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Old 10-27-21, 12:10 PM  
Jeanne Marie
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Originally Posted by Schnauzeritis View Post
I've yearned to attend the Cathe road trip but I know I would never fit in and would feel very uncomfortable.
I have always been hesitant to go too. I knew I'd have to go by myself, and I wasn't comfortable with that. Then!... Cathe announced her Halloween Road Trip a few months back and my husband was all on board with going with me. I was so excited! We signed up, made plane reservations and hotel reservations..... and then Cathe canceled the trip.
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Old 10-27-21, 12:51 PM  
Vintage VFer
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I never tire of working out a home.

That being said, I hope to be relocating to a much more walkable area and I'm looking forward to getting outside for walks!
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Old 10-27-21, 01:59 PM  
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Jeanne Marie, your current set up sounds like the best of both worlds to me, too!

Thanks to everyone else for continuing to share, also.
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Old 10-27-21, 04:33 PM  
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Originally Posted by Schnauzeritis View Post
I miss the gym and live group exercise classes so much. I turned 60 in June and my days of fitness are winding down so I'm worried that I'll never attend a live class again.
The pandemic taught me how to workout at home. Over the years I've purchased VHS tapes and DVDs but I was never able to workout at home like I did at the gym. Enter the pandemic and I had to learn how to do it at home. I found Chris Dorner on youtube and I do her classes daily among others. I worked out outside a lot during last winter and I plan on doing the same this winter. Over the summer I played a ton of tennis and am happy to report that I'm improving!
Someone here mentioned that they are an introvert. I am too! That's why I kind of find it weird that I love group exercise classes at the gym so much. Over 30 years I have not made a single friend at the gym and no one not even the instructors knew my name. I've yearned to attend the Cathe road trip but I know I would never fit in and would feel very uncomfortable.
Congratulations on improving your tennis. I mentioned that I'm an introvert. However, I can completely relate to still wanting to do a group class. Even though I am an introvert, and struggle to make myself get out there, I still need people interaction. A few months before the pandemic, I took a Senior Tai Chi class at the parks and rec, to get out more because I was starting to get a bit depressed. It was canceled due to Covid, and I don't think they've started the senior classes again yet. I'm also similar in that I never make friends from group activities, but it's still nice to be around people at times.
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Old 10-27-21, 11:44 PM  
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Nope, I love working out at home. Since my husband retired several months ago, we joined a local gym and I've been going with him three times a week. I go since I want to keep him motivated since he really didn't do much exercise in the past. I am starting to find the cardio machines boring and I really prefer my weight workouts at home rather than at the gym with the meatheads grunting and dropping the barbells. I still do home workouts on the days we don't go to the gym, and I definitely prefer them.
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Old 10-28-21, 08:43 AM  
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I read every single one of your responses and can relate to something in each one! Just this past year I have been lucky enough to finally get my own workout room! My 2 older kids are out and we had 1 free bedroom! I was determined to make it my zen room. I have a stationary bike,the Slim Cycle, smart TV, I actually bought a new tiny DVD player at Walmart for like $20 for my dvd's of course. With the smart TV, I can do YouTube workouts, I've been recording Essentrics on the DVD, I can watch Netflix while on the bike, Wow! I have my 10, 8, 5, 3lbs weights, a small step, yoga mats, pilates bar with tubing, magic circle in a cute basket. I bought macrame wall hangings. Have a big ocean tapestry and sheer white curtains. I use a dresser to keep all my dvds in that has the TV on top. I'm going for a Bobo- beachy theme and the walls are light blue. I have some plants and a wax burner light and a little water fountain for doing yoga to. I think I was most excited about decorating! My hubby put up a new ceiling fan for me too. I love doing my Jessica and Ellen and Pilates in there and I love doing Yoga, especially Jessica Smith's in the early evening as the sun is just going down so I can see the sunset out of the window. All last summer while my older daughter was here we joined You fit and went 3 times a week. My 13yr old went too. It was good for her. I cancelled after she had to go back to University with her fiancee, she graduated last fall. I think we will go again after they move back for good just for variety. My room is big enough for 2 to comfortably do a Jessica or TIU or Ellen workout in. She has done that with me too! I like Variety! My hubby and I have been going on a hike every Monday morning after we drop our 13yo daughter off at school now that the weather is finally cool enough! We do a 1.5- 2 mile hike. It kicks my but like nothing else! I love variety, but I love working out at home too!
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Old 10-29-21, 09:26 PM  
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I haven't been to the gym since the pandemic started. They opened up a year ago but I didn't feel comfortable returning. I am vaccinated and hope to get a booster soon. After my booster I am considering a return to the gym. I have been working out at home but I am getting bored plus I am almost at a point where I need heavier weights and some equipment variety (barbell, power rack, sled etc. ) OTOH if I check out the gym and it seems sketchy I may pass.
I have gone back to my semi-private Tai Chi classes. It's just me the instructor and 2 or 3 others.
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Old 10-29-21, 09:43 PM  
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I never get tired of working out at home. I'm lucky because I have a spare bedroom where I can spread out all my equipment like weights and fitness gadgets and I don't need to pick it up and be tidy between sessions. I have a ton of DVDs and of course, YouTube. I do all my workouts barefoot (even step!) and I don't think I can do that at the gym. Where I live, (socal), I can walk outside pretty much all year round which can't be beat.
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Old 10-30-21, 04:50 AM  
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Iím also in the introvert crowd so I never get tired of working out at home. I also have a dedicated space for working out and have over the years stocked it with all the equipment I need. I think having an area set up with the proper flooring and organized for easy access to weights etc is helpful. My 16 year old daughter has started working out with me three days a week. Iím a six or seven day a week exerciser myself. She isnít like me at all. I enjoy working out, getting sweaty, trying the advanced move and shocking myself if I can execute it. She does not like to workout or push herself or sweat, but she knows working out is good for her so sheís trying to set a schedule for herself. Iím glad she has that focus but sometimes on the days she works out with me and sheís in a grumbly mood I wish I was alone. Itís distracting. People in general annoy me so I can only imagine how gym people would affect me. Lol!

