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Arrow Just The Workouts~MARCH 2021~*Everyone welcomed!*

March 2021

Doing whatever this month. Trying to keep motivated and injury-free, so keeping PT and yoga in the mix as well. Continuing with my Lent Challenge (no Diet Coke which I haven't touched in years until COVID happened). :/ So far so good 3/6...

1 - Meditation; Heather Robertson Low Impact//Strength & Cardio Workout (36 min.); Heather Robertson Week 8, Day 5//Chest & Back (33 min.); extra stretch Fantastic combo, where Heather works shoulders, legs, bis, tris, and core indirectly with 3 low impact circuits of a :45/:15 format & 2 rounds each in her first workout. I used 8's, 12's, & 15's, 20, and a 15# KB (for the swings) and got a great workout. Super sweaty one! Her Chest & Back workout was just as good with 4 sets of weighted/non-weighted chest and back exercises. I was huffing and puffing by the end with the 4 sets of 10 reps! Great SWEATY total body combo!!! 423 cal burn
2 - Meditation; Yvette Fit #96 70 Minute BOSU Boxing Combos; Step Boss (Extended Stretch; extra stretches) Nothing better than a BOSU/kickboxing combo workout!!! SO MUCH FUN! I kept it all low impact, used my weighted gloves, 2# ankle weights and a BOSU. Little equipment/great fun factor! The music toward the end really pulled me through...and being familiar with one of the songs (from CATHE LIVE! and a good song at that!), it really helped to make it to the end. Then at the end were some leg lift variations with ankle weights which was tough after all that BOSU leg work (the class was complaining as well as me). Favorited! :0) 497 cal burn
3 - Meditation; Heather Robertson Abs & Booty Band w/o (Booty only); Winsor Buns & Thighs This is all I could fit in since I watched the baby and she doesn't take a morning nap goodness, she's grown up!! This was a little melancholic for me, as this probably will be the last time since I told her expecting mama that I'm too old to watch two under age 2. ;0) What made it worse was she did NOT want to leave when her mom came! :0) Had so much fun but was so tired, lol, thus making Heather's workout really hard! Eek, cause it's not that tough!! Could've been the time of day I did it too. Hey, at least I got it in when it wasn't my usual w/o time! ;0)
4 - Meditation; Cathe Live #274 Power Legs Live (47 min.); Yoga30For30 (Even Flow) Wow, only the 2nd time I did this Live...don't know why, cause I LOVE it SO MUCH! Reminded me of Rapid Fire Legs but this one is all standing with no floor/core and I like it better! Includes weighted leg work (10's, 12's, 15's and 1 25# for sumos), FW band, and I jumped on my rebounder for the j.jack intervals. Love how the moderate weights are used in a circuit but everything is still metabolic....MY FAV kind of leg workout!!! Used my heavy FW band and loved that burn-out at the end! My yoga felt so good after all the leg work this week! 525 tot cal burn
5 - Meditation; X-10 (w/u); Heather Robertson HiiT Cardio & Core//No Repeats, No Equipment Workout (14 min); Heather Robertson Sculpted Upper Body/Dynamic & Isometric Workout (minus w/u=38 min.) What a fantastic combo! I wanted to get in a little cardio/core before the UB workout and this was great alternating cardio moves (sometimes more than 1) with core work (sometimes more than 1) with a :30/:10 format and no repeats. I did a lot of the cardio on my rebounder and was a great w/u. It, however, does not have much of a w/u itself, so I was glad I did X-10 w/u first. Her UB workout was amazing!! Works your body in a whole different way with the isometric work and as Heather states, "these exercises are good for sensitive joints and arthritis and combining them with dynamic movements may improve agility & mobility." Heather uses 5# for all but it is easy to make it more difficult with heavier weights. I used 8's until that "around the world/lat hold" superset and had to drop to 5's/3's!! Then for triceps I picked up my 8's again. For the back and chest segments, I used 12's. Those isolated moves really, really burn! The format is 8 supersets with a format of :30/:10, 3 rounds each. It is a little repetitive and knowing you have to do the exercise for 2 more rounds might seem a little dread-inducing! But it works you so well with the 3 sets esp. with heavier weights. She includes a good deal of stretches to stretch you out really well. Definitely will revisit this one and wish she would make more like it!!! 374 cal burn
6 - Meditation; IDT Shoulder Hippy (Denise-15 min.); Five Parks Yoga (Energy, Tension & Stress Release Yoga Class - 25 min.); Five Parks Yoga (Recovery & Strength For Swimmers Yoga Class - 33 min.) Ugh, it seems every time I try a Denise class, I get so frustrated by the speed of her cueing and having to look at the screen all the time that I just quit. Bummed, b/c her class looked really good. Erin's Stress Release class helped so much to calm me again. :0) I still had time for more so thought I would add her Recovery stretch which is geared to swimmers and non-swimmers alike. FANTASTIC stretch complete with strength and mobility exercises and one I will be returning to again and again. Her doggie was hanging around Erin's mat quite a bit, just like my kitty was wanting to lay on mine! Feeling great right now.
7 - Rest day Meditation; Five Parks Yoga (Recovery & Strength For Swimmers Yoga Class - 33 min.) Yes, once again I needed to experience the wonderful shoulder openers in this as well as the great stretch for all the muscles!

