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Originally Posted by acey View Post
I am going through perimenopause. I just turned 50, but have been experiencing symptoms (namely, menorraghia) since 48. In late fall 2018, menorraghia hit me like a ton of bricks. Bloody hell, literally! I've been able to control it with medroxyprogesterone, thank goodness, but right now at 50, I notice weight gain regardless of ramping up the exercise and not eating THAT much.

I just want to get to menopause so at least I don't have to worry about my uterus erupting like Mt. Vesuvius every so often.
Not sure why I've been lurking in the peri/menopause threads but I'm coming out of lurkdom to commiserate with you on the epic period thing (though I'm glad you've been able to control it with the medroxy-stuff).

I've been having irregular and heavier than usual periods for a couple years now. My doctor has run ALL THE TESTS and knows how extreme it is (it's so much that Dr. Google advised me to talk to my doctor about it, which I have). I'm overweight right now and not exercising as much as I used to so she (doctor) thinks it will get more regular and less heavy as I lose more weight and exercise more consistently. The losing weight and exercising does seem to help with making them more frequent at least, but when you're erupting like a volcano every time, it's not exactly motivating to work toward having a period (aka hemorrhage) every month. Mt. Vesuvius indeed (Better to laugh than cry, right?)

To anyone reading in a similar situation, I wear pads plus tampons currently and have discovered that the only pads that are any good for the hemorrhagic days are these guys: which feel like diapers pretty much. Forget the ultra thin; I need the big guns. Luckily, the whole period isn't like that, just the middle section. Sorry if TMI.

My mom always referred to it as "bleeding like a stuck pig." She couldn't wait for menopause but unfortunately was regular like clockwork up through some of her 50s I think.
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