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Old 01-05-23, 03:38 PM  
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Hey all..... Stormaggedon '23 continues. Seriously, for us it's not as bad as predicted. I've been seeing all kinds of crazy footage from beach areas with crazy volumes of water. We're still without power, with no ETA. The best we can get is that they know it was caused by "weather". So no workout for me this morning. My son and I may brave the walk to the barn and do something in the workout room. But, we might also stay in the cozy house.

Oh, for those doing stepless step.... is it only me who sometimes has trouble keeping up with the choreography that way? That 80s workout sounds like fun, Chele! Oh, and speaking of fun workouts.... Kim is making me nostalgic for videos I used to have.

On the January crowds at the gym, my son was telling me about a podcast he listened to that was talking about the business model and how they sell way more memberships than they have capacity for because they know people join and then never come back (except in January). Strange business model! But I guess it's what they need to do.

kittybug, how cold has it been where you are? My coworker mentioned 20 below!!
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Old 01-05-23, 04:01 PM  
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Oh, Bee, my husband sent pics from a friend of his this morning showing piers at the coast there just GONE. So sad!! I've been worried about you. And on the power....I wonder if it's the company proactively shutting it off like they do now or if something else is out, could go either way! Hang in there!

And NO, we are not 20 below , we're in the 40's with rain! Is your coworker in the mountains?

I've heard the same about the gyms overselling on purpose. The year or so I belonged with my husband it was miserable in January and then calmed down by February. Kim, your story made me laugh! I would have been hiding like crazy from any news people.

FN2, thanks for asking about Lux. He's holding steady, not getting as bad as he was before Covenia but still very congested and snotty. That being said, he was playing fiercely the other day which surprised us, and his appetite is MORE than fine, so we're still keeping an eye on him and giving the Vira-X.

Nathalie and Manleym, we've missed you!!

Chele, I know you get frustrated but my goodness, I just revel at how far you've come and all that you do!!

Oh, I guess I should check in with my workouts...yesterday was Callanetics Extreme and today I'm going to be brave and do HoCo Volume 2 for a 2-shot HoCo this week, hah! I might regret that.

Stay fierce (and safe) all!!
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Old 01-06-23, 09:18 AM  
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Originally Posted by fanofladyvols View Post
Happy New Year, Waahhhtoooolunnzzz!!!

May 2023 be a year of Full Throttle Hustle and Sheer Delight of all your life has to offer!!
And don't forget FIERCE!!!
Do your BEST and Forget the Rrrrest! Tony Horton

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Old 01-06-23, 09:35 AM  
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Oh my goodness....what a week!!!!!!!!! Snowmaggedon is real. We got a FOOT of snow Tue and Wed. Spent a good part of the day yesterday digging out. I am sore! Weather not as bad as other places, but this has been a tough winter all of a sudden.
The temps have been ok, in the 20s but snow, snow and lots of wind. My youngest son Spencer tried to get to work on Wed and almost went in the ditch. Glad I stocked up on groceries last weekend. Mail has been very sporadic too. Sigh...spring please.

Happy to see the 2023 thread. Wow a new year! Any resolutions?

I'll just start back with this week. No missed workouts and extra Shovel Max work.

Mon: Live 426 PHA Strength heavy Weight and 424 Sore to the Core. I loved both, wish 426 was longer but both good together.

Tues: Live 306 Cardio Core Bootcamp. This was really fun!!! Alternates higher impact cardio, step cardio, low impact cardio and core for about 5 rounds. Very good, I recommend!

Wed: Live 289 Total Body Blast. Oooh another fun one! 5 rounds. 3 exercises lower, 3 cardio, 3 upper sets. Moderately heavy and cardio impact was doable. Another recommend!

Thurs: Went back to Body Combat 38. Its 15 years old but so much fun!!!! Then before I could even change out of my workout clothes, hubby called me to help him move snow. Our small snowblower couldn't cut through the high drifts (up to my waist) so I had to hand shovel. My lower back is sore but not hurt. But I am danged tired of shoveling.

Poor ol' hubby is NOT in shape, has emphysema and struggles but feels "less than" if he doesn't do something.

So today I'm thinking kinder/gentler. I have 2 Michelle Dozois Flexibility/Mobility workouts from her Peak 10 workouts that I've never tried. I think today is the day to try them. Saving Cathe's 418 Yoga and Mobility Stretch for another day.

Have a great weekend everyone. Back on track with checking in! HUGS
Do your BEST and Forget the Rrrrest! Tony Horton

When your body screams, tell it to shut up! Body Pump

"Where I am today is where my mind put me. Where I'll be tomorrow is where my mind put me." - Billy Blanks

I'm a SHOCKING GRADUATE of STS!!!! Feb - May '09!
I did it again! I'm a SHOCKING GRADUATE of STS!!!! Feb - May 2018!
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Old 01-06-23, 09:47 AM  
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Hey Barre girls!!
Any good recommendations? Favorite Barre workouts/dvds?
I think I had some Core Fusion workouts before...tough. Physique 57 I think.
Tried some Pure Barre too. Just thinking about adding some into my rotations.