8 - Meditation; Heather Robertson No Squats/No Lunges/No Jumping HiiT Workout (42 min.); Five Parks Yoga (Recovery & Strength For Swimmers Yoga Class - 33 min.) Wow, another AWESOME Heather class where Low Impact does not mean Low Intensity! I used 12's, 15's, 15# KB, and 3# weights (for punches) and got a great workout! Format is :40/:20 with lots of LB/UB combination moves so you're working your whole body and core with your HR up there for most of it. I will love this one when not wanting any jumps in my workout. I did manage to complete this workout before some workers got here but not my yoga. So hours later after I cleaned my whole house and wanting a class that could be done upstairs with just a mat, I did Erin's class AGAIN! (I mentioned I'd be returning to this one again and again!!) ;0) Fantastic stretch! 320 cal burn
9 - Meditation; LM Combat (#81); Winsor Buns & Thighs Had an early hair appt., so I did this later in the day. It includes a Power Training 1 & 2, and Combat 1 & 2 tracks which included a Capoeira segment. It's a little more choreographed than some of the other Combats but still a sweaty one! 282 cal burn
10- Meditation; 60 min. Yard Work; IDT Gentle Hip Opening (Christine - 30 min.)I used my 60 min. workout time to do yard work this morning; now it's hours later after grocery shopping/errands. I set up my mat upstairs with the windows open with the warm, fresh air and it was lovely. I had to share my mat with my kitty again. :0) Too bad I didn't enjoy the class a little more...[haha, should've done Erin's recovery swimmer's stretch again!!] You are in table top/kneeling position quite often and my knees and hands were really getting uncomfortable (arthritic palms). She says to double up your mat which I will next time. A very good class for psoas stretches but I still needed more hip stretches for my liking and added my favorites where I could lay on my back. ;0)//Felt so good to be outside in the 70* weather this morning!! (Still not chancing going on long walks yet). I wanted to get the pokey balls picked up before the rain tonite, but alas, now they're tons that since have dropped from this terrible wind! Sigh. :/ :/
11- Meditation; Heather Robertson Total Body Strength Workout//Dumbbell Supersets (48 min.); Strong Knees (my own workout=20 min.); 2 hours yard work Focus of Heather's w/o is building strength & lean muscle tone. It includes 8 supersets with a :40/:20 x 2 Rounds of weight work with 1 :40 cardio burst in between each superset which made it more metabolic. I used 8's, 12's, 15's & 25 KB. I did a few jumps on my rebounder for a couple of the cardio bursts. My calorie burn wasn't that high but it was a good fat burner with 42 min. in the FB zone! 283 tot cal// Beautiful day out and cleaned up my yard (couldn't believe all the leaves/pokey balls that accumulated in one day!) as well as my next door neighbor's yard that collects all my pokey balls over the winter! A little cooler today but not much wind. Drove around with my sunroof open!!
12- Meditation; Heather Robertson Day 6/Home Workout Challenge//Killer No Repeat HiiT Workout (51 min.); Heather Robertson Standing Side Booty (Hip Dip) Workout//Mini Band (10 min.); Michelle's Yin Yoga Heather's "HiiT" workout has the :40/:20 format w/ no repeats which was really nice! I like Heather's nicely controlled moves and the :20 rests give you plenty of time to get up off the floor for the next standing exercise. (I've really got accustomed to that!). I always need to count my reps and finish out the sequence on each side - sometimes she just stops when the beeper sounds (like in a lot of her other workouts also). This workout has cardio and bodyweight moves with no equipment and works the core very well. Very nicely done. I added on her all standing booty workout that uses a booty band above knees (I used my wide medium fabric band). I loved this all standing workout - the format is :30/:10 and strengthens the booty/hips without getting on the floor. That wall squat while pushing knees out, though, oh my! :0) Had to have a great lower body stretch after that. I'm already feeling my lower body! 390 total cal burn
13- Meditation; Yvette Fit #83 60 Minute Metabolic Cardio Workout; Strong Knees (my own stretch=20 min.) Yvette's classes are a whole different ballgame when my body isn't screaming (well, not screaming), but mildly in pain! This class includes compound weight training at its' best! Mixed in are cardio intervals and later in the 2nd half, core work, which I found easier....probably b/c there is less cardio exercises and lighter weights were used, but her weight combinations still managed to really keep up my HR! I used 8's to 25#. This class included lots of agility type exercises (which I normally don't care for, but Yvette picked more fun ones to me). I did various jumps on my rebounder for j.jack frenzies, horizontal jumps & cardio moves I didn't particularly care for. Shoulders are worked a lot, but really it is TOTAL body! Felt so good to get S-W-E-A-T-Y!!! She uses a band for the final IT band stretch which was welcomed, but I really needed to hold the stretches much longer. :0) 415 cal burn
14- Rest Day Meditation; Five Parks Yoga (Recovery and Strength for Swimmers - 33 min.); Fitness with PJ (Stretching & Mobility Workout = 18 min.) As always, Erin's is a favorite and PJ's was a really good mobility workout and hits the hips well!

15- Meditation; Cathe Live All In Upper Body #276 (50 min.); Yoga30For30 (Mobility) This is a very good UB muscle burnout class! I used 5's-30# and with the correct poundage, you can really fry each muscle group. And the band work is brutal in this one! I appreciate that there is little repetition in this class and just sails by! Al is in the class as well as backgrounders who use correct form, ahem, and are in the front row which I also appreciate! Mobility is a fabulous shoulder opener as well as hand strengthener which felt awesome today after all the upper body work! 312 cal burn
16- Meditation; Heather Robertson 40 min. Kettlebell Workout//Full Body Strength & Cardio; Winsor Buns & Thighs; stretch I had to pick a shorter workout since I had an early dentist appt. This worked out well and not wanting to have to wash my hair, LOL, I was hoping for a non-sweaty workout. This one fit the bill as it was a good total body workout but not a real sweaty one. I used a 15 and 25# KB. Added on Winsor B&T and called it a day. Surprised how many calories I burned, though: 342 cal burn. (Thought that was pretty good for an easier day but Heather's workouts are sneaky like that!) ;0)
17- Meditation+; Yvette Fit #99 60 Min. Boxing Bootcamp; Michelle's Yin Yoga FUN, FUN, FUN class!! Kickboxing moves (yes, kicks too) are mixed in with cardio, light weight combos and bodyweight exercises to make this a great total body class. I used my hand weights in plc of gloves, 5’s & 8's and 2# ankle weights. The weighted work mostly targeted shoulders and then at the 55 min. mark, she adds in core and ankle weighted hip conditioning drills. This segment was so short and Yvette was really complaining but it didn't seem like much to me! However this could be evidence, maybe, that my hips have gotten stronger with all the PT work?!?! Added on an add'l stretch. This one was favorited! 485 cal burn ETA: IDT Yoga Detox 30 (Start Where You Are - Travis/Lauren - 60 min.) DH had to work late, so this gave me a chance to scope out the new Travis program. The program is geared for ppl to become free of addiction and negative habits. All classes are 60 min. and include a "wisdom talk" or meditation at the end before Shavasana. Each class has different colored ceiling lights which radiate onto the room, making each room a bright color - so awesome!! Lauren and Travis take turns cueing and there were some great sequences that move right along - I was sweaty! I modified a few places for my hands in DDog and side plank, but not a whole lot. Really enjoyed it and if they're all like this one, this will be a real treat! (I got double meditation today, LOL!)
18- Meditation; TM (1 mile incline walk); Yvette Fit #100(!) 30 Min. Triceps/Gliders/Core Work; stretch Thought I'd warm up on the TM first before Yvette's 100th class! Lots of classes on her site now!! This class uses weights and gliders; the tricep work (3 rounds of each exercise alternating with core work) was really a good tricep burner and good core work. I used 12's, 15's and 20# but mostly did 16-20 reps to her 12 reps. Great workout with very minimal jumping! 292 cal burn. Rain, rain, go away--we haven't seen the sun, I bet, for a week! Starting Saturday, temps should go up again with sunshine!
19- Meditation; CDorner Fitness LIVE Step Aerobics Workout/Fast Basic Step Choreography (48 min.); Yin Yoga; 1 Hour Yard Work OMGoodness! This aerobics class was SO much fun!! I woke up really achey today so I wanted something more steady state with no jumping and this was perfect and a great sweat as well! I like Chris a lot (I did scoff a couple times when she stops to "talk" to subscribers online...just cue already!! Sort of like KCM in that S&S step workout of hers, haha). But this was really a great change of pace for me and I actually got all the choreo, LOLOLOL! Lots of TIFTT, but that's what I need to get it down. Super fun moves and great music. I hope to find another class exactly like this one...she's got a lot of advanced choreo ones that I know I would get lost in. 398 cal burn//Well, the came out early and all day I took advantage of the beautiful day to be outside after running errands & shopping. My yard was a mess after that day of freezing rain that turned icy on the trees causing branches and frozen pokey balls to fall all over the place! Clean yard and I blew off driveway too. Did I mention how much I love that blower?? haha
20- Meditation; 1.27 mile walk outside; Strong Knees (12 min.); Cathe Perfect 30 (Mobility) I felt pretty good in the morning so I thought I'd go for a walk...bad decision! I couldn't hardly make it home, my hip hurt so bad! Ugh, I think doing that step workout yesterday really exacerbated the pain. Sigh. But I was having so much fun doing step choreo!! Oh well, it is what it is.
21- Rest Day Meditation; Yin Yoga; Mobility Stretches

