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Old 10-20-21, 03:17 PM  
Join Date: Nov 2005
Benefits of swimming/pool exercise?

I'm confused about the benefits of swimming, water running, and water aerobics. That's the main thing I've been doing for over a year now because of a broken foot, complications from that, and a hard time getting back on my feet for land exercise. One physical therapist told me the pool was "worthless", another one told me it was good for my mental health, but it didn't "translate into any real fitness", and my doctor said the pool was really mainly for people who couldn't do anything else (which is me right now). I think it's keeping me in pretty good shape, and if it's "worthless" why do so many people swim and why is it an Olympic sport? Just wondering what you think or know about this.
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Old 10-20-21, 03:50 PM  
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I love swimming. It's one of my favorite forms of exercise ever. I went for a long swim this morning and I try to go more often these days.

My dad swims twice a day and he's doing great at 91. I've read over and over again, that swimmers tend to rank among the best when it comes to longevity.

I have a 4-page word document listing all the benefits. I won't burden you here, but there are a lot. I can share them if you wish. I just haven't yet had time to organize it the way that I would like.

Oh, one more thing, when it comes to back fat, swimming is great. Whenever I've stuck with swimming, my back looks so much better.

Here are some links:
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Old 10-20-21, 03:56 PM  
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Aquatics IMHO is very good
It relieves the pressure being put on your feet

It aids in breathing, taking in oxygen
It helps you sleep
It is used a lot in physical therapy for those who my not at the time be able to weight bear

You never seen an Olympian swimmer with back fat
If I could swim, Iíd do it. I love the water. You are doing what feels good to you and that is all that matters. It has much more benefit then these few as Iím sure is read i. The up-posters links.

Fitness is moving in your capacity. For your body. It is totally not a waste of time

Enjoy your sport. Many of us canít.


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Old 10-20-21, 04:59 PM  
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Iím interested in getting back in the swimming and or aerobics in the water pretty soon. Our YMCA has some of the better aquatic programs in our county but itís very expensive and so I am trying to figure out how frequently I will actually get into the pool.

I wonder if the comments you heard were really about weight loss and not necessarily fitness because I remember hearing maybe 20 years ago about some guidance around fitness for weight loss that really disapproved using the pool for regular fitness activities. I think I have to remember that most people when they think about exercise are thinking not about fitness but about maintaining or losing weight. Or perhaps the guidance you received was because weight-bearing exercise is indeed more beneficial for specific circumstances. But the extreme viewpoints youíve mentioned are suspicious. Worthless does not describe water exercise for most people and we would have to have a good conversation about what real fitness means in order to discount pool time entirely.

Water exercise might be very beneficial for me right now in my situation and I think people need to do a) what they like and b) what is best for their fitness level.
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Old 10-20-21, 05:50 PM  
Join Date: Jun 2009
Itís not too good for bone density, if swimming is most of the activity you get.

Otherwise, itís fantastic.

IME and even from many posts Iíve seen here, I donít think of PTís as being the last word for everything to do with fitness. Some know a lot, some donít. General fitness for the non-injured isnít really the focus of their skill set.

Ben Bruno on Instagram has a lot of videos showing his celebrity clients using pool weights for fitness in the pool, alongside of everything else he has them doing. Iíd only seen water aerobics classes that were pretty tame, and hadnít even realized all the equipment you could use in the pool to add resistance, in addition to the natural resistance of the water.
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Old 10-21-21, 11:01 AM  
Jane P.
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I was a competitive swimmer in my youth, but I can't do it at home. The idea of going to the Y (which is not cheap) and getting all wet, and changing afterwards has no appeal. Brings back memories I really would rather not dredge up.

Also I have osteopenia, so I need to pay attention to bone issues. The main reason I'm a vidiot is because I can do it at home.
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Old 10-21-21, 06:33 PM  
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Originally Posted by Jane P. View Post
I was a competitive swimmer in my youth, but I can't do it at home. The idea of going to the Y (which is not cheap) and getting all wet, and changing afterwards has no appeal. Brings back memories I really would rather not dredge up.

Also I have osteopenia, so I need to pay attention to bone issues. The main reason I'm a vidiot is because I can do it at home.
We are twins separated at birth! I started swimming competitively when I was 7 and on through high school. One especially intense year during in high school I swam 3-4 hours a day -- during the school year it was an hour before school, two after. During the summer we swam 5-7am and 5-7pm. Five days a week. I cannot even think about a swim workout at this point!

To the OP, I suspect they must have been thinking about a water aerobics class at a retirement home. Swimming laps is a great form of exercise! I think they should commend you for trying to stay in shape with a broken foot + complications! Good for you.
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Old 10-21-21, 09:12 PM  
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lap swimming is one of the best aerobic exercises you can do, assuming you have the skill to do it. a friend of mine from college was on the university swim team, and 30 years later, he is still in incredible shape. his event was the butterfly stroke!

that said, i remember reading a comment by Bob Greene, who became famous as one of Oprah's trainers. in his book "Make the Connection" which is geared toward novice exercisers, he cautioned against swimming as an aerobic choice for a few reasons.

one of them was what i mentioned - if you have the skill to lap swim, it's good since you'll be in constant motion. many of his novice clients were unskilled in lap swimming.

two, it's not weight-bearing, and three, in his experience, his clients were unable to control their eating on swim days.

competitive olympic swimming is an entirely different level of swimming that if you're lucky enough to be that skilled, can put you in top shape.

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Old 10-21-21, 10:53 PM  
monterey vidiot
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I swim regularly. There's a very well-run public pool less than a mile from my house. I was never on a swim team; there was no public nor school pool in my hometown and my family didn't belong to the country club. I took swimming one semester in college and got my Red Cross Intermediate certificate. I stay in the slow lane but do laps. I love how it feels. For me, it's sort of aquatic yoga. Not fast, but soothing and contemplative.
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Old 10-22-21, 04:47 PM  
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I used to swim regularly but got away from it when I was doing a lot of traveling. I’d love to get back too it. I swam 800-1000 meters, a variety of strokes….front crawl with & without hand paddles or fins, back stroke, breast stroke. I always felt so relaxed and mellow after. I think it’s a great recovery workout & compliments any fitness regime. As monterey vidiot said, like an aquatic yoga.

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pool workout, swimming, water aerobics

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