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Old 12-06-23, 02:39 PM  
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Hello all,

Hope the server errors have resolved! Thatís so frustrating, particularly for Moby!

Iím up for doing CTX starting next week. IIRC there was no ďuser guideĒ with this series and it was designed to be done in a week. Well, we can do one each week if that works for us, starting with Disc 1 top to bottom on the DVD then to Disc 2, although I might skip the one that is all abs on Disc 2 and do the upper body split instead. Thoughts?

Yesterday was Hair Max and since I have to let my hair toner ďsettleĒ so no sweaty type workout today either. She cut some of the dead ends off of my hairóshe said she was cutting an inch but I can tell it was more. I hope itís not too hard to pull it back, as that was my main reason for letting it grow. I will find out tomorrow. I like the coloróshe uses an ashy toner rather than a full on color since I donít want that anymore--so it looks grey. I did my Vintage Wednesday workout on Monday.

12/4: As mentioned, I did all of OG Body Max except the core part for Vintage Wednesday-on-Monday. I guess some people need a lot of core work, but I do so much isometric core work since I simply HAVE to protect my spine, that I think I have strong abs without all the isolated exercises. I did have to modify a bitóno deadlifts and no rows bent over to 90 degrees for me, thank you. I enjoyed this workoutóahhh, the days of nicely choreographed step. Catheís cuing isnít the best out there, but her moves arenít exceptionally complicated so IMHO she isnít that hard to follow in these older workouts. All bets are off with 4DS and later!

Chele, those ďregularĒ pushups on the ball were tough! I canít say Iíve ever had the ball roll away or fly away on me, but I like the idea of putting it against a wall or something sturdy. Good for you for doing the ďweightĒ segments of Drill Max. I know you realize you need real strength work, and if youíve been doing Chris D much you know how much she lectures on that subject. It took me a loooong time to enjoy weights, and I think it took some visible results to encourage me to keep it up. Itís made a world of difference to me as I have aged and see people of a similar age struggling to do tasks that I can still do with ease. Strength training does that for us, no matter how much we enjoy cardio. Haha now I ďsoundĒ like Chris, although sheís not old enough to actually see the benefits Iím talking about and *this* girl is. Yay on dinner with daughter and DH coming home on Friday!!

Chele, yes, I saw that Chris is doing a special Saturday step. I also saw that Gum Girl is prominent in the group, so wow, I donít know if I can manage it. I tend to look either at Chris or to the person on my right for some reason, meaning GG will be in my line of sight. There are a lot of participants so there might be enough to distract me, and I will give it a try! Iím happy that she is becoming successful in her venture and hope she stays doing what she does!

FN1/SHW/FAW, ugh on your wrist! Iím sure itís hard to try to figure out what to do or not do to try to allow it to heal! Really, how can we not use one hand if we arenít used to doing so? Good for you for keeping the Cathe presale in anticipation of doing them later. The price really is good, and although itís possible that people will re-sell them later if they donít work for them, itís no guarantee.

Kate, hope you enjoy your BM cardio! Are you doing both segment one and segment two? The power circuit section is cardio but also lower body. I think of it as cardio since the heart rate stays up pretty high.

buff bee, how was your anniversary adventure??

Waves, hugs, and healing vibes!
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Old 12-06-23, 04:46 PM  
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Cataddict… I completely agree about strength training. I think that it really helped me get through my recovery and faster than most in my situation. Those triceps were on overtime. Scooting up and down the steps, along the floor and lifting myself into bed/wheelchair/etc. It’s the one reason why I started following the Peloton calendar and/or a Cathe rotation. If I just randomly choose daily, I will always gravitate towards cardio.
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Old 12-07-23, 11:34 AM  
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Hi all!

Yesterday was Cardio Barre Ultimate Advanced Power Arms and Power Thighs bonuses followed by PBOD Total Body Blast. I wasn't sure what the PBOD workout was supposed to be before doing it, because it wasn't mat Pilates and no barre was mentioned....well, turned out it was an hour long killer total body fluid circuit sculpt class, of course Pilates/yoga based, with light weights and sliders and absolutely awesome! It wasn't supposed to be 'cardio' so much, but my heart was going the entire time (as was everyone else's who did this one, according to the comments).

With PBOD, I put classes in my 'favorites' on my computer so I can quickly access them on the Roku when I work out, but lately, ALL of the classes are staying in my favorites, hah! It's ridiculous. I hope she makes more like this's like the slow burn one I wanted an hour of, and I got it, but ouch!!

