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Old 07-08-21, 06:34 PM  
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Originally Posted by tamib View Post
Has the vet mentioned Lyme disease or is your mom's dog already vaccinated against it? I believe that can cause sudden lameness/stiffness.

My dog had a horrible reaction to the lyme vaccine. She was a healthy two year old and after the vaccine became so lame she was unable to stand let alone walk. And it progressed to where she could no longer open her jaw. We thought we were going to lose her. Of course the vets would not admit it was from the vaccine but that was the only logical explanation. One day healthy, happy and running around. The next unable to move. Literally right after getting the vaccine. It was so bad we had to carry her out to the yard to go potty and she weighs 60 lbs.

After many trips to the Angel Memorial in Boston and every test imaginable including X-rays of all her limbs and spine they could not find an explanation for it. We had to put her on steroids and an autoimmune drug for almost a year. She slowly started regaining her strength. Thankfully she had a full recovery.

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Old 07-08-21, 09:01 PM  
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My brother brought his dog to the groomer, and they did infer red treatments on the Mighty McDuff. He felt a lot better after the treatment, causing me to be jealous and want a treatment myself. My brother told me all the staff uses it on their aches and pains. so just a thought to supplement his diet and meds.
good luck/
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Old 07-09-21, 10:51 AM  
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Originally Posted by wendug View Post
I've heard of many people giving their dogs CBD. Does it help with doggie anxiety? Our jack russell/corgi mix is a very anxious dog and I would love to give her something to mellow her out a bit! I should have researched this more before the 4th of July. All the fireworks make her shake like crazy and try to hide.
Yes, it does mellow them a bit. It's worth a try since the side effects are nil.
- Laura

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Old 07-09-21, 01:05 PM  
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Originally Posted by laurajhawk View Post
Yes, it does mellow them a bit. It's worth a try since the side effects are nil.
Thanks for the response. I will give her some CBD. It doesn't hurt to try!
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