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Originally Posted by zraipel View Post
I'm so glad I was able to "unstick" that for you, haha

Another thing I meant to say before (I was typing with a kitty on my lap so I didn't get to go into a whole lot of detail!) is that I really like the pacing of Jung Dayeon's workouts. Soooo many workouts move too quickly to the point where I feel like I'm sacrificing form. Her workouts are the right pace for me, and the counting helps as well, because you know how long each move is going to last. But I can't overemphasize how much the pace of the workouts has made them so much more enjoyable for me than most other things I've been doing lately. They are kind of Ellen Barrett-ish in that they sneak up on you. You don't think it looks like much, but if you concentrate on what you're doing, you can tell you're benefiting from it and it feels like a great workout! I don't know anything about her qualifications as a trainer, but I really do believe that she comes from a place of fitness/kinesiology knowledge and didn't just throw things together.

I feel like rotating through the options she has on YouTube gives me a very well rounded program, and I also am able to substitute in some short kettlebell workouts for some added strength training on days I really feel beat and don't want to do a 30 minute workout. Lauren Brooks' Shut Up and Train, and her Kettlebell Incinerator DVDs are my go-to for that.

I've been doing Jung Dayeon as my main workout for about a month now and definitely can feel the improvement in my all around athleticism (which I absolutely have felt like I'd lost a lot of in the past couple years due to just not doing as much as I am used to doing). Her workouts make me move my body in functional ways, and with full range of motion. I do one of her workouts about 3-4 days per week, and 1-2 Lauren Brooks workouts a week. My main goal when I started was just to get back into working out consistently but I didn't know where to start because my fitness level was not where I needed it to be to do the workouts that I really love (Tapout XT, Ilaria, etc.), and the usual suspects for restarting (Jessica Smith, Leslie Sansone, Powerfit) just don't click for me. I pulled out the Figureobics DVDs, and also went to her YouTube channel, and everything just clicked into place.

Sorry to go on so long! I had been meaning to make a thread here about doing these workouts but just hadn't gotten around to getting it started, so your thread gave me the opportunity to post about it and to solve your brain-stick, lol!!
Oh goodness!! Thankyou so much for all that detail!! I needed to hear all that and appreciate it so much. Those are the kinds of things I am really needing to know about anything I am going into these days. I want to get back to kettlebells again so bad. I hope to soon. i tried just a few minutes the other day and, it didn't work out and upset me. i am gonna try the next level of my adrenal program, and do it every other day since its several steps up from the other part i have been doing, and i hope I can insert these in there maybe 3 of one and 4 f the other (alternating) each week for a bit. (unless I see a squirrel - but have been trying to stay more consistant at doing a few things til I can benefit from them and not jump around so much to the point i am hardly doing anything because of exhaustion or overthinking)
Bless you!
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