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Old 10-26-21, 03:12 PM  
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Unhappy to share??

Since my plantar fasciitis has sidelined my walking, and I was walking b/c my herniated disc sidelined any impact cardio, I'm overall feeling pretty defeated. I am listening to my body, but want to still do what I can. I can do light weights for upper body, I can do planks and I can do some lower stuff standing and can do floor work. Right now for cardio I'm riding my recumbent stationary bike, it's boring, but it's something.

Any rotations anyone can share that may includes floor work they care to share or any that may fit the bill for my current situation. I'm having trouble with tunnel vision and thinking outside the box right now. My body has turned into a mushy flabby, weak mess!!!

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Old 10-26-21, 05:34 PM  
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I feel for you. I also am struggling with some spinal issues and having to modify as well. For floor work, I donít think there is any better floor exercise instructor than Margaret Richard. A close second for me would be any Essentrics/classical stretch floor routine.

One instructor but I am interested in trying is Kari Anderson. She has a floor routine called angle lines and curves. If I were going back to floor work I would give that a very good look.
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Old 10-26-21, 08:03 PM  
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I'm wondering if anyone has ever done this Ballet Beautiful rotation suggestion MHB posted a long time ago. Basically doing the Total Body Workout (60 minutes) 5-6 days per week and the Blast Series 2-3 days per week? If so, it's not clear if you do the entire Blast Series in its entirety or just add on one of the 15 minutes sections 2-3 days per week? (which seems more doable)

I wonder how the results would be compared to subbing some of the Total Body workouts for a 60 minute total body barre workout (just for variety)?
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Old 10-27-21, 07:33 AM  
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I'm sorry you are sidelined - I know the feeling - I have been dealing with a lower back/hip/SI issue.

How do you feel about Pilates?

And i agree with OSusanna about Margaret Richard - her stuff is very easy to modify for injuries and most of her lower body stuff is done on the floor.

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Old 10-27-21, 07:56 AM  
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No rotation help, but a few workouts came to mind. Winsor Pilates Buns & Thighs; it's short, effective, and you are on the floor the whole time. Classical Stretch- the Aging Backwards for Beginners workouts. Maybe belly dance for low impact cardio and something different. Yoga- for both strength and relaxation.

Someone had posted about a rotation alternating the Ballet Beautiful Total Body and Body Blast DVDs. I think she did the entire DVDs, not segments, and had good lower body results.

The rotation in the link says to do Ballet Beautiful workouts 5-6 days/week. It suggests doing:

Classic 60-Min/Total Body Workout 3 days/week
Blast Series 2-3 days/week
Low impact cardio (about 30 min) 3 days/week
Mid to high impact cardio 1 day/week
Rest day 1 day/week

MHB says to do what you can, aiming for at least 3 hours a week of workouts. If you can't do the entire DVD, do a segment or two as time allows (or as you build strength and endurance). MHB has several DVDs, so if you have a few and alternate, you shouldn't get too bored.

Good luck and let us know if you find a rotation that works for you
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