each strength set there’s 5 cardio moves 5 reps each. The second half is a similar structure but with kettlebell flows. 5 sets to 1 set, which really means 10 to 2 because Jen does 5 on each side, no cardio between sets. This is the toughest workout I’ve done in a while, a real endurance challenge. I thought the kettlebell section was going to kill me and I definitely got my burpees in between both sections. The only real mod I did was not use a booty band for the cardio. Good thing today was a shampoo day
24. Cdorner Fast Basic Step #177 (45 min) + PBL Core Control workout Unfortunately it is raining here so no walk and my new shoes came yesterday so I’ll have to wait to try them out. Christine’s step had a really fun mostly 80s soundtrack, nice fast upbeat workout. I started Lisa’s core workout and I really had to modify!! At first I wasn’t sure if it was just really hard or if it was me. Don’t get me wrong I find all of Lisa’s workouts hard but I don’t usually have to take a break. Then when she did the roll ups I realized that my core is super fatigued from yesterday’s workout. All that kettlebell work got me and the pullovers into the roll up to a press. I’m not exactly sore today but I can feel like I did a different kind of workout yesterday.
25. Tracy Anderson Intermediate Mat 5.18.22 + 2 mile walk I feel like I did a crazy thing but I was peer pressured into it My sister talked me into “splitting” a 6 month TA streaming membership, yes I know how unethical that is! My sis works with a woman (different department) who she hasn’t seen since lockdown, they’ve just started going back to the office in hybrid schedule. Apparently she’s undergone a transformation and credits Tracy’s streaming. She’s in her mid to late 50s and my sister is super impressed and has been pitching it to me. Funny enough, my sister does not need a transformation at all but I know she’s been going through some life changes this past year so I agree to do it. I really do like these workouts, much better than her dvds but I am skeptical of the value for the price. I did the trial last year but it’s kind of a blur, like all the things I dabbled in last year. There’s no way I’m doing dance cardio but I’m enjoying my walks and occasional step. I thought about trying advanced but I’m so glad I didn’t because it was tough for me! I like the speed of the moves, intentional. I’d love to dedicate myself to this 4-5 days a week. We’ll see.
26. TA Intermediate 5.18 + 3 mile walk A new mat workout was out but I wanted to redo this one. It looks like she leaves the last few weeks of workouts up. I figured since tomorrow is my rest day I’ll start the new workout on Saturday, the first day of my workout week. I really feel this working my core and I try to be mindful and keep my core engaged the whole time. I do like how I feel after the workout, it has a bit of a stretch effect and I feel worked out but not wiped out. A bit like a slower and easier Tonique mat workout but with ankle weights.
27-28. Rest
29. 2 mile walk + TA Intermediate Mat 5/25 New routine so I didn’t use ankle weights and just tried to focus on really executing the moves.
30. 2 mile walk + TA Intermediate Mat 5/25 I used 1# ankle weights instead of 1.5 and I think it’s a good call. There’s definitely room for me to grow with this, especially in my flexibility and getting more height in the leg lifts.
31. Walk 2 miles + TA Intermediate Mat

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Join Date: Apr 2005
Location: Australia

Sun 01
30min, dog walk - for HER, once at the park - toss the ball, her HIIT
70min, dog walk - for ME, steady state constant walking
41min, Cathe - LITE - Metabolic Blast - Scrambled Mix 1 (Floor 1st); team used 3lb, 5lb, & 8lb, I used 2kg (4.4lb) 3kg (6.6lb), & 4kg (8.8lb); pleasant challenge, not ruggedly hard.
Mon 02
40min, brisk dog walk
71min, Cathe - Hardcore - Low Max
Tue 03
26min, dog walk
21min, Cathe - Hardcore - Core Max - Workout 1 (no equipment)
45min, Cathe - Step Heat - Finished Product x3 Mix

Wed 04
17min, Muscle Therapy Foam Roller
18min, Adriene - Revolution - Day 25 - Root

Thu 05 nothing
Fri 06 nothing
Sat 07
52min, Cathe - Boss Loops Glutes & Core
Sun 08 nothing
Mon 09 nothing
Tue 10 nothing
Wed 11 nothing
Thu 12
30min, Cathe - Hardcore Series - Hardcore Extreme - Interval Blasts & Legs that's as long as I lasted
Fri 13 nothing
Sat 14
32min, Cathe - Low Impact Series - Cardio SuperSets - Express Mix (=Bonus Step Routine Mix)
Sun 15
36min, Cathe - LITE - Strong Body Stacked Sets - Upper

Mon 16
Tue 17
Wed 18
Thu 19
Fri 20
Sat 21
Sun 22
Mon 23
Tue 24
Wed 25
Thu 26
Fri 27
Sat 28
Sun 29
Mon 30
Tue 31
To my toddlers/tweens/teens: "One day you WILL be stronger than me, but today is NOT the day." Proud to say that still stands. They're now 24, and both lift weights at the gym (though not as heavy as I do...yet).
Those who CAN exercise well into their elder years often say "I just never stopped doing it, every day." To be able to say that, one needs to START doing it, EVERY DAY!
To reduce the size of my butt, I need to reduce the size of my "But......"
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May Flowers!

1 Be Healthy Enough - Basic Strength - 30 minutes
2 Senior Shape - Walk & Strength - 30 minutes
3 Planned Rest Day
4 Unplanned Rest Day
5 Be Healthy Enough - Level 2 Full Body Strength Workout Osteoporosis Safe - 40 minutes
6 Walk - 30 minutes, no dogs
7 Walk - 30 minutes, no dogs; Kelly Coffey-Meyer - 30 MTF - Sculpting Rx Workout 1 - 35 minutes
8 Planned Rest Day
9 Kelly Coffey-Meyer - 30 MTF - Start Here #2 - 30 minutes
10 Planned Rest Day
11 Kelly Coffey-Meyer - 30 MTF - Start Here #1 - 30 minutes
12 Senior Shape - Feel Good Flow (Pilates Flow) - 25 minutes
13 Rest Day
14 Kelly Coffey-Meyer - 30 MTF - Cardio Quick Fix #1 - 25 minutes
15 Jessica Smith - 1 Mile Walk 'n Talk - Let's Move - 15 minutes & 10 Minute Flexibility Training - 13 minutes
16 Kelly Coffey-Meyer - 30 MTF - Sculpting Rx Workout 2 - 30 minutes
21 Jessica Smith - Total Body Strength Training - Total Body 48 - 48 minutes
23 Dog Walk - 30 minutes; Jessica Smith - Stretch & Relax: Release - 15 minutes
24 Jessica Smith - Fusion Flow & Glow: Fusion Flow Sculpt - 30 minutes
26 Walk - 35 minutes
28 Silver & Fit - Advanced Strength with Adita - 5/17/22 - 30 minutes
29 Jessica Smith - Stretch & Relax: Relax - 19 minutes
30 Jessica Smith - Total Body Strength Training - Total Body 31 - 31 minutes
31 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Mixed Format with Penny - 5//28/22 - 30 minutes & Trifecta Pilates - Morning Full Body Pilates Routine - 10 minutes

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just the workouts

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