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Old 10-03-14, 10:28 AM  
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Originally Posted by raeven View Post
Thanks for the replies ladies! I figured people probably did just bounce around..jog around and do whatever seems fun at the moment! I should really get back to mine. I know I definitely feel it when I use!
At times I do pull out rebounding dvds, but my inch and weight loss starting truly happening when I put it in front of the tv and cut out couch potato time forever. It's happy time to watch a favorite show and dance, jog etc on the rebounder. I don't think you have to have a formal workout to go with fact, I think it's much more fun and no dread factor is you use it as play time. I was shocked that just by adding this, I dropped so many inches and pounds. I don't know that it was even my expectation...I was doing it more for fun and health (lymphatic health). Win/win/win/win/win!
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Old 10-03-14, 06:01 PM  
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In one of those 'might as well make the most of menopause' moments, it occurred to me that since hot flashes make me hot and sweaty pretty much at a moment's notice all day, I might as well jump on the rebounder and get in some exercise before I cool off. Really does help make the minutes add up over the day.
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Old 10-03-14, 06:23 PM  
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Here's some links to the benefits of bouncing:

Mostly I bounce because it makes me feel good, mentally and physically.

Every morning I bounce on my 44 inch Jumpsport 550f PRO for 20 to 30 minutes then bounce another 10 to 15 minutes sitting on a stability ball. I follow whatever workout routine is next on the burned dvdr I am doing. It can be dancing, athletic cardio, walking, AWT, kickboxing, etc. All that matters is that the music I add makes me want to move.
Then I do a ball spark in front of my laptop in the afternoon while streaming and some healthbouncing during commercials on my Jumpsport 370 PRO in the evening while watching tv.

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Barb S
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Old 10-03-14, 07:52 PM  
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I got a Bellicon this year! I am really enjoying it and primarily just jump to fun music. I've had various aches and pains over the years; shoulder injury skiing in high school, my knees were really feeling stiff last winter; and likely carpal tunnel in my elbow from over use (painting just about the entire inside of my house) last year. None of these were terrible but just enough to limit mobility. Mostly all of those are gone now! Rebounding had been consistent so I don't know if I can said rebounding cured me , but I do think it really helped at a minimum. At any rate, I have better range of motion and I'm happy! I also think making this change helped me break a 5 year plateau.

I have tried using DVDs and find that I just can't keep pace with whomever it is!!! I tend to not look at the screen and jump along at a pace that works with the music and switch it up when the instructor changes moves.

Today I did a Leslie Sansone workout and found I felt I got a more intense workout rebounding than if I was on the floor, despite not keeping pace with her. So I was wondering if I'm getting a more intense workout because I'm rebounding (not walking on the rebounder but jumping) and if because the jumping is more intense than marching in place. Thoughts????
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Old 10-03-14, 09:29 PM  
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Ok, that does it, I'm getting my UR rebounder out, and do 10-15 min a few days a week. I could use the increase in steps cause I have a mostly sit down job, and besides, I always enjoyed rebounding.

Maybe if I am consistent, I'll save up for a better quality one, ala Bellicon.
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Old 10-04-14, 08:38 AM  
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I started rebounding again a few days ago because of this thread. Now that fall TV is back on, I can do it while watching shows. I will report back any results.
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Old 10-04-14, 09:16 AM  
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I still really enjoy walking outside, but when it's too hot, or now that we are moving towards winter , I see the rebounder getting more and more use.

I leave it up almost always, but did get the fold down legs so during the Holidays I can easily put it away when I have company. No problems with the legs or stability. I'd be pissed if the legs were a problem with as expensive as the Bellicon was. Their customer service seems to be great so I would definitely let them know if I was to have any issue with the folding legs.
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