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Old 12-17-21, 12:12 PM  
Join Date: Dec 2006
The Importance of a Silk Scarf

I got this idea from someone on this forum, years ago, maybe 15+ years ago.

This morning, I popped my favorite 3-mile walk, Leslie's WATPs express/advanced walk, in my 12 year old iMac (desktop). And the dvd player didn't recognize it, even though I had done this dvd a couple of weeks ago.

I ran to the bottom drawer of my dresser, where I store socks and scarves and pulled out the first silk scarf I saw. I used it to rub around the backside of the dvd for a few moments, then popped that dvd right back in. And it played like a dream!

I have used this trick many times. I don't remember who first posted about it, but I am in your debt.
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Old 12-17-21, 12:41 PM  
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I have never heard of this and am so glad you posted..but not sure I have kept any silk scarves
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Old 12-17-21, 12:42 PM  
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Ooh, that's fantastic! Thanks for sharing!
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Old 12-17-21, 01:44 PM  
Vintage VFer
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I've never heard of that. I don't have any silk scarves. I have some silk undershirts that might work.

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Old 12-17-21, 08:08 PM  
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I had forgotten about this trick!
Thanks for reminding me
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Old 12-18-21, 02:00 AM  
Jane P.
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Another thing to try.

When I have a dvd that doesn't play, I pull the plug and reboot the dvd player and that usually works.
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Old 12-18-21, 08:15 AM  
Joni O
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I use a regular microfiber cloth. Works well.
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