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Old 10-04-20, 09:28 AM  
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Fitbit and wonky sleep stats

I upgraded to the Charge 4 and love it! With one exception - most days I get the preferred sleep stages ribbon indicating your flow between light, deep, REM sleep and awake. Then on some frustrating days it only shows the basic data.

One morning I noticed a note that said you need to sleep with it tight and pushed up high on the wrist to get the sleep stages feedback - but that doesn't always work either.

Any thoughts or tips??

This happened off and on with my prior Alta HR, too.
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Old 10-04-20, 09:43 AM  
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Pat, I wonder if you're sleeping on your arm differently or smthg on the nights you get only basic data. This happened with my Charge 2 sometimes too and I never really did figure out why. I've loosened my Charge 4 in the middle of the night a few times bc it was annoying me and I still got the sleep stages and score. Another thing I've wondered is if maybe it was a sweatier day and the sensor didn't get wiped off? I agree it's annoying. I get so irritated when gadgets don't work like they're supposed to!
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Old 10-04-20, 09:46 AM  
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I bought a 4 pack of these wrist bands in the black paisley fabric for my Fitbit Inspire HR. Unless the fitbit flips over (very, very rarely), it has worked great to measure my sleep. It is very comfortable. I switch to the wristband at night and transfer the Inspire HR to a bra clip when I wake up. Fitbit doesn't make a clip for the Inspire HR so I found an aftermarket clip at Amazon. I think steps are more accurate when I wear a clip.
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fit bit, fitbit

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