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Old 09-23-21, 12:03 PM  
Join Date: Mar 2007
I want to complain, too

I got to the hospital bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5:00 a.m. yesterday. Hadn’t had solid food in awhile and was up all night drinking the nasty bowel prep, so I wasn’t super happy. I was put in a room and the friend that gave me a ride sat down and when the nurse came in, my friend asked where he should go wait and the nurse said, “You stay right there.” So he did and then she proceeded to rattle off my personal medical history. After a few minutes my friend went to go get breakfast and I told the nurse I wish she hadn’t disclosed all that info in front of my friend. She said, “Well, I figured you were friends if he drove you here.” I said, “That doesn’t mean I want him to know my medical history.” Then she tried putting an IV in and stabbed me in 3 places before she gave up and sent someone else in to do it. They went to do an EKG and the machine wouldn’t work, so they brought more people in and no one knew what was wrong so they went and got a different machine. My anesthesiologist had no sense of humor and because my oxygen level dropped during the surgery they had to switch from MAC anesthesia to general anesthesia part way through the procedure. I don’t know what all they did to me, but in addition to a sore throat, I have a big bruise under my tongue that hurts like hell and that side of my face hurts, too. Also had problems with operating room computers so surgery didn't start until almost 8:00... Heard someone hollering for "Deb" as I was just barely waking up. Couldn't figure out who she was talking to then realized she was calling ME Deb. I said, "My name is Tammy." I think they were in a big hurry to get rid of me, too and because of the late start and all the problems, the nurse came in and told me I could get dressed and leave. I told her, "I can't even stand up yet." I wasn’t even fully awake when she read my discharge instructions, so glad they gave me paper copies of that. When I finally got dressed, nurse said, “You can walk yourself out, right?” I said, “No, I need a wheelchair.”. WTH

Good news - colonoscopy came out fine. Not as good - surgeon found more cancer than she had originally thought. Glad she found it, though.
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Old 09-23-21, 12:13 PM  
Join Date: Sep 2004

((HUGGS)) Sorry you had to go through all that! What a nightmare, glad they could find the cancer early, hope your recovery goes well.

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Old 09-23-21, 12:24 PM  
Vintage VFer
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Tammy, that whole experience stinks!

I'm glad you got through it and glad you posted on VF. The sad state of medical care in this country is so frustrating. They like to blame all the delays and screw-ups on Covid, yet this has been happening for years!

Thoughts and prayers to you!

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Old 09-23-21, 12:28 PM  
Join Date: Mar 2007
My friend said, “Well, at least you’re alive.” 😆 And my friend that was driving me wasn’t even someone I know very well, but my options were limited seeing how I live out in the country and had to be at the hospital by 5:00 a.m.
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Old 09-23-21, 12:43 PM  
Erica H.
Join Date: Nov 2001
What a horrible experience! I'm so sorry. It shouldn't have been that way. Glad the results were good and it's all over. Rest and recover.

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Old 09-23-21, 01:08 PM  
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Dang Gams that is all whine worthy!

I'm just glad it didn't get delayed again and you can go on with looking forward to fun things instead of having that hang over you.

Hugs for recovery!! ⊂(◉‿◉)つ
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Old 09-23-21, 02:27 PM  
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Location: Maryland, USA
Gams - that is just horrible!

When my daughter had her wisdom teeth out they were in such a hurry to get rid of us - she had 4 impacted teeth - so she was out for it - anyway my daughter needed about 20-30 min more recovery time but they pushed us out the door - she got her revenge by throwing up all over their sidewalk.

Seriously, she got home, slept for 20 min and was fine after that - but they had another patient in there and had to get her out so they could use the recovery room- the price they paid was cleaning up the sidewalk.

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Old 09-23-21, 02:57 PM  
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Gams, I am so sorry this happened to you. That is rotten. Our medical system is so messed up. I wish you well in your recovery.
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Old 09-23-21, 03:55 PM  
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Location: Ohio
So sorry this happened. It's infuriating and scary at the same time.

I also had a colonoscopy yesterday. There were some polyps removed but nothing serious. The prep night was absolutely horrible.
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Old 09-23-21, 04:21 PM  
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Annette, it’s so hard to believe that they can’t come up with a better tasting prep. I would imagine a lot of people can’t even keep it down.
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