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Old 07-12-18, 06:48 AM  
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: MI
Ilaria - Athletica workouts

I am interested in these and they do look hard but doable. Am wondering if others still use these workouts or if anyone has done them in a rotation?

I am interested in Vol 1-3, Vol 4 isn't my kind of workout too many pushups and ab based stuff.

I am looking for good strength workouts to add into my spinning rotation. right now I am doing M,W,F strength (either upper or lower) and T,Th spinning.
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Old 07-12-18, 07:04 AM  
Join Date: May 2008
Location: On Canada 💗
Athletica are some of my favorite workouts! I wish she would offer more of them on DVD, her subscription rate is too high, especially in Canadian $$. Her subscription has some great ones, if you want to try a month. They are very effective for strength with a fat loss focus.
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Old 07-12-18, 07:18 AM  
Join Date: Jan 2013
I think Athletica is more metabolic than strength oriented, so if you're looking for pure strength, those are not the workouts. They remind me a lot of kettlebell circuits, and she uses a lot of KB moves in the workouts. They are tough but fun. I love Ilaria. I agree that her website has some amazing workouts. It's too expensive for my liking, but I sub for a month here and there for variety. She's an excellent instructor, though, and I love working out with her. Give her streaming a try.
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Old 07-14-18, 09:57 AM  
Join Date: Jul 2009
Location: Missouri
I love her Atletica workouts too, but her cost for streaming is just way too high. $30 for not much content. In comparison, Peloton has more than 10,000 classes available for 12.99 (or I think the new app price is 19.99 with expanded content).

I wish wish she would reduce the cost dramatically, I would subscribe in a heartbeat!
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Old 07-14-18, 09:59 AM  
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Location: New Jersey
Anyone have a good rotation using all of her workouts? Or, if you're looking for strength gains, adding her workouts in?
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athletica, ilaria montagnani

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