22- Meditation; Heather Robertson Power Hour 60 Min. No Repeat Workout//Full Body//Dumbbells (68 min.); PHA3 Extended Lying Stretch My hip is feeling a whole lot better this morning so I decided on following my workout plan and do Heather's class. This was very appropriately titled - it was powerful! Three circuits consisted of the format :40/:20 of lower body, upper body, and core/cardio. I think what makes this one seem so metabolic is the sequencing of the circuits. Cardio is put at the end and with Heather's choices of exercises, this was a real heart pumper! I used 8's, 15's, and a 25# KB for the lower body single weight exercises. There was one LB move I had to modify for my hips: Stand Up & Hop - start in kneeling position holding onto weights and standing up then, nope! I did the consistent j.jack sequence on my rebounder, but the other part-j.jack sequences as is. Like Jane, I probably would've preferred the cardio segment was done earlier in the workout, (and probably wouldn't be that hard to do if you'd want to mess with switching it up), but this really was a great metabolic finisher! Felt so good to stretch it out with Cathe's stretch. And best of all, my hip is feeling GOOD...but check back after the Aleve has worn off...haha. 507 total cal burn
23- Meditation; Heather Robertson Extreme HiiT Cardio Workout (24 min.); Yin Yoga; Five Parks Yoga Recovery & Strength For Swimmers Heather's class is a good little HiiT workout - not sure I would exactly call it "extreme"; it surely had a bite to it at the end, though! Bex, I see you tried Erin's yoga stretch - hope you'd liked it! I think it's fabulous for stretching those shoulders/all around stretch and a good one for not wanting many standing poses. <3 289 cal burn
24- Meditation; Cathe Live #94 PHAT (45 min.); Fitness with PJ (25 min. Workout with Weights - Total Body (minus the w/u=19 min.); 3 sets of tricep k/b's x 12; stretch It was great to revisit Cathe's workout - I didn't even mind the repetition today. I used 12's, 15's, 25's & 30#. For PJ's finisher, I used 15's, 20, and 30# and a got a great burn. Love those hip thrusts in this one!! I added on more tricep work for good seemed I could have used more tricep work in both of these workouts. 485 cal burn
25- Meditation; CDoerner Fitness (45 min. Cardio Kickboxing Workout - 30 min. of the 45); Winsor Buns & Thighs; Strong Knees (20 min.) Chris' class was so much fun; I was really enjoying myself (apart from the times where she stops (cueing) to talk to the online subscribers {eye roll}, but her exercises/music were super fun until my hip starting hurting so I stopped at 32 min. My vaccinated arm wasn't hurting at all (maybe a little minor ache this morning but that's it); my hip (& other hand) were hurting worse! So I thought I'd better focus on lower body stretching. I think I need to take a rest day tomorrow to give my hip a chance to rest again. 331 cal burn. Jeesh, I get to feeling better then it starts in again...I'm sure the weather has A LOT to do with it, too, as it's been rainy and damp here this week.
26- Meditation; IDT Yoga Detox 30 (Letting Go-Travis-63 min.) This is a Yin class and wanting to do "something", I thought just laying there in the poses wouldn't be too taxing on my hip...that & listening to Travis was calming - but like usual, I did have to change up some of the poses for my knees. I liked what he suggested about giving it your all for 3 days with a day of rest, then working out for another 2 days with a day of rest. And with all my flare-ups lately, I might have to adopt this philosophy. :0)
27- Meditation; LM Pump #114 (55 min.); Cathe's Perfect 30 (Mobility) Loved this Pump! I used 8's, 10's, 12's and a couple times 15's for legs for a great total body burn-out session. Each muscle is worked indirectly before the designated muscle track and jeesh, what a burn!! That tricep track--whoa!! This is a great fat burner as well...HRM said I was in the FB zone for 56 min of my 85 min. workout....that's huge! I'm finding that I really love Cathe's Mobility workout...between that and Yoga30For30 Mobility, I've really been noticing a difference since I've been doing them regularly...esp. in my shoulders. Cathe & Lauren really did a great job with both of these! (Gotta give Erin props too for the Swimmers stretch!!) 395 total cal burn
28- Rest day Meditation