Cathe barre thoughts?
Do your BEST and Forget the Rrrrest! Tony Horton

When your body screams, tell it to shut up! Body Pump

"Where I am today is where my mind put me. Where I'll be tomorrow is where my mind put me." - Billy Blanks

I'm a SHOCKING GRADUATE of STS!!!! Feb - May '09!
I did it again! I'm a SHOCKING GRADUATE of STS!!!! Feb - May 2018!
Beachbody On Demand 80 Day Obsession - Full Rotation June - September 2018
Third time's a charm! I'm a SHOCKING GRADUATE of STS!!!! July-Oct 2020!
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Old 01-06-23, 10:35 AM  
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Yikes Kate!!! Didn’t realize you were getting hit with that much snow. We’ve had spring like weather this past week. Please give yourself a rest. Mobility workouts sound perfect.

As for barre, you’re asking the wrong person because I usually try to avoid those type of routines. I know the ladies think Cathe is not traditional and maybe easier than most. But I prefer her vibe. Haha. My Peloton calendar adds a few 10 minute routines on with lower body day here and there. These ladies definitely will be able to give you some great recommendations.

Kittybug…glad Lux is showing some energy and an appetite is always good news.

Crazy about the gym memberships and overselling. But smart move I guess to make money especially when they have your credit card information and will charge you monthly or annually, depending on what you signed up for. When I was caring for my sister-in-law, we were reviewing her bank accounts since she had to stop working. She was paying for Planet Fitness for many years and never using the membership. I know it’s only $10 a month but that adds up.

Warmed up with 10 minutes of rebounding. Peloton schedule included lower body and core with a 10 minute yoga balance finisher. I was embracing the wobble today.

My daughter and I enjoyed the nicer temperatures yesterday. We went on a long walk with Winston at one of the local hiking trails. I think we’re expecting rain and cooler temperatures. But nowhere near what some of you are having. Stay safe!!!
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Old 01-06-23, 11:16 AM  
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Location: USA
Kate- For Barre

More athletic barre:
Suzanne Bowen SBF (one of my favs- especially the older workouts)
Leah Serago- Iron Barre
HSM- Hilliard Studio Method
The Lazy Dancer
Barre 3 (comprehensive)
Beachbody- Barre Blend (she does talk a lot and the workouts are just okay)
Leah Seago- Ballet Body downloads
Pure Barre- especially the downloads
Physique 57 (not one of my favorites)
Tracey Mallet
Barlates (she reps you to death!)
Cathe- I really do not consider her barre workouts real barre.

Dancy(ballet type barre)
Sleek Technique
Les Mills – Barre
Ballet Beautiful
Jennifer Gilardi
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Old 01-06-23, 03:20 PM  
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Hello all!

Workouts: 1/4 Body Max The Original. I did all of it but the core. I wasn't a fan of 1,000 crunches back in the day, and definitely not doing them now! Other than that, I enjoyed this workout! Oldie but goody!

1/5 So I was so looking forward to doing the Chris Dorner New Years Step but as soon as I started it I realized Gum Chomping Girl was in it! And YES, she was chomping away before the workout even started. **sigh** yes, I guess I'm a picky you-know-what, but it's really hard not to look at someone when there are only 3 people in a workout. Anyhoo, I decided to do the dance workout that uses the Olivia Rodrigo music. Good stuff! I didn't even have to modify except that I did a mambo cha cha even when she said it was a mambo stop. It just seemed to flow better for me. I'm such a rebel!

Funny about the gym crowds--last January our gym was packed in January then empty in February. I haven't gone this year but DH says it hasn't been any busier than usual so who knows. I knew it was common that January people say they are going to "get in shape" whatever that means but the motivation apparently is gone by February.

bee and Kate on your weather! Stay safe!

Kate, love that you are still enjoying Cathe Live! I mix and match her Lives as well, particularly the Express ones. They make great add ons too!

bee, hmm I think I have been doing stepless step for awhile now so I don't get tripped up by the moves when I adapt them to the floor.

Chele, I'm sorry you didn't get to do the Kat workout! I should have done it yesterday after I saw Gum Girl but I will get to it. I hope there isn't too much twisting as that isn't great for me either! Oh, and I'm actually kind of tired of 80s music as, well, it has been way overdone IMHO. I like a variety, with the exception of country---just not a fan except for a couple of the "old" artists. I don't get to hear much recent music, so relatively current stuff is good for me since workouts are normally the only time I hear it and I don't get tired of it.

FN1/SHW, steady is good re Lux. And yes, a healthy appetite is a great indicator of health! It's weird but I also think one of our guys is impacted by allergies as well. His eyes were a bit watery at the same time that both DH and I were complaining about the same thing. Are you going to take him to that other vet and see what their take is? Oh, and have you ever tried any of the Chris Dorner dance workouts? Seems that as a dancer (pole? ) that they might appeal to you?

manleym, didn't you love the Soul Train Chris Dorner? I did that one fairly recently and I just smiled through the whole thing! Except---I think that was the one with Gum Girl lol. Still lots of fun music!!

