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Old 06-08-23, 06:55 AM  
Join Date: Jun 2010
Location: NE Pennsylvania
Good morning, Watulans!

This morning I did STS2 Lower Body 1. I chose the 40 minute premix that only does two sets of each exercise. The length was perfect and I liked the exercises except for the deadlifts. I did some firewalkers and kickbacks with the boss band during those. After that I did part of the Standing Abs Metabolic workout. It was what I expected, which was too much twisty moves for my back so I didn't finish it.

The smoke appears to be clearing here today. The weatherman said it's moving west and south.

Have a great day everyone.
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Old 06-08-23, 07:51 AM  
Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: Never Never Land
I plan to do the new CL along with Cathe today. It is a glute workout and my glutes could use the extra work. I will also do a STS 2.0 yoga workout.

Well, the smoke hit MD today and I am staying inside. I hope that this clears up soon for all of us.

Mickey- We think alike and I reached into my DVD archive and did Christi Tayler Totally Hot Cardio yesterday. She is such fun! Totally Cool Step is also good. That is nice that you have an autographed copy! Mickey- I am biased because anything FDR I will love. I consider myself an FDR buff.

Kitty- we leave all of our food in the car in coolers and then when we are ready to eat, we go to the car and bring the food to the Park’s picnic areas.

Bee- working the legs adequately is difficult. If one can’t or does not desire to use heavy weights then the alternative is lots of reps and variety.

Cataddict – I hope your internet problems resolve very soon. Life without internet is hard!

FLOV- glad that you popped in and are doing well.

Chel and Kitty- using the Navage religiously really helps me with allergies. In fact, it was a game changer.

Chel- I also enjoy SS Bootcamp. I have to do it before summer is over.

Kate- Yes, anxiety issues can be quite debilitating for the person and their loved ones.

Have a great day!
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Old 06-08-23, 08:01 AM  
Join Date: Jan 2017
Quick check in…

Going for a massage in a few hours. First time in years. We’ll see if it helps with any of my issues. When I got them regularly in the past, it was amazing how good I felt afterwards. Not sure it will have the same effect since the accident.

Thursdays are yoga and stretching days on the calendar. I tried both STS 2.0 Yoga workouts . The chair had some nice moves, but I think a little too easy for me to use regularly. However, I really enjoyed the mat routine. It reminds me of the yoga flows, floor poses only that I often do on Peloton. It was a nice extended stretch. Hoping to get my steps in later, depending on how I feel after my appointment.
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Old 06-08-23, 10:30 AM  
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Hello friends!

Yesterday I did X10 Step and wanted a bit more so I added on the Challenge from Step Blast. I'm happy to say, since I was very warm from X10, the 'dance-y' Step Blast combos did NOT bother my ankle whatsoever and I had a big grin on my sweaty face!

Bee, thanks for making me feel like I'm not crazy regarding the lower body work seeming light. I'm sure I'll change my tune once I get to the split workouts...I hope. Or I'll just keep FBL in my rotation to help with that, hah!

FN2, YES on instructors kowtowing to nasty comments! There is a huge difference in constructive criticism and plain bad manners. I get wanting to please everybody, but PUHLEEZE, the positive comments on her workouts far outweigh the haters so just keep making your excellent and challenging routines and IGNORE, please, thanks!!

Horusosiris, please report back on the CL from today. Sounds good!

Chele, hope your massage is divine. You deserve it!

Kim, I'm so glad the smoke is clearing. It's terrible when it affects you even inside, UG. (Waving at Nathalie too!)