29- Meditation; Yvette Fit #10 60 Minute All Out Cardio; Heather Robertson Low Impact Standing Abs Workout//With Weights (9 min.); Strong Knees (15 min.) Why haven't I done this Yvette workout before?? It is SUPER FUN with all the variety! A great endurance class with K/b, aerobics, agility, jump rope, light shoulder work (5#'s) and core work throughout. No equipment needed other than gloves, weights and a jump rope. The first half has lots of high impact - I did a lot on my rebounder, but the 2nd half seemed like there were more breathers but still, my HR managed to stay up there!! This class would be a really good one if wanting just a 30 min. workout and I made note of it in my notes (either half would be good!). I used my JNL cordless jumprope for the jump rope segment....I could jump rope all day long since I don't need to worry about low ceilings! {I should remember to use my cordless jump rope for all the j.jacks in her workouts}!!! ;0) Also loved the sumo squat jumps and high knee variations in the 2nd half! A favorite, for sure!! Heather's workout is a quick little ab sequence - 2 sets of same exercises with a :10 rest in between sets; no rests in between the exercises and some use weights. (I always make sure I do equal reps on each side.) Good class when not wanting to get down on the floor for ab work. Great Monday calorie burner!! 557 cal burn ETA: 1.5 hours yard work Whew, I will be ready for that couch tonite! Cleaning the house, laundry, & yard work after that Yvette, and I am POOPED!!! ;0)
30- Meditation; Cathe Perfect 30 Perfect Pump (TS Total Body Express - 31 min.); 15 min. Yard clean up I had an early appt. this morning, so I needed a short workout. This premix worked out in a pinch, although I thought it was a little lax on the lower body, but you can only include so many exercises in 30 min.! Between UB & LB, I'm glad she chose more exercises for the UB. After my appt., I ran my car thru the wash and will go sweep it out soon. Happy to remove my snow brush from the trunk!!
31- Meditation; Heather Robertson Low Impact HiiT Cardio & Legs Workout//No Jumping & No Equipment (36 min.); Heather Robertson Mini Band Workout for Strong Glutes//No Repeats Booty Workout (13 min.); Michelle's Yin Yoga Not really "HiiT" but :45/:15 intervals - 2 sets of the same exercises before moving onto the next set. Not much of a calorie burner - I mean, how can you NOT do squat thrusts without jumping back and jumping up at the top?? That was about the only exercise that really got my HR up there during the 33 min. but it'd be a great one for a low-key day. Now the Mini Band workout is a totally different story and really packed a punch in the short 13 min.! Format is :30/:00 -with a quick rest in between sets. The standing band work is where Heather shines in this one...oh, the burn! But it could be b/c I used my fabric band and not a latex one. Great little finisher!! 316 cal burn

Well, I did it! Made it thru 43 days of Lent without Diet Coke!!! Just a few more days....but now that I established the habit of not WANTING one, and after seeing how less bloated my stomach has been, it'll be that much easier to do without it!! Yes!! :0)
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MARCH 2021

Fell down the stairs February 22 and sprained foot. Workouts accordingly!

1. Freestyle Biceps
2. Freestyle Triceps
3. Freestyle Back
4. Freestyle Lower Body Floor Work
6. Freestyle Shoulders


15. Stationary Bike


28. Freestyle Legs
30. Cathe Perfect 30 Upper Body

I'm not a typical grandma!

Body by Cathe, Chalene and Dr. Niccole

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-Eleanor Roosevelt

Well-behaved women seldom make history
-Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

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And when someone breaks our wings, we simply continue to fly....on a broomstick...we are flexible like that
-White Witch

Gotta love Maxine:
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~~~ MARCH ~~~

“All Limitations are self-imposed” ― Oliver Wendell Homes

1 - LWR BYB challenge day 20, a virtual walking/toning; Lee Holden Jump Start Challenge Day 1; 6,994 steps.

2 - Day 2 Lee Holden Qi Challenge; 6,315 steps.

3 - Nothing formal; 3,869 steps.

4 - Day 3 of Lee Holden Qi Challenge; a new Kassandra yin practice - Yin for Sleep; 5,343 steps.

5 - A 10 minute Denise Austin walk from her LifeFit 360 program (YT); Day 5 of the Qi Challenge; 4,983 steps.

6 - Core challenge premix from Bernadette Giorgi's magic circle DVD; 5,913 steps.

7 - GYM for 15 recumbent and weight machines; 5,758 steps.

8 - Day 26 of Lucy's BRB Challenge, 25 minute routine of walking on outdoor paths; Day 4 of the Holden Qi Challenge; 6,684 steps.

9 - Holden igniting inner fire routine; lunch walk; 6,942 steps.

10 - LWR BRB Challenge Day 22, 20 of the Best Cardio Moves (30 minutes); Holden low back, healthy spine, good sleep class; 8,671 steps.

11 - Holden class for stability and balance; 5,509 steps.

12- Holden class 3/1/21; 4,161 steps.

13 - GYM for 30 minutes of cardio - recumbent bike and treadmill; 5,826 steps

14 - GYM for 45 minutes of weight machines; 5,265 steps.

15 - LWR BRB Challenge Day 24, lower body barre workout; 4,326 steps.

16 - Holden Qigong 03/10/21; Unplugged 2004; 6,021 steps.

17 - Nothing formal; 4,718 steps.

18 - Holden Qigong seated routine (on stability ball); Kassandra's 15 Minute Morning Yin; marinated on my bolster with supta baddha konasana; 5,344 steps.

19 - Nothing formal; 3,239 steps.

20 - GYM for 30 minutes recumbent bike; Toaster's Rainbow Meditation; 3,968 steps.

21 - Holden Qigong 10/11/21; walk with DS; 9,151 steps.

22 - Just made myself move more at the office; short beach walk; 7,241 steps.

23 - Holden Qigong 10/15/21; lunch walk; LWR BRB Challenge Day 25, cardio tone intervals; 8,233 steps.

24 - Quick walk around neighborhood after work; 4,980 steps.

25 - Lunch walk, .88 mile; post work walk around neighborhood, 1.15 miles; Winsor Pilates for Pink Slimdown abs routine; 8,736 steps.

26 - Holden Qigong 03/17/21, short routine; not much else; 3,841 steps.

27 - Casino walking; 9,288 steps.

28 - Beach walk; 7,205 steps.

29 - Holden Qigong 03/19/21; LWR BRB Challenge Day 26, Magical Walk a/k/a Winter Wonderland; 6,489 steps.

