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Old 08-19-21, 10:04 PM  
monterey vidiot
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Originally Posted by bzar View Post
Leslie Sansone - interesting!
Cynthia, was this Leslie released to her club members? in the Amazon Q&A, people mentioned it was filmed in 2011 and date issued was 2013.
No idea -- but PennyK found it for me on collagevideo!
"It takes work to change the shape of this muscle." Susan Harris in The Firm Vol. 1, talking about the triceps, in 1986
Still working on my triceps after all these years.
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Old 08-20-21, 02:09 PM  
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Sarah Ivanhoe's Yoga On the Edge Dvd


I'm looking for this dvd for a while. I would be generous.


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Old 08-26-21, 07:17 AM  
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Anyone wanting to get rid of the Firm Express System 13 dvd set please contact me. I am willing to pay shipping and also have some DVDs for exchange. Thanks!
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Old 08-26-21, 04:17 PM  
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If I have already mentioned, I so apologize. My mind is in a million places. i am looking for DVDs that might be used in surgery recovery (complete hysterectomy and lymph nodes). I know it won't be right away, but I have gotten rid of so many things in the past that might prove useful now? Very willing to make trades if I can get it in the mail by Saturday (might be able to get son's help in mailing otherwise.) I do have some audio treadmill WO's, and am probably good on those. (also youtube recs wpuld be welcome- if I should post that elsewhere, please let me know). I know hubby and I both are still interested in the DDP chair and beginner program. (and the rest for later), also Yoga Vitality (the same guy that does Guy Yoga). While I can still look thru stuff, I have a LOT to trade.
Many blessings!
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request the wealth

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