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Old 10-30-21, 01:07 PM  
Join Date: Apr 2006
Lift & Shift - Anyone else doing L&S starting Nov 1 ?

There is a new round of Jessicaís Lift & Shift starting on Nov 1.

I used some of the L&S workouts (modified) during the last round, but didnít follow the L&S schedule. This time, Iím going to follow the scheduled order, but with extra time in between workouts, and modifying some of them down. Mostly to make shorter and less weight. I usually reach failure before Jessica is finished with all of her reps. Will also be mixing in other workouts too at some point.

I love so many things about this program, and feel so strong just from using parts of it last round!

Anyone else in Nov1?
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Old 10-30-21, 02:40 PM  
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Location: Arizona
I did a month in March and a month in June. I last a month, then I’m wiped out lol. I would incorporate a workout each week, but I just got over a month long cold and don’t want to over so it, so decided to do Calm and Strong instead. But Jessica said I could still check in, so I’m planning on joining the check in. You can also check in doing a modified and/or slower schedule.

I know there are some planning on doing it again and probably some new people, so the check in should have a number of posters.
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Old 10-31-21, 09:42 AM  
Join Date: Oct 2013
Location: NJ
I plan to start Nov 1. I did it back in June but only made it through week 4 (I had a non-related injury) and I also was busier than I am now, so I'm hoping I can finish this time. I also plan to use lighter weights and will probably do less reps. We'll see!
Current rotation: Jessica Smith Lift & Shift
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Old 10-31-21, 03:04 PM  
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I probably am doing it but using Leslie M.'s time breakdowns to shorten the workouts. Here is a link to the thread with her breakdowns:

As written, some days are too long and just too much in a week for me.
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Old 11-01-21, 07:29 AM  
Join Date: Apr 2006
Hi guys, thanks for the replies, it sounds like a lot of us will be modifying down 😊

leonana, glad youíll still be on the check-in. Calm and Strong has some good workouts in it, I may pick some from there to add in too.

wishiwasinhawaii, itís impressive that you made it through week 4. These are some tough workouts. Sorry you got injured, hope youíre feeling better now.

Ellaenchanted, those breakdowns are great, thanks, and have helped me modify the workouts in the past. I wish there were actual chapter points in the workouts to make it easier to skip through. I agree about the too long and too much in a week for me, but I can do more each time.

See you over at the check-in!
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jessica smith, jessica smith strength, lift and shift

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