30 - GYM for 15 minutes recumbent and 40 minutes weight machines for lower body, back and chest; 5,280 steps.

31 - Holden Qigong 03/22/21 - warmups and strength sections; Ellen Barrett's Fusion Flow; 5,043 steps.
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1. TBL Feel Good Challenge Day 1 Abs, Winsor Buns and Thighs, 30 min walk
2. TBL Feel Good Challenge Day 2 Energy Boost, Miranda's Legs and Butt, Essentrics 7 Min Arms
3. TBL Feel Good Challenge Day 3 Better Posture, Essentrics Live Workout wit Gail, 20 min walk, BB Mat Stretch
4. PBL Body Band Burner Workout, Side Slimmer workout, Yellowstone Tone Upper Body, TBL Feel Good Challenge Day 4 Mobility
5. PBL Abdominal Blast, Toned in 10 Upper Body, Spring Into Summer Legs, 5 min More Stretch
6. Rest Day
7. PBL Dynamic Leg workout and Restorative Stretch
8. PBL Booty Band Glute Workout, Chiseled Upper Body workout, TBL Gentle Morning Pilates Routine
9. PBL Full Body Band Workout, 5 Min More Stretch with the Band, Ballet Beautiful Ballerina Legs Inner Thighs and Hip/Thigh Extensions
10. PBL Fabric Band Leg workout, New You Abs with the Band
11. PBL Upper Body Band Workout, Band Burner Workout
12. PBL Fabric Band Glute Workout, Poise and Strength Arm workout, BB Hip Stretch
13. PBL Booty Band Complete Body, New You Stretch with Band
14. Ballet Beautiful Fit and Graceful Workout - Tri 1/2 + Stretch, 30 min walk
15. Ballet Beautiful Total Body (No Outer Thigh), 25 min walk
16. Ballet Beautiful Fit and Graceful Workout - Tri 2/3 + Stretch, 20 min walk, BB Mat Stretch
17. Ballet Beautiful 15 min Abs, Stretch from Backstage DVD, 20 min walk, BB Hip Stretch
18. PBL Strength and Control Upper Body workout, May Makeover Athletic Abs, Sublime Stretch, 20 min walk
19. PBL Ab Attack Workout, Sculpt and Firm Leg Workout, Ballet Beautiful Arms
20. Ballet Beautiful Total Body workout (no arms)
21. PBL Strong and Streamlined Workout
22. Ballet Beautiful Total Body Workout
23. Ballet Beautiful Sculpt and Burn DVD -Standing workout
24. BB Total Body Workout, PBL Detox Stretch, Target Your Trouble Zones Arms and Back
25. PBL Target Your Trouble Zone Perfect Your Posture, Adore Your Core Strong Back, 5 Min More Stretch
26. PBL Sculpt and Shred Arm Workout, Power Up Your Powerhouse, Essentrics Barre Floor Toning and Stretching
27. PBL Fit and Focused Complete Body, Waist, Hips and Thighs Workout, and Ultimate Flexibility Hip Stretch
28. PBL May Makeover Booty Burn Workout, Restorative Stretch
29. PBL Ab Crunching Workout With Ankle Weights, Bridge The Gap, 5 Min More Arms, 20 min Leslie YouTube walk
30. PBL Classic Series Lower Body, 5 Min More Arms with Weights, 20 Minute YouTube Leslie walk, 15 min walk
31. PBL Slimdown Workout, New You Flexibility Flow, TBL Full Body Barre workout
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Tammie M
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1 - Leslie Sansone 2 Mile Walk + Jessica Smith Gentle Yoga: Neck and Shoulder Flow
3 - Karen Voight Slim Toning on the Ball + Jessica Smith Gentle Yoga: Back and Chest Flow
4 - Ellen Barrett Self Bikini Ready Fast with Bonus Abs
7 - Denise Austin Blast Away the Pounds Indoor Walk - Easy Walk + Stephanie Huckabee PowerFit - Legs & Shoulders
8 - Denise Austin Blast Away the Pounds Indoor Walk - Fat Blasting Intervals Walk + Stephanie Huckabee PowerFit - Chest, Triceps & Butt
10 - Denise Austin Blast Away the Pounds Indoor Walk - Power Walk & Tone + Stephanie Huckabee PowerFit - Back, Biceps & Thighs
11 - Stephanie Huckabee PowerFit - Cardio + Core Fusion
12 - Ellen Barrett Fat Burning Fusion
13 - Jessica Smith 10 Minute Solution Knockout Body - Knockout Body Blast + Keli Roberts 10 Minute Solution Kickbox Bootcamp - Basic Training + Washboard Abs + Leslie Sansone Walk It Off And Tone It Up - Mile 1
14 - Ellen Barrett Crunch Pick Your Spot Pilates plus Total Body Bonus
15 - Leslie Sansone Walk It Off And Tone It Up - Mile 2 + Keli Roberts 10 Minute Solution Kickbox Bootcamp - Ultimate Buns & Thighs + Jessica Smith 10 Minute Solution Knockout Body - Fierce and Fabulous Abs
16 - Tamilee Webb Total Body Stretch for Beginners
17 - Ellen Barrett Crunch Fat Burning Pilates
18 - Leslie Sansone Walk It Off And Tone It Up - Mile 3 + Keli Roberts 10 Minute Solution Kickbox Bootcamp - Arm & Shoulder Sculptor + Jessica Smith 10 Minute Solution Knockout Body -Fat Attack
21 - Ellen Barrett Crunch Burn and Firm Pilates
22 - Leslie Sansone Walk It Off And Tone It Up - Mile 4 + Keli Roberts 10 Minute Solution Kickbox Bootcamp - Fat Burning Blast + Jessica Smith 10 Minute Solution Knockout Body -Ultimate Upper Body
25 - Ellen Barrett Crunch Super Slimdown
26 - Jessica Smith 10 Minute Solution Knockout B2ody - Kickbox Cross Train + Leslie Sansone Walk It Off And Tone It Up - Mile 5 + Bonus Total Body Slim Down + Jessica Smith Simply Stretch - Chair Stretch
28 - Ellen Barrett Slim Sculpt
29 - Ellen Barrett Skinny Sculpt
30 - Kathy Smith Power Walk for Weight Loss - Walk II & Core + Jessica Smith Gentle Yoga for Back Pain & Prevention - Session One
31 - Kathy Smith Lift Weights to Lose Weight + Jessica Smith Simply Stretch - Express Stretch
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1 Define & Align - Cardio Strength - 30 minutes
2 Pahla B - March 1 Walking with Weights Workout - 25 minutes; Senior Shape - 10 Minute Stretch
3 Define & Align - Barre Burn - 30 minutes
4 Define & Align - Cardio Fusion Circuit - 30 minutes
5 Define & Align - Pilates Sculpt - 30 minutes
6 Jessica Valant Pilates - Pilates for Stress Relief - 13 minutes
7 Workout Hotel - Relaxing Stretch - 15 minutes
8 Define & Align - Barre Bootcamp - 30 minutes
9 Workout Hotel - Full Body Dumbbell Circuit - 20 minutes
10 Pahla B - March #2 Shoulder Friendly Cardio Workout - 21 minutes; Workout Hotel - Pilates with Weights & Mini Ball - 20 minutes
11 Dog Walk - 40 minutes; Jessica Valant Pilates - Gentle Beginners Pilates Mat Workout - 20 minutes
12 Pahla B - March #3 Simple Strength Workout - 25 minutes; Jessica Valant Pilates - 10 Minute Pilates for Beginners - 10 minutes
13 Rest Day
14 Jessica Smith - Lift & Shift: Total Body Strength (circuit 1 only) - 30 minutes; Jessica Valant Pilates - Physical Therapy Exercises for SI Joint Pain Relief - 14 minutes, 10 Minute Pilates for Back Pain - 10 minutes, & Sciatica Pain Relief - 10 minutes
15 Define & Align - Core Burner - 30 minutes
16 Dog Walk - 40 minutes; Workout Hotel - Full Body Barre Workout - 25 minutes
17 Workout Hotel - Lower Body Dumbbell Burner - 20 minutes; Senior Shape - Stretching Exercises for Bedtime - 13 minutes
18 Workout Hotel - Upper Body, Abs and Back - 23 minutes
19 Rest Day
20 Jessica Valant - Pilates for Every Body - 25 minutes
21 Faithful Workouts - Drop Down Weights - 27 minutes & 10 Minute Yoga in the Meadow
22 Faithful Workouts - Low Impact Cardio & Barre - 28 minutes; Jessica Valant Pilates - 10 Minute Pilates for Legs & Hips - 12 minutes
23 Define & Align - Total Body Strength - 31 minutes
24 Workout Hotel - Full Body Barre Workout - 25 minutes
25 Jenny Ford - Walk Across America: Utah - 26 minutes
26 Jenny Ford - Learn to Step #1 - 26 minutes
27 Senior Shape - Barre & Kickboxing - 33 minutes & 10 Minute Stretch
28 Jessica Valant Pilates - Beginner Weight Workout - 24 minutes; Jane Adams - Yoga for Beginners: Complete Floor Practice - 28 minutes
29 Jenny Ford - Walk Across America: Ohio - 32 minutes
30 Jessica Valant Pilates - Pilates Barre Blend - 20 minutes, Hip & Hamstring Release - 11 minutes, & Beginner Ab Workout - 11 minutes
31 Get Healthy U TV - Beginner Gold Body Blast - 31 minutes

