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Old 12-29-21, 09:31 PM  
Join Date: Aug 2005
Not a new challenge but I just started Lift with Cee's Total Body workouts rotation. Cardio will be Pahla B, Leslie, or Jessica walks or other moderate cardio.
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Old 12-30-21, 10:26 AM  
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I'm thinking of doing Jessica Smith's January challenge (it's not new for 2022) for the start of the year (along with Yoga with Adriene). I did a couple of her workouts recently and remembered her rotations.

Jessica Smith's 28-Day January Jump Start Challenge

Originally Posted by firmiewannabe View Post
Thank you for mentioning this program! I've heard of Adriene and seen a couple of her youtube videos and had thought of doing something special to kick off January. I signed up for it! I consider myself a beginner/low intermediate when it comes to Yoga so we'll see how I do.
I'm glad to know someone else on VF will be doing the program, too
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Old 12-30-21, 10:22 PM  
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The CVG Movement Challenge starts Jan 1. You can get the calendar through their app or Facebook page.
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Old 12-31-21, 02:44 PM  
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Originally Posted by Vintage VFer View Post
Sorry to be dense. I couldn't find any mention of the 40-minute Muscle over 40 Challenge on her YouTube page. Am I missing something?

Well, duh, I found it on her Community page.
Thanks for finding that. I was having trouble too
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Old 01-01-22, 10:16 AM  
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Originally Posted by Kathy G View Post
Heather Robertson is starting HR12WEEK 2.0 on 1/2/22. All you need are light, medium, and heavy dumbbells and a mat. Her description says it will be strength based with fat burning.

If you go to her website and sign up (it’s all free), you can see the rotation schedule under the “free guides” tab. She’s going to have low impact modifications (woohoo, finally!)
I am going to do this. I'll have finished one week of Fierce but I want to do the challenge as it happens. Very excited!
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Old 01-01-22, 10:31 AM  
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MVMT with Cailin has a 30 day pilates challenge. I have found her challenges well thought out.
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Old 01-01-22, 03:26 PM  
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Here are the ones I have been getting notices for today. I know its silly, but I usually join all the ones I want, save them all in a playlist, and just go thru them as I can and try not to repeat, do any I am up to. i used to save 1 or 2 and plan to do both but ALWAYS got sick or injured within the first few days, so this helped me feel like I accomplished something.

- Y'all already know about the Yoga w/ Adriene one

- Yoga with Joelle/ Feel Better Yoga- (I believe the videos will be on youtube, but this is if you want the newsletters, etc, probably that way for most I list) Here is the first one:

- Lauren Brooks 21 Day Squat challenge (hope this is correct link) -

- Here is the first day or Brett Larkin's Evolve challenge. There is probably a sign up there: newsletter page also had bonus workshop video: Ok, I THINK this is the sign up link:

- Sean Vigue is supposed to have one, but i haven't received a video yet. (Ok, starts in a couple days, but here is the sign up page): Begins on the 3rd

- Yoga with Joy is doing a Moon yoga series for the month. I don't know really about the moon stuff, but she is pretty gentle and her surgery recovery videos helped me thru my hysterectomy tremendously (She does have a k5 teacher voice if that doesn't bother you). I think I just get her all the time newsletter and saw it there, but here was day 0 and day 1 posted: Day 0:
Day 1: (says this link wil work on the 2nd:

- this one isn't fitness, but if you have autoimmune diseases or need a health detox, this looks very interesting and I joined (I do believe there is some yoga/gentle movement involved):

If more come in, I will add. i know there was more than yoga and the squat challenge, lol. Qigong with Kseny may have had a qigong challenge coming up, but if its only in her membership, then I wouldn't have it.
Happy New Year y'all!!
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Old 01-01-22, 05:19 PM  
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Wow there r so many. Finding it hard to decide what to do. I was going to do Sydney’s Jan challenge but I’m afraid the workouts will have a lot of pregnancy talk which is a sensitive topic for me. So I’m not going to do it. I think I will do Heather Robertson.
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Old 01-03-22, 09:21 AM  
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Originally Posted by Venus View Post
I'm thinking of doing Jessica Smith's January challenge (it's not new for 2022) for the start of the year (along with Yoga with Adriene). I did a couple of her workouts recently and remembered her rotations.

Jessica Smith's 28-Day January Jump Start Challenge
I changed my mind about the Jessica Smith challenge. I'm happy with my current rotation and want to continue it. I think it has a good balance of structure and variety. Plus, it's flexible enough that I can still add in some of Jessica's workouts if I want to. I'd like to do more of her Walk and Talks and I enjoyed her recent mobility workout.
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Old 01-03-22, 09:36 AM  
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Venus- what is your current rotation?

I have a hectic month coming up with a lot of home repair/home improvement stuff going on plus working from home - so I decided to forego anything too strict for right now - and just go w/ the flow based on how I'm feeling.

Maybe once this work is done I'll feel like following a more structured program.

I am still planning on doing Man Flow Yoga's Mission: Daily Yoga challenge - it is very do-able in terms of time and space (which may be limited due to the home improvement stuff going on!)

Take care,

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challenges, lift with cee

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