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Old 01-20-21, 12:35 PM  
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Originally Posted by momofcha View Post
I thought the production quality was stunning. Such a beautiful workout and Sahra was a joy as always.
I love this new one with Sahra too! Make sure you try Sasha's cardio workout in that same setting - one of my favorites!
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Old 01-21-21, 09:15 AM  
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I am loving seeing Sahra in these live and new workouts. She is such a good instructor and has such a good presence. She seems so relaxed. At times in the past she seemed nervous and concerned with what people thought about her. Now she just seems back to being who she is. I hope she continues to do more workouts for ETV.
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Old 01-24-21, 09:03 AM  
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How is everyone doing with the challenge? I'm pretty much following it to the letter, and it's been one of the most enjoyable Essentrics challenges. For me, the new workouts and the lives are such a game changer and make the challenge more exciting. I love the Essentrics lives and I love having a schedule, so this is a win win for me!

I'm feeling my legs getting stronger, but what has been eye opening for me is that I have zero pain. I usually alternate Essentrics with other programs, but focusing solely on Essentrics every day has really felt like having a physiotherapy session every day. My body just feels more aligned and for me that is important for releasing pain. Even when my knees aren't hurting, I always feel some discomfort and can't sleep with my insides of my knees touching. I no longer feel that.

Edited to add: my abs and back definitely feel stronger too !

I hope everyone enjoying the upcoming last week of the challenge!
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Old 01-24-21, 11:17 AM  
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Location: West of Chicago in the Illinois Corn Belt
I am doing good. Still following the hybrid of 20-40 age ranges. I am also loving the new classes and live workouts. I think I have only missed one day so far. I love this challenge. The variety is excellent. Some days I will do two workouts; a 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes after work.
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Old 01-24-21, 05:19 PM  
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I modified the 40s a lot, too many long strength ones in a row for me. (I also don't care much for Amanda Cyr's ones, I just don't like her cueing.) So I've been kind of skipping around and only doing one every other day or so. I add these on to my other workouts so I tend to stick with shorter ones during the week but try to do a longer one when I have time. I keep doing Sasha's and Sahra's workouts a lot!
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Old 01-24-21, 05:59 PM  
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Iím skipping around doing the live workouts. Maudeís 20s are my favourites.

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Old 01-25-21, 06:33 AM  
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I've been doing all the lives(in case they go away).Really enjoying the streaming!
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