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Old 03-04-14, 07:48 AM  
Join Date: Jan 2013
I ordered T25 through Mary. When I got it, it was missing a piece of equipment. Sent an email to Mary and she said she'd contact Beachbody and get me a replacement. No problems or frustrations. Got my part within a week.

I've heard bad stories of those having to deal with Beachbody directly. So glad I didn't have to.

Great Customer Service from Mary
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Old 03-04-14, 07:52 AM  
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Mary is the best! I would never order through BB again. She really goes the extra mile.

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Old 03-04-14, 09:32 AM  
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Originally Posted by Genevieve M View Post
Why would you order dvd's from this site vs. another? For example, folks seem to be all pumped about the beachbody 21-day program with Amber. Why don't you just order the set from Beachbody?


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The only reason Mary charges more for shipping Beachbody products than regular stuff is because Beachbody requires her to. Back in the day Beachbody's customer service was so horrendous that VFers would have to share individual names and contact info of apparently the only person at the company who was willing or able to make things right. I don't think they're so bad anymore, but most of us have long memories about customer service and I've never ever ever heard of anyone having a problem with Mary that wasn't immediately made right IIRC it was originally someone named Amber and when she left the company it became someone named Pierre). And any problems that people have had with Mary have originated elsewhere (defective products, post office losing things). She's also gone above and beyond for many customers, especially international people. I recall that there used to be Leslie kits that were only available through Target and I think she went to Target and bought some and shipped them to customers outside of the US who wouldn't have access otherwise. A lot of us don't even want to advertise stuff like that she's done for customers - like forwarding stuff for international folks -for fear she'll be taken advantage of because she's just SO accommodating.

I mean, look at this thread - it's a company we all refer to by the first name of the person who owns it. Anyone who has dealt with Mary loves Mary.
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Old 03-04-14, 09:48 AM  
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Mary is the best. No hassles. Responds quickly. Easy returns. Help with any problems--missing or defective DVDs etc. BB used to be a real hassle to deal with but not so with Mary. You can count on her help with ANY problems/issues. Plus she is so helpful that I like to give her my business. She has more than earned it.
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Old 03-04-14, 09:49 AM  
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Mary is awesome. She even replaced a defective dvd from a set that I had and I didn't even buy the set from her! I buy all my workouts from her.
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Old 03-04-14, 10:02 AM  
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Beachbody is a nightmare. I think the some of the world's stupidest people work there. They don't communicate very well. If you order from a coach, she'll take care of problems that might come up. And if you're like me, you'll need her help! We dealt with a nightmare for almost an entire month when I ordered the Slim in 6 and Slim Series deluxe package.
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Old 03-04-14, 10:19 AM  
Joni O
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Customer service and speed of shipment. Mary is a personal connection. BB is a big, impersonal organization. I trust Mary. I don't even know anyone at BB.
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Old 03-04-14, 10:45 AM  
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Isn't shipping cheaper when you order through a coach as opposed to ordering through the Beachbody site?

Plus ditto on all the other reasons, of course.
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Old 03-04-14, 11:56 AM  
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Originally Posted by Joni O View Post
Customer service and speed of shipment. Mary is a personal connection. BB is a big, impersonal organization. I trust Mary. I don't even know anyone at BB.
That, although I don't order BB stuff anymore and in that specific case unless Mary had it in stock...I have IRL friends who sell it.

But 9/10 I can get a better price than Mary, free AND FASTER shipping than almost anywhere else even when I pay a premium Mary is generally faster or same speed than say Amazon Prime (I'm in Texas if that helps), and I do use my Rewards credits.

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Old 03-04-14, 12:33 PM  
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I like the credit, the very very fast shipping, and the great service. I've had broken discs, and it's been no problem to return. Beachbody coaches kind of freak me out by the way. Way to pushy!
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