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Old 05-30-22, 02:54 PM  
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Liz - sounds like you reached true failure with that dumbbell. Glad that it wasnít as bad as it could have been. Wow, 50# dumbbells? You are strong. I feel like I have hit a wall with strength gains so I probably should follow a suggestion that Cathe made years ago and do Slow & Heavy for a couple of weeks. And I should invest in a bench and a squat rack.

Sorry about the poison ivy.

I can figure out most of your abbreviations, lol! As far as my rotation, canít say that Iím inspired or motivated. Ha, we shall see.

Jane - so far I still feel like I made a good decision about Jessicaís new workouts. I have read 3 comments that the music on the 5K is good, noticeable, so I may purchase that one. Nice of you to support your sister on the TA journey. That is so cool about her co-worker having great results. I think itís good to switch things up.

AMD - Not sure why youíre having so many issues with the 500 error. I copy & paste my comments so not sure if that makes a difference. Also, hope the results from the last test was good. Thanks for the congrats on finishing LH. I love that series. I love that he is on a beach, the scenery is beautiful and Lee is great. Do you still watch The Walking Dead? Iím so far behind, I wanted to get caught up this last week but then I started watching The Lincoln Lawyer & Stranger Thing & Ozark.

bex - glad to hear that you have a little more freedom to move about! I imagine itís great to not have all that car traffic as youíre biking.

joy, love
peace and patience
kindness with goodness
faithfulness & gentleness
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Old 05-30-22, 06:00 PM  
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Thanks for the shout-out. Had a bit of a hiatus in May, not completely, but far more sporadic. Picked myself up on the 29th/30th, but didn't post them - I'll be in for June though.
To my toddlers/tweens/teens: "One day you WILL be stronger than me, but today is NOT the day." Proud to say that still stands. They're now 24, and both lift weights at the gym (though not as heavy as I do...yet).
Those who CAN exercise well into their elder years often say "I just never stopped doing it, every day." To be able to say that, one needs to START doing it, EVERY DAY!
To reduce the size of my butt, I need to reduce the size of my "But......"
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Old 05-31-22, 03:20 AM  
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Hey everyone, high fives for all your dedication during May!!
I will see you all for at least the first 2.5 weeks of June (hope we hear from ASAS.!) ..... Then, hopefully.. I'm nearly off! Really want to be home for my Dad's birthday. Likely won't be chatting much though on here! Lol.
AMD, let us know how your results turn out! Thinking of you. And congrats on the brand new family member! Liz, oh you made me laugh with that unicorn comment! Feeling more like a mule or hinny these days! Congrat on your Gainz. Jane .. That's a super good idea to split a sub. It's too costly anyway, right.
Hope I didn't miss anything. Everyone take easy care!
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Old 06-01-22, 07:50 AM  
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Oh, I meant to post to answer you, T2B, then I got distracted! (no, it wasnít the 500 error this time, LOL). I am caught up on TWD, and we were enjoying BCS!!! Looking forward to the rest of the show, where everything then will make sense! Shocker at the end there, though!!// I didnít have any issues with the error yesterday (31st)Ö.crazy! Just comes and goes randomly. I always type what I want, then ďsaveĒ, then ďpasteĒÖ.maybe I did it too often, as I find errors and correct?? Who knows?

Thanks Elsie!! Good luck with it all!!

Helen, good to see you back for June!!

Onward to JUNE!!!
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just the workouts

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