I do like to get outside too. My son runs with me once a week. We had a fantastic summer this year weather wise, and itís been raining for the last two weeks. I am missing my run for sure. My daughter was starting to go on walks with me at the end of the summer. That was nice. She has been complaining about not being able to do that again.

I did a lot of Dashaís free Saturday Zoom classes when she was doing them and the few free ones Lauren Brooks did. I enjoyed the feedback from a real instructor for sure. I was never sure if my kettlebell form was ok or not. I was happy when they confirmed itís fine. Their DVDs taught me so thereís that.

I havenít been using my DVDs as much with Caroline Girvanís Epic programs on YouTube. Iíve done (and am currently doing) all of those and add in a few other YouTube channels that I like for additional cardio. Itís nice to not have to figure out what to do every day. Epic is a 10 week program five days a week. I just figure out what cardio to do after I finish an Epic session. I find that amount of variety keeps things interesting. I found last summer that I very much enjoy nice scenery in the wintertime so Iím sure Iíll be pulling out my Jessicaís, Toniqueís, Classical Stretches and Jenny Fordís Walk Across America when the winter blues catch me.
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Old 10-31-21, 06:49 AM  
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I have been an equal opportunity workout person for the past 20 yrs. About 60% at the gym and 40 at home. When the pandemic hit the gym closed but only temporary. I had to workout at home. No choice. The gym opened up and I went back right away and since then haven't done much home workouts at all. I just can't get motivated. The gym has barre, yoga and pilates which is what I do. I'll get on a treadmill once in awhile but not often. I have time to workout at home but I just can't bring myself to do it like I used to.

I'm not a people person. I'm more of an introvert but exercise is not something I've ever really loved and being in a class with an instructor.....I work harder.
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boredom, home vs gym, motivation

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