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Old 08-21-20, 05:34 AM  
Nelly G
Join Date: Nov 2009
Location: Netherlands, Europe
Ebay fraude

I just blocked my credit card

I tried to buy in June a fitness dvd with an English guy on Ebay who in the end gave my money back because he did not want to send to the Netherlands. So no dvd at all but now I just noticed he hacked via Paypall in a way and small ammounts where taken from my account. I Somehow did not see it earlier so stupid that I was to busy to notice. The total ammount is about 150 dollars. Because of the Corona you cannot contact Pay Pall at all. I just decided I never will do anything at Ebay anymore. Because Paypall does not take calls I just blocked my credit card for all transactions.

Just wanted to warn you all
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Old 08-21-20, 06:17 AM  
Joni O
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Location: Twin Cities, MN
Thanks for the warning. So he did the deal just for access to your Paypal. And not being able to contact PayPal sucks. Can you dispute the charges with your credit card company?
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Old 08-21-20, 06:47 AM  
Join Date: Mar 2014
Location: Snowman Land :) MN
I stopped using PayPal a long time ago. Both times I used it my credit card number was stolen. I have no proof it was bc of PayPal, but I don't believe in coincidences. I only used PayPal on Ebay but I assumed PayPal was the one responsible for protecting that information since I never gave my credit card number directly to Ebay. Is that not how it works?

Nelly, I hope you're able to get the charges reversed and a new card issued. Both times mine was stolen the credit card company totally took care of it. Good luck!
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Old 08-21-20, 07:29 AM  
Nelly G
Join Date: Nov 2009
Location: Netherlands, Europe
Yes it really is horrible I cannot contact Paypall. The credit company give them 2 weeks to solve it after that I can try via them to get it. I tried via the PayPall internetsite but by mistake their site almost ✅ crossed all my transactions but I only could see that after their automatic message. I canot reply to the message and the messages I have send they did not reply. I got two ammounts back now. One of 10 pounds and one of an transaction that was not fraude but not send yet.
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Old 08-21-20, 01:32 PM  
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Appreciate the warning, Nelly. Sorry this is happening to you.
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Old 08-25-20, 01:36 PM  
Nelly G
Join Date: Nov 2009
Location: Netherlands, Europe
Update: I have found out the following.
Look at this dvd for example:

If there is a message: No additional import charges on delivery.
This item will be sent through the Global Shipping Programme and includes international tracking. Learn more
If you do not look at learn more you cannot see the hidden charges:

If you pay by PayPal, your payment will be split into two transactions:

The first payment goes to the seller to cover the item price and any domestic shipping costs to send the item to the global shipping centre
The second payment covers the international postage cost and any import charges, if applicable.

That if applicable should not be charged but it is by a company called Pitney Bowes. I never ordered above the price that I should not have pay import charges.
To be honest you pay the shipping cost twice. I have bought for example 1 dvd 13 dollars, 16 dollars shipping cost and normally I should not have import or shiping cost again but I had to pay 20 dollars extra. Normally if you pay by Pay Pall you get a message but I did not get any messages that I paid Pitney Bowes by PayPall. I only found out seeing the list of payments by my credit card.

There is even a dvd where the message Global Shiipping was not there but I have paid it too. So never Ebay and Paypall for me
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ebay, fraud, paypal

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