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Old 04-23-20, 08:29 PM  
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Barre and varicose veins?

This may sound like a stupid question, but I was wondering if barre exercises make spider and varicose veins in the legs worse?

I'm approaching my third trimester and have been doing prenatal barre a lot lately. About a month ago I had spider veins creep up on me in my lower leg and it's getting worse. Of course I don't expect things to get better the next few months!

But I was wondering if some of the standing exercises for seat and thigh work - with a lot of the stationary positions, being up on your toes, long holds and pulses, "feeling the burn" and "shake to change" is all that great for bad veins in your legs?

I think I may gravitate toward some walking workouts for low impact just to get the blood pumping a little, although I have really come to enjoy barre lately.
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Old 04-24-20, 08:41 PM  
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I think many women get varicose/spider veins during their pregnancy. I think it is more pregnancy related rather than barre related.

Some of my friends got them and then for some they went away after delivery. I never got them. Make sure you put your feet up whenever possible - that is what I did.

Ask your doctor too....
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Old 04-25-20, 02:33 PM  
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I agree. I got spider veins with both my pregnancies. I ate very healthy and only did moderate exercise, walking etc. I have thin skin and veins have always been more noticeable. Congratulations and best wishes with your pregnancy.

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Old 04-26-20, 01:04 PM  
Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: Colorado
Oh no, of course it's 100% pregnancy. I'm taking lots of breaks with my feet up and wearing compression socks now. I normally walk to get my blood pumping but hardly have left the house with this stay at home order, so I've just been doing lots of barre. Just wondering if those types of exercises (small, isolated movements, lots of contractions and shaking) vs. something like walking or low impact aerobics (more fluid motions) would have any impact on the veins.
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Old 04-26-20, 01:58 PM  
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Varicose veins are somewhat hereditary too.

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barre, pregnancy, varicose veins

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