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March ~ hoping for sunshine and mild weather

1. Rest
2. Rest I got my first vaccination today at our convention center and it was VERY organized. The national guard really had a great system going, and I’m all set up for my second dose in 3 weeks.
3. 3 mile walk My arm was a little sore for exercise but I felt fine otherwise. It amazing how much I better I feel with a bit of sunshine.
4. Yvette 70 min Bosu Boxing Combos I couldn’t let AnMrsDe have all the fun with this one! And it was fun. I haven’t done an Yvette for a while and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to tackle it so I thought I could cut it short if I needed to but I was fine. It’s funny how I’ve been mentally struggling to get through much easier workouts but this was mentally easy because I was so entertained. I’ve been thinking a lot about what kind of workouts to do, and just doing what I can on work days but I need them to be fun! 515 calories
5. Cathe Live #139 Upper Body with Core Express Mostly matched Cathe’s weights. Used 12s instead of 15s for the second and third rounds of biceps and used 12s for the first round of upright rows.
6. Slim Series Firm it Up It’s been years since I did this one, these SS are the right intensity for an after work workout. I didn’t even play my own music, just vegged out and I actually used the ankle weights. 238 calories
7-8. Rest
9. 3 mile walk It’s almost spring!
10. Heather Robertson Power Hour 60 min no repeat workout This Heather was separated into 3 20 min sections. Upper body, lower body, and core/cardio. The actual workout was a full hour too so it clocked in at 68 minutes total. Nice workout for when you want to do total body but you don’t want to feel wiped out. I enjoyed it, especially the 40/20 format so I felt like I got a nice rest. I used 8s for lateral raises through 15s for lower body and rows. I didn’t want to go heavier and feel sore but you certainly could. My only criticism is that Heather saves the cardio for the very end, I’d rather do it before the core exercises. 423 calories
11. Yvette #95 60 min Moderate Impact All Out Step Aerobics + Kaylie Daniels Core Ignite + 30 min walk Its amazing how much energy I have when I don’t have to get up at 1 am This Yvette was great as a nice steady state, very basic choreography step workout. No crazy jumps and it could easily be totally low impact with simple modifications. Yvette was very chatty and smiley in this one, probably because it’s not one of her tough workouts. 2 risers, no weighted gloves, 482 calories. I bought (leased?) a little 7 day yoga fusion set from Kaylie Daniels, Strength and Length Challenge. It was $10 and I have access to it until August. Day one is a 30 min core workout that really felt tough for me. I really need to get back into bodyweight exercise shape. I’m really missing yoga, but I’m not interested in practicing with a mask so I think it’ll be a while before I go back to a studio.
12-16. Very little exercise Just some walking and lots of napping. I’m trying my best.
17. JNL fusion shoulder shredder + 30 for 30 Intention I picked up JNL fusion on eBay a couple of weeks ago but didn’t try it until now. I know I’m super late to this party and there’s a lot to love about this workout. The length is perfect for me right now and those :30 intervals go fast, everyone is going at their own pace and doing their own thing. I can go lighter/faster, heavier/slower and my heart rate stays up there the whole time. It was over before I knew it. What I don’t like: Jennifer is ALOT, and it feels a little overproduced, but that’s probably because it’s a few years old now and I’m used to so many streaming and YouTube workouts. I also subscribed to IDTV since they were running a special, $72 for the year, and I’m really missing yoga. I’m sure my husband will use this too. I really enjoyed this practice! I’m not in yoga shape right now so this was a perfect practice to get back into the swing of things.
18. JNL fusion lower body + 30 for 30 EvenFlow I just add my own 4 min w/u to these JNL workouts. I went a little lighter for this since these kind of LB workouts tend to give me DOMs. I subbed deadlifts for the calf raises. My hips need EvenFlow I really enjoyed this practice too. It just feels so good to do yoga and it’s been about a year now since I’ve stopped doing it regularly. I’m really glad I subscribed! Travis isn’t even bothering me that much.
19. JNL Crazy Circuit Cardio + 30 for 30 Stamina
20-24. Walking and naps I should have known better than trying to start a rotation this week. DST and my second Covid shot. I didn’t have a bad reaction, just a sore arm and I was a bit achy the next day.
25. Romney Bounce + 30 for 30 Balance
26. JNL Shoulder Shredder + 30 for 30 Gentle Restarting JNL. I’m just turning the volume down and playing music to drown out Jennifer now. Used my rebounder for the jumping. My body doesn’t like it today.
27. JNL fusion lower body + 30 for 30 Twists I did plunge lunges on the step for the jump lunges but everything else was fine today. Subbed deadlifts for the calf raises again. My husband and I are both really loving 30 for 30. I haven’t done one I don’t like yet. Travis still really gets on my nerves, especially in this one, but he does cue flawlessly. I just can’t stand him prancing around like he thinks he’s so cool. I may be cranky
28. JNL Crazy Cardio Circuit + 30 for 30 Backbends That second bald guy in this JNL is just so much. I wish there was a remake of these workouts youtube style: timer on screen, no talking and good music. I pulled out the rebounder today to do those jumps in the beginning. I just did tuck jumps.
29. Rest Had my hair done right after work.
30. JNL Fusion Bicep Builder + 30 for 30 Yin I was feeling pretty good today and I considered skipping yin for something more challenging but figured I’d be doing more challenging workouts for the next couple days anyway. My hips were really feeling pigeon! My husband has been working his way through 30 for 30 too and I’m happy to report that he can’t stand Travis either. He said he sounds like a cult leader I’m feeling the same way about JNL, loving the short and sharp workouts but it’s just so much. I surprised myself by doing so many pushups today, I used a 6 inch step for the last set of the wide arm ones but that was it. No rebounder needed today either.
31. JNL Fusion Ballistic Backside + 30 for 30 Fluidity I think this might be the longest JNL and I’m not 100% sure but I think she skips a round in there. I meant to go back and check but I forgot about it by the time I finished.

