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Old 03-28-02, 07:05 PM  
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: NJ
Re: Too Busy to Workout

Barb, let us know what you think of Too Busy to Workout when you get your copy.
LOL actually I already had it and just never did it cuz hated it on the floor!
It was indeed great on the rebounder though
Tonight as a spurt I did the 3rd segment from the 4mile weight loss (living room set) Leslie Sansone on the rebounder which worked the bottom half really well then did the first segment from Jump to It sitting/bouncing on the ball to work the upper more.
It was a lot of fun mixing and matching like that without overdoing. I think sitting on the ball also helped me get more familiar with Jump to It without worrying about falling off the rebounder. All I know is my heartrate seemed to be where I liked it to be, the headband was loaded with sweat and much of the activity got recorded on my spanking new Pedometer LOL
Gotta love these toys!!!!

who keeps seeing a Leslie Sansone workout at stores seemingly targeted for folks over 40 and wonders if it would be fun or boring and wonders if it is a repackaged workout, which one it was originally
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Old 03-28-02, 07:13 PM  
Join Date: Nov 2001
Barb re repackaging:

Originally posted by horsemom2

who keeps seeing a Leslie Sansone workout at stores seemingly targeted for folks over 40 and wonders if it would be fun or boring and wonders if it is a repackaged workout, which one it was originally
Leslie posted a collection of old and new covers on her website ( under Important Customer Information. She is not happy about the new covers!

You canít use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. ó Maya Angelou
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Old 03-28-02, 10:09 PM  
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: NJ
40 plus Leslie Sansone

since neither box, folks on the box nor 40 plus description sounds familiar to me, I think it is worth trying, especially since I saw it for less than $10
Who knows? It may even be fun and less intense on the floor for a lazy day and I can always add intensity using the rebounder.

who hopes it has a few unique movements
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Old 03-29-02, 08:38 AM  
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: NJ
Sweatin to the Oldies

Since Richard Simmons mostly stays in one spot, this workout style is easily adaptable to the rebounder and has the bonus of good music. You can always up the intensity getting more bouncy.

who had a grand old time with plenty of intensity and minimal impact
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Old 06-28-02, 04:10 PM  
monterey vidiot
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Another Leslie Sansone vid that's great on the rebounder is (original title) Walking Fat Burner, re-released (to Leslie's ire, see Important Consumer Information on her website) as Fat Burning Walk 4 miles.

It's similar to her new Walk & Jog, but longer.

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Old 07-18-02, 11:10 PM  
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Location: Auckland, NZ(The City of Sails)!!!
another couple...

This is a fantastic thread. Although I've 'splurged' and purchased Champion Rebounding, Urban Rebounding and Urban Rebounding 2, there is a serious lack of specific rebounding tapes.

I think that I posted this in another thread...but I have found some workouts that are great on my 'budget' second hand rebounder.

Aerobox with Kathy Smith absolutely killed my calf muscles when I used it on the floor, but it is fantastic on the Rebounder with hardly any modifications. I think that boxing workouts like these translate really well to the rebounder as they have so little lateral movement.

Another goodie is Jump and Jab 2 with Mindy Mylrea, however this one does require more modifications. Also in the first section which is lunges, I just do those on the floor as they are low impact.

I heard that Charlene Prickett's Rev up the Sequel was great on the rebounder however I tried that for the first time yesterday and really struggled to keep up. I think that I should beable to master it eventually as it is mainly high knees, jogs is just the fast speed that 'threw' me.

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Old 07-28-02, 05:30 PM  
Gale K.
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Location: Desert Southwest
Recommedation and questions...

Well, I'm finally on the bandwagon, and enjoying my new rebounder. Wanted to let others know that Kelli's CIA 9902 Kickbutt Combat works well, especially with the jumprope sections in the first half. Plus, its on sale at CIA right now!

Has anyone used the other two Plyorobics vids on the rebounder--Plyokicks and Plyosport? Do they work as well as Sherry's tape?

Also, I'd like to hear more about how well jump rope tapes work on the rebounder (minus the jumprope, obviously--for me, anyway). Anyone?

Thanks in advance,

Gale K.
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Old 07-29-02, 06:58 AM  
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Location: Southeastern, PA
Hi Gayle,
I've done all 3 Plyrobics tapes on the rebounder and Shari's is by far the best. Plyokick works ok with little modification. Plyosport didn't work well for me at all. I had to keep getting on and off the rebounder because there were lots of push-up and floor moves.

I only tried one jumprope tape on the rebounder - Ropenastics and it was too fast for me. I know that Deanna tried it and liked it though.

Have fun.

"If your DH isn't complaining, you don't have enough videos" - SteveW
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Old 10-03-03, 05:38 PM  
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Since the thread is 5 pages long, I havent read it yet, so if this has been mentioned, my bad, but I JUST did GI Jabb's Workout One, with Katalin, and it is excellent for the rebounder. There are VERY few lateral moves, and she usually is just switching sides. I really enjoy her style, and WISH that I could take a live class with her. This tiny thing has amazing energy, and REALLY seems to be very very knowledgeable about martial arts movements.

Proud GRADUATE of P90X!! TWICE Class 2007&2008!!

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Old 12-29-03, 09:38 PM  
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I might have missed this info., but i've been wanting to do a mini trampoline workout.Does anyone know if it works just as well on a "regular" trampoline?I've heard different things on this..but thought i'd ask people that actually do the workouts.Do you all use rebounders? and if its the ONLY thing I should use...where is a good place to get them?thanks in advance... .
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modification, rebounder, rebounder friendly, rebounding, substitution

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