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Old 12-09-20, 10:35 PM  
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Originally Posted by cjayd View Post
I love Powerstrike but if you can get your hands on Les Mills (not Beachbody) Body Combats I think they are hands down the best kickboxing workouts made. The best Body Combats IMHO are anything between 40 through the 60s. After the 60s, the music isn’t as good, and the vibe is different.

I personally feel like all kickboxing workouts are low impact if you ground any of the jump kicks. I find them pretty friendly to all levels and ages because of that but can be very intense if you punch and kick for real.
I totally agree!
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I have the Powerstrike Millennium 2 VHS if anyone wants it.
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Originally Posted by Lori_Michigan View Post
I just rounded out my Ilaria collection with Mary's latest sale -- I now have Powerstrikes 4-7, Bodystrikes 1-3, Atletica 1-4. But is that all that are readily available?

Also, how are the Forza workouts? Kind of intriguing.

I'm absolutely loving these again, I haven't done them in a few years. But now I really am enjoying the low impact but really feeling worked out by these. I really appreciate these now that I'm older.

Can anyone think of any other kickboxing workouts that are similar? (low impact but deliver this level of workout, you know?)

As far as the readily available Ilaria workouts, what you mentioned, including the Forza workouts, are all that are readily available to my knowledge. Well, the only other one is the Abs and Pushups DVD. She did those three VHS workouts with Patricia Moreno but from what others have said they never made it to DVD.
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