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Starting Caroline Girvan's Epic II with cardio days sprinkled in.

1. Hiit + Low Intensity
2. Legs DB and BW
3. UB DB and BW
4. nothing
5. Cycle Hub Strong Women 45 min ride
6. Full Body/Core Focused with DBs
7. Total Body Slow and Controlled DBs/BW
8. Hiit with DB's
9. nothing
10. Shoulders and Tri's
11. RI:ID Fat Burning Intervals 30 min ride
12. Kaleigh Cohen Fitness #56 20 min ride
13. Unilateral Legs
14. Back and Bi's
15. SSoD Tsunami Sweat 60 min ride
16. Full Body Trisets
17. nothing
18. nothing
19. Cycle Hub Endurance Ride 45 min
20. Hamstring and Glute Isolation
21. Chest and Tri's
22. nothing
23. Quads and Abs
24. Arms
25. Total Body DB and Cardio Circuits
26. 5.11 mile hike The Air Force base had the jets flying. I always enjoy watching them zip by, overhead. Seemed like they were overhead just as I was needing a breather or a swig of water. Gave me an excuse to stop and look up. However, when I encountered a snake on the trail, I kept walking. I didn't want to be in one spot too long.
27. Legs This was difficult after yesterday's hike.
28. Shoulders
29. Full Body BW
"It's time to burn off some ice cream"-Coach Sean

C25K graduate 10/10

CLX grad 12/09
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✨✨ March 2021 ✨✨

