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Old 06-20-21, 09:48 PM  
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Which Barlates DVDs by Linda Wooldridge did you keep?

Of the many Barlates workouts you've tried, which ones have you kept, or which ones do you keep going back to, and why?

I have quite a few of Linda's DVDs, many are untried. I've noticed that out of the ones I've tried, I've only liked one or two of them.

I've looked at lots of VF threads about Barlates and there are quite a few where people acquired a bunch during her sales, but never see reviews written about them. she has a lot of titles that sound so similar too. then i see a huge "unloading" in Share the Wealth which leads me to believe that others feel the same.

The one i've liked so far is her Beginners Mat Series DVD.

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Old 06-20-21, 09:53 PM  
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I am slowly going through them. Like you, I have many untried. So far I've tried and loved Drop Sets. Still working through Triple Burn.
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Old 06-21-21, 08:41 AM  
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Iím definitely guilty of having a ton of Barlates DVDs. I like the DVDs better than the downloads because itís easier to play my own music over hers since I really hate the music Linda uses. I really love and still use all of Lindaís Endurance series workouts, her fusion series, the Shape Up series, Target 15, HiiT Combinations, and Mat series. Her lazy days, warm and stretch and gentle home workouts are nice too but of course easier. Thereís probably a couple Iím missing. I didnít really connect with her newer offerings last year, the ones I tried felt a little weird to me. I like her total body workouts because I just donít want to work my outer thighs for 30 minutes. I also donít bother with any of her cardio workouts because of the music. I do plan on trying her bounce workouts but Iím not sure how that would work with my own music.

Since Linda has dabbled in so many styles itís easy to see how her workouts could be hit or miss. I was in terrific shape a couple of years ago doing her endurance workouts combined with a bit of running and power yoga. I just get burned out doing the same thing for too long.

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Old 06-21-21, 01:54 PM  
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I have a bunch of her things and they are hit or miss for me. For her series I often will like one or two of the 4-5 workouts. I don't care for her really new stuff as a rule. However Lockdown Madness -Mostly Lower is quite good. Works the entire lower body instead of obliterating just the inner thighs or outer thighs, etc.

I like her Resistance Band Solution set but this was done for a fitness company and is no longer in print. She never had it on download and does not own rights to it. The lower body is really good. Short and doesn't obliterate one body part. There is sculpt (~20 min) cardio sculpt (~20 min as well) and an additional quick sculpt section for upper body, lower body and core so you can do what you have time for.

I also like are Mix and Match and Double Burn Series. I think I liked her Resista Barre set too- It uses bands.

Other series I like (downloads but they come in DVDs too) are:

-Pilates Ball Mat Series (Total Body) an older series
-Pilates Mat Series (Total body but lower body focused IIRC)
-Tighten it! (4 workouts done in parts -Glutes and Thighs, Arms and Outer -Thighs, Front and Back of Thighs, Abs and Inner Thighs about 30 min each.
-Slide and Burn Series (Total body some cardio)
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Old 06-21-21, 02:00 PM  
Vintage VFer
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I have bought several of here DVDs and have kept - NONE.

I have downloaded a few of her YouTube videos and have kept - NONE.

I like her, but her workouts are just not for me.
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Old 06-21-21, 02:01 PM  
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Originally Posted by bubbles76 View Post
I am slowly going through them. Like you, I have many untried. So far I've tried and loved Drop Sets. Still working through Triple Burn.
I heard her drop sets is really hard. It seems like she obliterates each body part. I did only 2 of her Triple Burn and one had alot of equipment changes that drove me nuts (Chisel.) I liked the weights one though.
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Old 06-21-21, 02:26 PM  
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Originally Posted by Vintage VFer View Post
I have bought several of here DVDs and have kept - NONE.

I have downloaded a few of her YouTube videos and have kept - NONE.

I like her, but her workouts are just not for me.
Plus one. Her workouts are challenging for me - so many gazillion reps - and she's very creative with new moves to the point where I sometimes find it confusing and/or annoying and/or difficult to get into and out of position so rapidly. I also have to fight feeling resentful that it seems to be so effortless for her to do all of these gazillion reps, creatively choreographed. Then I have to fight the feeling that I'm a bad person for feeling like that. SOOOO although I sometimes have bought her dvds and still fairly frequently do her Youtube videos (thinking somehow something has changed LOL), her offerings do not spark joy for me.
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Old 06-21-21, 05:32 PM  
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I only have 2 of her DVDs- Barre Bell Hiit and Resist-a-Barre Total Body Workout. I bought these years ago partly to support her because she puts so much free content on YouTube. I must admit, I don't reach for them often and it has been quite a while since I've done a YT workout of hers. I think I enjoy her short workouts on YT best as an add-on to another instructors workouts. I find her workouts tough with a bit of dread factor to them. She often spends way too much time on one body part (for me, anyway!)
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Old 06-21-21, 08:03 PM  
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I have and like Barre Ball Blast. I have another two (3 DVD total): Barre Bell Hiit, and Bosu Total Body Fusion, but I haven't try them yet.
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Old 06-22-21, 12:08 PM  
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I have a high dread factor from just watching them. I have many Linda workouts as I convinced myself once that I needed them. I still can not bring myself to try any though. They are still new.

I have re-organised my workouts and everyone of Linda's have gone in a box for the charity shop. I just do not know where I can fit them into my routine. I am of the same mind as others. It is the multiple reps
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barlates, linda wooldridge

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