Chele, no need to be impressed, hah!! I realized that lately because of my injuries, ALL of my workouts are in the 80- to 90-minute range just because some of them I need a shorter add-on workout as a warmup, and others I tack on sections to feel more 'complete' due to my limitations. And then others are just plain long.

BUT it's not like I'm doing Body Max every day, it's just higher volume, lower intensity, light weights or no weights, and no impact, if that makes sense? I actually am liking working out this way a lot even though I miss my intense cardio and heavier weights.

My wrist is about the same but my knee is feeling better...I was almost able to get in full child's pose yesterday which has been a no-go since I hurt it, so that's a plus. So weird not being able to do that!!

FN2, I love CTX SO much I'm so jealous!!! Sigh. Living vicariously through you all. And yes, you're right on the new Cathe's and I'm happy with my decision to stick with my pre-order. And I agree...what's the worst thing about my wrist is NOT knowing how I hurt it so how can I expect it to get better when I don't know what I did. But work is the biggest aggravation, seriously. By the end of the week, I want to cry!

All right, enough whining for now. Waves all!!
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Old 12-07-23, 01:17 PM  
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Kittybug… I’m assuming you’re still having insurance issues and you can’t get a scan of your wrist. Right? So very frustrating! Do you think it’s carpal tunnel? I think I’m a doctor lately diagnosing your knee and wrist. Ha ha.

Cataddict…I’m in for weekly CTX.

Rough night of sleep. Had to put the cone on Winston because something is amiss with his paw. Of course there’s nobody here to help wrestle him down so I can get a better look. He’s not always the best patient, but he was extremely angry if I tried to go anywhere near it-barely touching it. Unusual so it must be hurting him. He’s not limping or showing any other signs. Just licking and biting the area. I decided to schedule a vet appointment. Definitely looks irritated and I’m not sure if he’ll need an antibiotic.

Finley was so cute in the snow for the first time. We got an inch which was just enough to make him go puppy crazy. I felt so bad for Winston, because he really wanted to join in the fun but very difficult while wearing the cone. It almost became a shovel as he dipped his head into the snow to smell and eat it.

I did an easier Holiday cycling class. And also knocked out my 3 miles by doing some shorter fast basic step with Chris (on the floor) plus my dog walking duties.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to be in the 50s. Such a change from the past two days. In the countdown now until my hubby returns.
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Old 12-07-23, 06:45 PM  
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Sorry to hear your wrist is still bothering you so much, kittybug! But at least your knee is better. I get what you're saying about the length of your workouts, but I am still impressed!

Chele, how's Winston? Sorry to hear about his paw -- I hope it's nothing serious. Fun to see Finley playing in the snow, I'm sure! I want to remember to try the intermediate step you said would maybe be too slow for cat addict -- sounds like it's my speed!

Kate, your are rocking those Caroline workouts! Very impressive!! So glad you are enjoying them.

cataddict, I like your CTX idea, and I would probably skip the all abs, too. Oh, and my hair person always cuts off more than she says she is going to, too. Were you able to put it back ok?

I never did do Drill Max this week. I am sick -- just a cold, I think, but I've been taking it a bit easy. Fortunately I was not too bad for our day out and we had a fantastic day. There is a state park here right on the coast with walking/biking trails, so we took bikes and rode. The weather was absolutely perfect (and the next day it was not so perfect -- we were lucky). We finished up a little early, but drove up the coast toward the restaurant and pulled off and sat on the sand dunes watching the sunset. On most days we would have been freezing and windblown, but it was just so nice. Maybe I'll send you guys some pictures in email. The dinner was good -- not outstanding, but good.

I have been working from home this week since I don't want to expose anyone to these germs. Nice to not have a commute but I miss people!

Oh, Shelia, our dog with lymphoma, went to the vet again today and she is up two pounds and her blood work looks great I guess. That was great news. We have been trying so hard to get her to eat and feeding her wildly different things all day long. The other dogs have been good sports about watching her eat.
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Old 12-07-23, 07:24 PM  
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Dr. Chele, I think my wrist/thumb issue is De Quervain's, actually. I've thought that since day one and yeah, no way to see anybody about it right now. I just don't understand what brought it on so badly from out of nowhere. Hmm...maybe I'll figure out some acupressure points and put my husband's acupuncture mat to use, hah!! Keep us posted on poor little Winston! I have pics in my head of Finley enjoying the snow!!

Oh no, Bee, I'm sorry you're not feeling well but glad you still got to enjoy your anniversary. Yay on your pup too!!!

I just had Hair Max Lite today and Errand Max from H-E-double hockey sticks so no workout for me, but that's okay because I'm terribly sore from Tracey and needed a day off anyway.