Focus: Caroline Girvan + KBs + Yoga

1 - Caroline Girvan's Cardio & HIIT Warmup, Caroline Girvan's EPIC Challenge Day 30 Intense EMOM Full Body HIIT, Mr & Mrs Muscle No Jumping Full Body HIIT Resistance Band (2 circuits), Slim & Limber. I was not in the right frame of mind today and really struggled with the EMOM format, feeling desperate and rushed. I modified, I reduced reps and in the end, I even skipped 2 of the upper body circuits. When it ended I was sweaty but frustrated so I looked for something low impact I could do as a cooldown. Two circuits of Mr&Mrs Muscle did the trick, and then Slim & Limber soothed my jangled soul.
2 - Bike Ride (1 hour total).
3 - Bike Ride (1 hour total), Precision Kettlebells' 45 Min Kettlebell HIIT Flow Workout 5.5, Caroline Girvan’s 8 min Glute workout, Kit Rich's No Equipment 10 Minute Stretch. I have a working theory that the KB workouts are numbered in order, so the lower numbers (5.5) are easier. This seemed to fit, as a good solid but moderate-intensity workout. My HR really got up there on the last AMRAP, so I tried Caroline Girvan’s glute workout as a cool-down - which worked well. And then the stretch was really good for the lower body. I liked her alignment cues for pigeon pose. That's why I keep trying different instructors - I learn from each one.
4 - Bike Ride (1 & 1/2 hours total).
5 - Bike Ride (45 mins total).
6 - Rest.
7 - Bike Ride (1 hour total).
8 - Bike Ride (30 mins total), Mr & Mrs Muscle Lower Body Warmup, Caroline Girvan's 10 Min Full Body Warmup, Caroline Girvan’s EPIC Day 31 Abs & Glute, Lie Down & Stretch. Now that was a fun workout! It hit the glutes from every angle and burned so good. Will definitely do this one again after I finish EPIC.
9 - Bike Ride (45 mins total). Otherwise, went to an evening Indian cooking class which involved standing and chopping things for 3 hours. I kinda feel like that was a workout, even though I didn't sweat.
10 - Bike Ride (1 hour total), Mr & Mrs Muscle 5 Min Warmup Full Body, Caroline Girvan’s EPIC Day 32 Obliques & Shoulders, Mr & Mrs Muscle Upper Body Stretch. Nothing not to like about this workout. Thorough but not too tough, good for a day with cardio baked in. I find it funny that I love riding my bike, but I still find the 'bicycle' ab move absolutely excruciating. What's up with that?
11 - Rest.
12 - Mr & Mrs Muscle 5 Min Warmup Lower Body, Caroline Girvan’s EPIC Day 33 Legs & Biceps, Caroline Girvan’s 10 Min Stellar Abs, Mr & Mrs Muscle Back & Core Stretch. This was the perfect workout for me to try using my weight vest, after my thoughtless use a few years resulted in back spasms that took a month to get over. Now, I was careful and deliberate in my form and it really worked well. I loved the workout and will add this to my favourites list! I didn't like the abs workout as much, but I think I didn’t really understand the moves. Next time I’ll quickly preview and try it again.
13 - Bike Ride (1 hour total), Mr & Mrs Muscle 5 Min Full Body Warmup, Caroline Girvan's 10 Min Full Body Warmup, Caroline Girvan’s EPIC Day 34 Full Body Dumbbell & Bodyweight. Oh my goodness. This was the toughest workout I've ever stuck with for a full hour. I modified, I inserted a few extra breaks, I even skipped a set. But I made it through. For sure I had nothing left for any add-ons today, not even extra stretching. Toast!
14 - Yoga Warrior 365 Gentle Warrior. Really needed a gentle recovery day and this was perfect. ahhhhhh.
15 - Bike Ride (1 hour total), Precision Kettlebells' KB Cardio EMOM 42.4, Heather Robertson’s 12 Min Abs Stability Ball, Growingannanas' 15 Min Stretch - HIIT It Harder Day 7. Definitely intense cardio on the KB workout. Even just using an 8 kg KB, I had to reduce reps during the EMOMs to make sure I got some time to breathe. Enjoyed the abs workout because I felt worked but not dead. It's nice to have lower intensity in the mix. And a good stretch, so all 3 workouts were winners.
16 - Rest.
17 - Bike Ride (75 mins total), Mr & Mrs Muscle's 5 min Warmup Lower Body & Glutes, Caroline Girvan’s Kickass Kettelbells Day 1, Mr & Mrs Muscle's Legs & Booty Strength Workout w Resistance Band, Caroline Girvan's Unwind 20 min Full Body Stretch. I know I'm working my way through the Epic Challenge. But I love Caroline, I love KBs, how could I possibly resist the combination of both? This was a shorter workout so I got to the end and thought, "Already?". Looked for a good add-on, and Mr&Mrs Muscle's circuits are nicely deceptive. The first one seems easy but then it starts burning. The stretch by Caroline seemed better sequenced for a music-only workout, knowing that her audience isn't constantly checking the screen. It's a little long, as I usually only want 10-15 mins, but I will do it again.
18 - Bike Ride (1 hour total), Travis Eliott's Yoga Cross Train live class. This practice was from Travis' YouTube channel, and it’s exactly the same flow as the Ultimate Yogi cross train practice. Maybe the style felt a little different because of the live class atmosphere but since I don’t really look at the screen much with Travis, I’m not sure it really made any difference. I felt stronger through all the poses but my balance was absolutely terrible!! It just shows, I need yoga back in the mix.
19 - Rest. Very tired from a long week. Got home at 10pm and went to bed.
20 Rest. Needed to catch up on sleep and just rest.
21 - Rest. Darn it! Bad case of a stomach bug, knocked me out for the whole day.
22 - Bike Ride (1 hour total), Caroline Girvan's 10 Min Cardio HIIT warmup, Caroline Girvan’s EPIC Day 35 Tabata Style HIIT, Growingannanas' Hit It Harder Day 16 Leg Day Booty Burn (First round only + c/d), Five Parks Yoga Recovery & Strength for Swimmers. Finally got back to EPIC and I was absolutely delighted to see how much stronger I've gotten, especially the pushups and pylo lunges. This was a true HIIT and the finisher had me hands on my knees, sucking wind. A keeper! I did one round (15 mins) of Growingannanas booty band workout as a cooldown (and burn). Then had to try 5 Parks Yoga stretch for my post pushup shoulders, because AnMrsDe swears by it.
23 - Bike Ride (1 hour total), Yoga 30for30 Flow & Stretch. At the end of a long day, I really had to force myself onto the mat, so I picked a short practice that didn't cause any dread. And of course felt much, much better afterward. It's so hard for me to remember that it's not all or nothing.
24 - Bike Ride (1 hour total), Precision Kettlebell's Full Body Kettlebell Workout 7.5, Caroline Girvan's 10 Min Unbroken Ab Workout. This was the first Precision KB workout that I didn't really enjoy. II felt more like a calisthenic + weights workout than a KB workout. I guess he's trying to build up capacity, but I don't like doing a single one-handed swing from the floor and then putting it back. I followed because I thought it would allow me to swing heavier but it didn't seem to work that way.
25 - Bike Ride (1 hour total).
26 - Bike Ride (45 mins total). So tired, just couldn't get onto my mat.
27 - Heather Robertson's Power Hour 60 Min No Repeat Workout. Mentally tired and had people coming over for Passover dinner, so I really needed something where I could just press play and get a sweat. This fit the bill. Since I didn't want to think, I just used the weights she recommended in her YT description, 5 lb and 10 lb dumbbells, occasionally grabbing a heavier KB for lunges or goblet squats. If I were doing it again I'd probably preview and go heavier, but it woke me up and I was able to get cooking without feeling tired. Unlike AnMrsDe and Jane, I like the cardio as a finisher. It's easier for me to keep my motivation up when I'm tired. Core work at the end is a real test of my willpower.
28 - Caroline Girvan's 10 Min Low Impact Warmup, Caroline Girvan's EPIC Challenge Day 36 Back & Biceps, Caroline Girvan's 10 Min Stellar Abs, Mr & Mrs Muscle Back & Core Stretch. Absolutely loved this back workout. I could feel it working each muscle on the back in turns, and I was dripping sweat but loving the burn. Now that I understand the moves on the Stellar Abs workout it was more fun, and a good compliment to the main workout. Both go into the favorites list!
29 - Rest. Super busy day, just couldn't fit it in.
30 - Rest. Darn it, got home too late and just couldn't.
31 Rest. Just drowning in work and after work requirements. Well, tomorrow is a new day and a new month.
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just the workouts

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