Kim, you give me some great ideas for workouts to revisit. Of course it shows what a large collection I have when I see the workouts you mention on my shelf. I laughed when you said your answer to the reporter wasn't what they wanted to hear. But you may have offered a different perspective---are you sure you didn't end up on TV??

Waves and hugs to all!!
How fierce will you be today? VFer KateTT

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Old 01-06-23, 06:17 PM  
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Bee that is some CRAZY weather ya'll are getting! Oh my! I've seen the destruction on the news so I can't even begin to imagine what it looks like in person! I'm glad you're not getting the brunt of it. I hope your power is back on. UGH! I'm guessing you haven't been able to make it to work. Thankfully no more big trees to move. Yikes!

Cataddict I had Hair Max a couple of days ago too. I have really soft, silky hair so it's hard keeping a ponytail holder in place because it slips. So I'm always tugging and pulling on it. As a result my hair is breaking off and my stylist wasn't too thrilled about it. I've also noticed that Chris's interactions with participants haven't seemed to bother me as much recently either. Maybe I'm getting used to it? Yes, Gum-Chomping Girl was in the Soul Train workout. She was dressed in black with her hair in pigtails (I think). I could hear my mother saying, "stop smacking your gum" when I was a teenager and wanted to say it to her. HA! Reminds me of someone speaking and saying, "Um. Like." etc. a million times. I start counting the number of "um's" and "likes." It is ANNOYING! Thanks for the report on the Olivia Rodrigo workout. I have no idea who she is, but saved the workout for later because it looks fun.

Kim LOL on your "nothing to see here, folks, keep moving along" response to the news reporter when you were entering the gym! I would have said the same, or avoided them completely. Who wants to be on the news going to the gym??? Only those who are there to look good, and sit on the machines taking selfies. Think of the Progressive commercial where Flo's twin sister is "blasting her quads." HA!

ChelePA that's pretty cool that PF has an app your daughter can check to see how crowded it is. Back in the old days we just had to show up and then wait forever for the equipment. I'm so glad you liked Chris's 80s Dance Workout/Retro Dance! The music was awesome! You have come SO FAR and we are all so AMAZED and INSPIRED by you! Thank you for being an encouragement to us all! BTW, I thought of you when I was in the hotel workout room doing a Cathe Live because I used the Peloton bike seat to put my computer on. I thought if you were here, you'd be on the bike. Sounds like a lovely day walking with your daughter and Winston. Nice to have those breaks in winter.

Kittybug CE arrived today! I'm kinda scared to take it out of the shrink wrap. I've really been enjoying 30 Day Countdown Levels 2 & 1. Maybe in a few weeks I'll be brave enough to try Level 3 and CE. I also ordered HoCo Vol 2 & 3 (yay for Amazon gift cards!), based on your, Bee's, and Horusosiris's report. Kinda scared of them though and may have to build up to doing an entire workout at one time.
Hope they're easy to do in sections. FOMO is a real thing! I need to be in a recovery group! HA! Never!

KateTT UGH on the snow! And wind with it is even worse! Hope it starts to melt soon and ya'll thaw out. Glad everyone is ok. Stay safe! Good for you listening to your body and doing some gentler, self-care workouts. My body really likes yoga/flexibility/ mobility workouts so I do them 3-4 times a week. It makes a HUGE difference in how I feel.

Horusosiris thanks for all the Barre recommendations. Sounds like several of us are wanting to add it into our rotations. You and Kittybug are inspiring us! I do think it's a great compliment to weights since it works your muscles in a completely different way. Makes the rotation seem more balanced.

I remember those crazy January-only gym goers when I still went to the gym. Gyms have been overselling memberships forever. They get people with those 1-2 year contracts because they know people will stop showing up around February-March. Or you show up and the lights are out and doors are locked, but you still have a membership. And don't forget about the crazy fees to either/both start and end a membership. They have that business model down.

Hugs and waves everyone!
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Wednesday - CDorner 45 Min Bold Legs And Butt Workout Booty Building At Home Workout (wall squats - YIKES!; uses weights & bands, which I lik; nice slow controlled moves) + SBowen TT&T LB Lean, UB Sleek, Stretch

Thursday - Callanetics Countdown Level 2 & 1 + KCM CardioFIT All Cardio Premix + Cardio Kickbox from workout 2 + 5 Parks Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class with Live Acoustic Guitar

Friday - CL #419 Lift It, Split It: Chest And Triceps + Perfect Pump Chest & Triceps TimeSaver Premix (worked GREAT together. I had been putting this Live off because I don't like working triceps but it was perfect for today. And since I can't lift as heavy as Cathe, the PP C&T TS premix added just enough time-wise and strength-wise)
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fierce watulans, watulan check-in

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