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Old 01-01-22, 03:18 PM  
warriorprincess's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2002
Location: West Palm Beach, Florida
My most used instructors/sites for 2021:
Cathe: 95
Sleek Technique: 63
Les Mills: 26 (Mostly Combat and Barre)
Blake (BASE): 27
Paul Grilley Yin Yoga: 24
Apple Fitness+: 30

I always tabulate them by type as well, although the lines can be blurry:
Weights: 109
Cardio: 79
Barre: 78
Mobility: 53
Yoga: 53
Yardwork: 38
Dance: 19
Core: 7
Nancy S.

You're only 1 workout away from a good mood.
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Old 01-01-22, 03:27 PM  
VF Supporter
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Maryland, USA
Looking back over my list of workouts in 2021:

- Ellen
- Pahla B.
- Jessica Smith
- Lively Ladies
- Jessica Valent
- Lucy Wyndham Read
- Outdoor walks (at least through August)

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Old 01-01-22, 03:30 PM  
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Boston, MA
Cathe for weight training
Peloton for Cycling
Boho Beautiful for Pilates/Yoga
Inner dimension (mostly Travis) for Yoga
Kat Gates Buettner (YouTube) Step

I did keep track but havenít tabulated yet.

Cellulite is not a character defect.
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Old 01-01-22, 03:38 PM  
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T2B's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2008
1. Cathe
2. Leandroís You v2 - 180 xís in 2021
3. Lee Holdenís Qi Gong 30 Day Challenge - completed 4 rounds (Jan, Apr, Jul & Oct 2021).
4. Sagiís Body Beast - completed a rotation on March 18, 2021.

I did a short JNL rotation. I also did lots of dance, hi/lo & step workouts (Zumba, Cize, Misty Tripoli & Katina Hunter, Christi). I did numerous Cathe rotations and right now Iím almost done with Week 8 of of Catheís 14 Week STS/LIS Undulating Rotation.

joy, love
peace and patience
kindness with goodness
faithfulness & gentleness
- Motivational Sticker
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Old 01-01-22, 03:56 PM  
Join Date: Mar 2007
This is from mid-February because I canít find my log from the beginning of the year. Also, Kelly Coffey Meyer took a hit because I hurt my shoulder this summer and Gina B. and Leslie got a boost because we started a pedometer war in February.

Leslie - 163
Jessica Smith - 82
Kelly Coffey Meyer - 70
Gina B. - 54
YOUv2 - 40
Jenny Ford - 30
Nick Drago - 22
Kathy Smith - 12
Kristen Dowell - 10
Petra Kolber - 9
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Old 01-01-22, 04:58 PM  
VF Supporter
Join Date: Nov 2015
Location: British Columbia
Wow, I will definitely do a more precise tabulation like this for 2022. Brilliant!

Looking back, I was working out the most with
-Lively Ladies/Trish on youtube
-Rhoda Sommer on youtube
-Cathe both Live and Dvds
With a little -FitnessType on youtube
During November & December, I began working out often with -Lift With Cee on youtube
For everyone else, I doubt it was more than 6/7 times
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Old 01-01-22, 05:24 PM  
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Paine's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2010
My most used instructor of 2021 was Margaret Richard. I also did a lot of Yin Yoga and some Essentrics.
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Old 01-01-22, 05:44 PM  
laurajhawk's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2005
Location: Colorado
My most used for 2021 were:
- Jessica Smith, 88
- Kim Smarr, local yoga teacher (live & livestream classes), 77
- Jericho McMatthews (Morning Meltdown), 45
- Namaste Yoga, 31
- YogaCandi on YouTube, 17
- (tie) Joel Freeman (LIIFT4) and my own yoga (counting only practices of at least 15 minutes), 13
- (tie) Eoin Finn and Exhale Core Fusion, 11
- (tie) Gilad, walks/hikes (counting only those over an hour), Tammy Black (local yoga teacher), 10
- Laura

"Don't say 'I can't' ... say 'I presently suck at this thing.'" - Matt Meese, BYU Divine Comedy
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Old 01-01-22, 07:34 PM  
Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: Parkland, FL
Cathe (for weights), Studio Sweat (for cardio) streaming, and John Garey TV (for reformer & chair pilates) streaming service
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Old 01-01-22, 07:43 PM  
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JackieB's Avatar
Join Date: May 2005
Location: Minnesota
ETV, Ellen Barrett.
Now I'm streaming Jill Miller.

Certified Essentrics Instructor, Level 4---February 2017
Yoga Tune Up Roll Model Method Practitioner---December 2021

"Movement is a privilege. You don't have to exercise. You get to exercise. Visit a person whose mobility is severely limited, and you'll appreciate the distinction. Do what you can, count yourself lucky, heal yourself in the process." Essentrics Colorado
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instructors/series/2021, most used workouts

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