Speaking of hair...YES, why do they always cut more off than they say, or is it just that a 'half inch' is more than I think, hmm? The gal today cut my hair whilst dry so she could try to work with the curls instead of against them, but I'm not sure if that helped. I don't think anything helps this mop, actually. Will see when I do it myself.
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Old 12-08-23, 12:43 PM  
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My bad...didn't post Wed or Thurs. I was actually quite busy with work!! One of the sales guys that I work with was laid off and I was put in charge of all the website updates, marketing etc. I'll work with 2 different sales guys now. Hmmm...raise? I don't want anymore hours though. I currently work 6 hrs per day for them. Anyway.........

Wed: I wimped out on Body Max. I put it in and my brain and feet just didn't cooperate. So I did CD's All Standing Cardio Aerobics plus her 18 Minute Anywhere Abs. That was actually super fun! Sorry to others who followed the plan.

Thurs: Epic III Day 3 Abs & Glutes Workout. HOLY!!!! Burned my buns that little girl did!!! And she does glute bridges with 55 LBS ON HER LAP!!! I used my 45lb kettlebell and added on 5lbs of plate mates. That was plenty! And I used the kbell for sumo squats. Yow!!!

Today I needed more cardio. Four days of Caroline just feels like too much so today more CD and her new Retro Aerobics Old School. FUN!!!! All 70s and 80s music. Dancy but overly so. And Chris does a lot of TIFTTing which I actually love. A few repetitions and I got the moves down.

So thinking 3 days of Caroline, 2 days of cardio. And I'll try to work in the weekly Classic workout too. Plus daily Yoga too. Even if only 30 min, I HAVE to stretch out!!

Waves to all! Hope everyone can stay well. Injuries heal fast! Stay fierce! Oh and have a great weekend!
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Old 12-08-23, 02:00 PM  
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Kate… sometimes you have to do an alternate plan. I completely understand. That’s a lot of heavy lifting! Wow!! I’ve been meaning to ask if Justin had a favorite national restaurant/business that he enjoyed?

Kittybug… I see you have MD after your name too I am really sorry to hear that it is not healing as quickly as you would like. So my hair max is usually done after my workouts, in the afternoon. But even if it wasn’t, I don’t love the way she styles it, so I would have no problem getting it sweaty again. Ha ha. I’m actually looking to go to a new person after the new year. I just feel so guilty.

Bee… glad you were able to enjoy your anniversary before any heavy duty cold symptoms came on. How are you feeling?

Cataddict… I did see the clip with your fave person in the front row. Haha I always look to the center or right too. Interesting….

Finally caught up on my sleep. I slept until 9 AM which never ever ever happens. My day actually feels thrown off. I like to get an early start.
I enjoyed a holiday music walk with power intervals and then added on a holiday hike. Quite interesting. She just got back from hiking in the hills of Austria, so it was a Sound of Music theme. She had a mix of movie songs plus Christmas. Max incline for most of the class, which is 15 for me. Tough stuff! I was able to hit my 3 mile goal with these two classes.

Winston has an infected paw. It’s strange because it’s on the top side. No issues underneath. I wonder if he had a scratch or cut that he was biting and licking which then caused the issue. I figured he needed an antibiotic. She also gave a pain/inflammatory medication. Plus soaking it daily. And the stupid cone has to stay on for the week. I feel so bad for him.

Bee… glad to hear your dog is putting on weight with some improvement in his status. We have the opposite problem here. Winston put on 2 pounds since we got Finley. He was already at his max weight. His nickname is big boy. I actually thought he was going to lose weight. She weighed on two different scales just to double check. Haha. He walks and is so much more active. But the treats have probably been too much when training. He’s not going to know what happened when I cut back.

Hubby should be home sometime this evening. Can’t wait to see him. It’s been a long 7 weeks of traveling.

Happy Friday!
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Old 12-08-23, 02:15 PM  
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And I know what Iím doing the week before Christmas. Canít wait to get my Cathe DVDs!
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Old 12-09-23, 11:30 AM  
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Warmed up with Catheís bonus abs from Fit Split. I always do much better with the moves if I do it before, rather than after my main workout. Added on a Peloton full body strength routine. And finished with Chrisí 100,000 subscribers celebration step. Really enjoyed seeing all her regulars. Iím glad she is so successful.

My husband and I are going to a local theater for a Christmas show this afternoon.

Really nice weather so Iím going to take Finley out for an afternoon walk and then I should hit my 3 mile goal for the day.

Happy Saturday!
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