Gotta run...stay fierce my friends!
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Old 06-08-23, 06:56 PM  
Join Date: Jan 2017
My massage was wonderful! I was a little leery because I was seeing a new therapist. Not sure if I told you the story of my former one. I was going to her for over two years. Always recommended her and helped get work outside of her practice. She specialized in hospice and pain management. When my sister-in-law was going through her treatment, I reached out to several care providers to see if they would use her services. I thought it was a wonderful adjunct to medication. And she was a great therapist! Plus, she did home visits. Long story short, I bought a massage package for 10 visits right before my car accident. Also around the same time, she had to close her office (Covid) and started doing treatment in her house as well as visiting her clients. I wanted to continue to support her during this tough time so I bought the special. Once I felt ready to receive therapy again, I reached out to her. The doctor thought it would be a nice complement to see if it could help with my chronic pain. She always had an excuse of why she couldn’t come to my house. Then I would see on Facebook that she was on vacation, Just bought a new house. Etc. etc. Her excuses were always medical or some crazy family story. I was so disappointed. After lots of runaround and too many messages to count, I just had to let it go and lose the money. I was so sad and disappointed. I thought about posting negative reviews on her page, but decided against it. She was also a part time massage therapy instructor. You just never know! It was definitely a learning lesson.

I decided to keep things light this evening and not do my walking/step workout. Instead, I did a 5 minute Peloton core then 10 minute full body stretch. Ed Sheeran music only. I will be taking several of these classes featuring his music over the next few days in preparation of seeing him in concert on Sunday. Can’t wait!
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Old 06-09-23, 09:53 AM  
Join Date: Jan 2017
This morning I continued with my Ed Sheeran themed classes but first warmed up with Cathe’s Mobility 1. Really liked using it in preparation for strength work. Peloton usually only includes 2-3 minutes unless you add on a separate class. Workouts included core, arms and light weights plus full body strength.
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Old 06-09-23, 09:59 AM  
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Location: State of Confusion
Happy Friday!

Yesterday was Giant Sets again which went better the second time around since I knew what to expect. I really love this one!

Chele, that is AWFUL on your former massage therapist! I'm so glad you had a good experience with the new one yesterday, yay!

We have rain right now, yay!! Wash the pollen away, please, thanks!!

Waves all!
Another proud member of the Watula fan club!

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Old 06-09-23, 01:21 PM  
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Location: Spicer, MN
Yeek....I got behind again.

Finished out the week with the STS2 Total Body Workouts. Sometimes I added my plate mates, sometimes not. By the time I got to Trisets today, my body was feeling it. So good to have 2 days rest before I move on to the Upper and Lower body workouts.
Monday I'll start Lower Body 1 as that's whats next on Week 3 of the rotation.

I also did LMOD Body Combat 88 yesterday. So much fun. I did NOT used weighted gloves and I did modify down some of the high impact moves. See....I'm learning to listen to my body after all these years!

I want a massage!

I want another tattoo!

I hope you all have a great weekend!
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Old 06-09-23, 07:45 PM  
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Location: State of Confusion
Hey all,

Today I tried the Active Recovery workout as a warmup for my yoga. It is a GREAT little workout/warmup and would be better if there were no pauses and glitches, sigh. I wonder why she made it so short though? I'd love a longer version of it some day.

I followed that up with a LOVELY 45-minute practice from Larie from back when lockdowns first started and she was having a 'down' day and wanted to film an uplifting and stress relieving yoga practice. This was SO nice and fit the bill! My back really liked it, for some reason. I need to try more of her yoga for sure. I knew I'd like it!

Kate, GET A MASSAGE!!! I'm going to try UB1 and LB1 next week too, my friend!

Enjoy your concert, Chele!

Have a nice weekend all.
Another proud member of the Watula fan club!

Phrase for 2024: Streamline and simplify.
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Old 06-10-23, 10:37 AM  
Join Date: Jan 2017
Kittybug… I liked the Active Recovery also. Just too frustrating with the glitches. Hoping to enjoy it in the future.

22 miles today on the bike with Ed Sheeran music only classes. Lots of fun!

My daughter returns later tonight. Can’t wait to see her. We’ve only texted. No phone calls. Looking forward to hearing all about her trip.
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fierce watulans, watulan check-in

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