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Old 06-29-21, 08:56 AM  
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Tracy, you’re welcome! I’m glad it was helpful.
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Old 07-10-21, 07:36 PM  
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Not as presented, but I knew that going in.

I don't like formal rotations. I'm a fly by the seat of my pants exerciser, doing whatever I feel like doing that day. They are also too long for me, so I use the timestamps (in another VF thread—I posted many of them) to shorten them to 30 minutes. I don't like repeating exercises so I'll do one set of exercises, then ff to the next.

I like Jessica's strength work.

I have the Purple Player downloads on my laptop and phone and they work great (streaming does too in a pinch)
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Old 07-15-21, 07:22 AM  
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I started it up again at the end of June, did the first four workouts, took a few days off when I got my second vaccine shot, and then I haven't been back to them. I found myself needing longer warmups before the weight workouts, so I'd throw one of Cathe's DVDs in, and somehow Cathe's energy, the music and just seeing the other cast members made me want to just keep doing the Cathe workout! I kept telling myself that I could finish whatever Cathe workout I had started with and then tomorrow I'd get back to Lift & Shift. Two weeks later . . . ?

Jessica's wonderful and there's something very calming about Lift & Shift, but I guess right now Cathe is more motivating for me. I was also finding that the Lift & Shift rotation wasn't quite working for me: the weight workouts are so long (especially if you add a warmup or stretch after) and some of the core days were too short. I know I could tack on whatever I want before or after the core workouts, but I'd rather do something like Barefoot Cardio Core or Abs 360 (30 minutes where you get your core work in along with some light cardio).

So now I'm back to what I was doing in the spring: adapting one of Jessica's Walk Strong rotations by using Cathe for the cardio and weight days and then using Jessica's fusion/barre/yoga/pilates/cardio-core workouts. So far, I'm liking it. I think I might use the L & S strength workouts on the total body weight days. They're good and I do like all the functional/balance moves in them.
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jessica smith, lift and shift, lift and shift reviews

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